Police Abuse

LAPD Continues Its Abusive Ways

Learned nothing from the Dorner incident


Though it has disappeared from the headlines, Los Angeles is still reeling from the murderous rampage of Christopher Dorner, the former police officer who killed four people and wounded three in his quest for vengeance after being fired from the force in 2009. The Los Angeles Police Department remains in full damage control mode following its wild manhunt; on March 14, the city announced it would pay $40,000 to two women who were delivering newspapers when their truck was sprayed with police bullets. Between Dorner's rambling manifesto and the LAPD's intemperate response, many city residents fear it is the return of an ugly LAPD from another age. …

Concerns that the LAPD is relapsing to its old, nasty habits—and that reforms at the top have not translated into change on the streets—have not been allayed by the suppression of crucial details in controversial cases, particularly after Beck promised transparency and accountability in investigations of police misconduct.