Shikha Dalmia in the Washington Examiner On Obama's ObamaCare Quagmire


The double-digit premium increases that insurance companies announced for next year have put to rest any delusion that ObamaCare will lower health coverage costs in America. Despite that, the delusion that it'll move the country toward universal coverage lingers, notes Reason Foundation Senior Analyst Shikha Dalmia in her morning column at the Washington Examiner. She notes:

Before Obamacare, every percentage-point increase in premiums would price a few hundred thousand people out of the market. Obamacare's supporters, however, claim that the law's complicated scheme of mandates and subsidies will prevent this from happening. But that's unlikely…

The law's play-or-pay mandate requires employers with more than 50 full-time employees to offer a lavish panoply of benefits or else pay a penalty. Many small businesses will simply choose to stay small to avoid the mandate, which means less hiring and more uninsured.

As for large companies, McKinsey & Company, a private consulting group, estimated that nearly 30 percent will pay rather than play -- that is, pay modest fines instead of paying several times as much to give robust coverage to employees.

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  1. Supporters of Obamacare don't tend to have a firm grasp of economics or that businesses have to deal with costs just like everyone else. The sudden shift from full time to part time employees is going to be a shock to a great deal of Obama voters.

    And I also don't understand why people are shocked by the fact that when something is subsidized, its price goes up.

    1. Somebody I know and care about has already been relegated to part time status because of the cost of providing him benefits. This is going to be an interesting first few years.

    2. Just be clear: when you say "don't have a firm grasp of economics", you mean they're fucking stupid, right? Because that's the truth. Supporters of Obamacare sort of by definition are fucking stupid.

      1. ^^THIS^^

        You have to be stupid, not uninformed, not even ignorant, but outright stupid not to see this coming.

        I would also point out the people on the right like David Frum, who were convinced this thing was going to be an electoral boon for Democrats because it was going to give so many free ponies, were just as stupid.

      2. Yes, that is correct. In many cases, and especially this one, "don't have a firm grasp of [rudimentary] economics" = "they're fucking stupid." It's axiomatic, really.

        1. I disagree. It's not "stupidity" in the sense of low IQ. Politics won't really make sense unless you realize that there are smart and stupid people (and well-intentioned and ill-intentioned ones) on all sides of nearly every issue.

          When people adopt any ideology, inconvenient facts and logical conclusions can go out the window. They think emotionally and advocate for what they want to be true. Obamacare supporters are just deluded by their ideology.

          1. Thinking emotionally while ignoring facts and logic = "they're fucking stupid."

            1. I understand, but I think it's important to make the distinction.

    3. It is appalling how stupid people were and are. And not just your typical low information low IQ voter. People actually super douche bag Ezra Klein is smart. He made his reputation telling lies about Obamacare, except that they were not lies, he really was that fucking stupid.

      I don't believe they designed this to fail in order to get single payer. I really think they just have no idea how the world operates. They never thought in a million years that making insurance companies take people with pre-existing conditions and mandating gold plated coverage would increase insurance rates or that increasing insurance costs would cause businesses to drop coverage. They really think that money comes from the sky or something.

      1. I think you're right. I also think it's super-precious that Ezra Klein thought of himself as a "wonk" at the ripe old age of 22.

        1. I really hate him and fucking sad beard. Both of them are complete fucking morons who are given a soap box because of their willingness to tell the idiotic what they want to hear.

          1. Once again I'll reiterate my hatred for the word "wonk" and anyone who chooses to label themselves as such.

    4. supporters of Obamacare do not necessarily equal proponents/creators of Obamacare. The former may be ignorant; the latter knows full well the result which just makes them evil.

  2. Free unlimited health care is a great idea, and if not for those millions and millions of heartless profit-obsessed libertarians, the country would be entering a glorious new age of peace and prosperity.

    Oh, the humanity!

    1. Except for us health care providers who would necessarily be slaves if other people were entitled to our labor. Damn libertarians opposing slavery just to keep people from having free health care!

  3. Supporters of Obamacare sort of by definition are fucking stupid.

    *packs bag, reports to re-education camp*

    "Hello everybody. I'm P Brooks, and I'm a raaaaaacist."

    1. Sounds like you're summoning the ghost of Neal Boortz...man I miss that guy!

      1. The ghost of a living man?

        1. He retired, you smarmy cosmo faggot.

  4. My wife and I work for a Fortune 500 and will retire in about a dozen years. I am pretty confident that our situation will remain fairly stable until we retire. My kids (in their 30s) and their kids are truly fucked by ObamaCare.

    Our circle of friends is mostly defined by our hobbies (making and drining wine for example). So my "friends" include many hardcore-stupid Obamanauts. It has been so hard over the last 6 months not to burn a lot of bridges.

    1. "It has been so hard over the last 6 months not to burn a lot of bridges."

      I assume the degree of difficulty is proportional to the "friend's" aptitude as a vintner.

      1. One of my friends is an excellent vinter. He is also smart enough to keep his politics invisible at club gatherings. His new bride, however, can't stop gushing on facebook.

        1. He is also smart enough to keep his politics invisible at club gatherings.

          This is a concept that people don't seem to grasp. What happened to the old etiquette rule "Do not discuss politics or religion in general company"? (I would add money to that as well)

          1. No politics, no religion, no sex. That's why we drink wine and talk about wine.

            1. No politics, no religion, no sex. That's why we drink wine and talk about wine.

              And it probably stays really pleasant that way.

              1. Meetings just fine.

                Facebook has become the standard means of keeping people with very different lives synched up on club activities. So you need to be friends with everyone that is in the club.

                That's where some club members forget the rules about no politics, no religion, and no sex.

  5. Talking about economic ignorance, I'm reminded of a liberal meme I recently saw on Facebook that said "If you want people off welfare...Make minimum wage high enough to bring them out of poverty."

  6. "Quagmire" FTW!

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