Covered at Reason 24/7: ACLU Strategist Praises Rhode Island Domestic Drone Bill



Allie Bohm of the ACLU has praised the domestic drone bill being considered by legislators in Rhode Island. The bill requires public accountability for the use of drones by law enforcement officials, that UAVs not be equipped with weapons, and a ban on data retention. 

From The Atlantic:

As anxiety about domestic drone use continues to mount, at least 30 states are weighing new laws that would regulate them. A Rhode Island proposal is among the best, according to Allie Bohm at the ACLU. Unlike her, I haven't read every bill introduced by a state legislature. But I have read the bill The Ocean State is mulling, and many of its provisions desserve wider attention. I'd be thrilled if something with this many civil liberties protections was actually passed and enforced.

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