The GOP Needs to Keep Fighting Obamacare

Obamacare isn't popular today, and there's no reason to believe its appeal will grow.


P.J. O'Rourke once remarked, "Feeling good about government is like looking on the bright side of any catastrophe. When you quit looking on the bright side, the catastrophe is still there." With all the doom and gloom free-market advocates must be feeling these days, there's one truth that should bolster their resolve about the future: The catastrophe will still be there.

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Conventional wisdom says that Republicans need a major attitude adjustment on cultural and social views in both substance and tone. That may very well be true. But the concern from Democrats regarding the GOP's miseries has a tendency to inject one exceptionally terrible piece of advice into the mix: namely, that conservatives should stop griping about Obamacare.

As you all know, there is no such thing in Washington as a flawed government program, only a desperately under-funded one. Ideological rigidity, despite what you may have heard, is not a monopoly of the right. Nevertheless, a law so poorly conceived will surely be poorly implemented. Those who support it will be spending political capital defending it for many coming years.

Obamacare isn't popular today, and there's no reason to believe its appeal will grow. Let's start with the expectations of supporters. For those gullible enough to believe that politicians can make them healthier while constructing more efficient and less expensive systems, there is the promise of dissatisfaction. And for those who support the Affordable Care Act for less ideological reasons, they'll soon realize that the infinite promises of the theoretical Obamacare can't match reality.

Even government officials seem worried about the future of things like the government-run exchanges, an integral component for the future expansion of Obamacare (which most of you will have no choice but to join). Henry Chao, an official at the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services charged with administering the technology used by the exchanges, recently tasked himself with the lofty goal of making sure "it's not a Third World experience."

Way to dream!

Then there is the cost—and not the government debt, but the cost we really notice. President Obama guaranteed that Obamacare would "lower premiums by $2,500 per family per year." Yet, national health expenditure projections from the CMMS estimate that premiums climbed by 8 percent in 2012. Though the law is not even implemented, companies are passing through the price of mandates and taxes. The Society of Actuaries predicts that individual premiums will spike at around 32 percent on average. This week, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told Americans not to worry too much because there are always subsidies available.

Jobs? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are around 5.5 million fewer full-time American workers now than when Obamacare was passed. On the other hand, there has been an explosion of part-time workers. If you're lucky enough to own a business with 50 or more full-time employees, you'll soon be mandated to offer affordable health coverage to all workers or pay a $2,000 fine for each uninsured employee. You are, in other words, incentivized to hire fewer full-time workers and more part-timers. No doubt, this will do wonders for the labor market.

These are just a few of the struggles facing Obamacare. With mission creep and thousands of pages to go, the catastrophe will grow. Perhaps the relentless opposition to Obamacare in Congress feeds into a broader perception of GOP obstructionism (alternatively known as "representing your constituents"). And no doubt, Republicans have to do a more effective job of offering their own reforms to the public. But there is no compelling reason to stop objecting to its existence—despite the helpful advice of Democrats.

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  1. But, but, but health care is a basic right! I have a basic right to the goods and services provided by medical professionals! I have a basic right to their labor! I own them! They are my slaves!

    1. Besides, this issue is settled, just like the “Civil” war “settled” secession. It’s time to concentrate on important things like preventing people you don’t know or really care about from joining the desolated institution of state defined marriage!

      1. Hear, hear!

        The Science is Settled! So if you even ARGUE about this, BUSHITLERELIMINASHUNIZTHATERTARD!!

        1. You’re wrong, LEFTYPROGTARDARIAN!


            Unlike the First, Second and Fifth Amendments.

            1. and Ninth and Tenth Amendments of course.

              1. . . . and the Fourth, and the Sixth . . .

                Y’know what, the Established Left hates the whole damn Constitution with every fiber of their wretched, authoritarian existence. There, now we can call it a day.

                1. lest we forget the oft forgot numbers 3 and 8

                  1. ThatSkepticGuy is right, lovers of state-power detest the entire U.S. Constitution and they detest English Common Law even more.

                    1. Problems can only be solved with force. Voluntary cooperation just isn’t good enough. Threat of violence works better. The Constitution and English Common Law place limits on the use of force. Thus they limit what problems can be solved. If only there was no limits on government, there would be no limits to the problems in this world that could be solved.


    2. We pay the most for healthcare of any country, and we don’t have universal access. If that’s freedom compared to places that pay less and cover more, then your definition of freedom is stupid.

      1. Derp da derp da tiddly terp.

      2. Freedom means free shit!

        1. Free as in beer.

          And Obamaphones.

      3. We pay the most because health care is the most highly regulated private industry in our country. Excessive litigation forces doctors to pay exorbitant insurance premiums, and FDA testing rules mean that developing new drugs is an expensive and risky investment, which cost is passed on to the consumer.

        Also, I don’t gauge freedom by the amount of shit I can force other people to pay for.

        1. I don’t gauge freedom by the amount of shit I can force other people to pay for.

          A fundamental misunderstanding on your part. You ain’t really free unless somebody else can force you to provide your labor at fixed prices “for the greater good”. Now back to your assignment, prole. The People need you!

      4. No, a system where the state controls 65%+ of an industry is nobody’s idea of freedom. And yes, I’d rather have a system without universal access than one with universal access to a waiting list.

        Although, if we cut the state out we don’t have to choose.

        1. 65%?

          How much medicine can I buy without a permission slip from a duly deputized government health care agent? Who can offer medical services without government permission? Who can sell medical devices without government permission?

          Health care was 95% government controlled before Obamacare.

      5. Tony| 3.28.13 @ 2:49PM |#
        …”then your definition of freedom is stupid.”

        No, shithead, you’re too ignorant to understand.

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  2. If Republicans had any interest in killing Obamacare they would not have nominated its author for President in 2012.

    1. oh, snap!

    2. Cue Tulpa, 3…2…

      1. He’s busy on the Wal-Mart standing up for higher taxes.

        1. Oh Gawd, really?! Now I have to go look…

          1. 12:22PM

            1. From the other thread. Here is Tulpa:

              “Tulpa (LAOL-PA)| 3.28.13 @ 12:22PM |#

              I do most of my shopping at Walmart and have never had a problem with anything I’m looking for being understocked there (other than ammo, but that’s a whole other rant).

              Also WM has cheap shipping to home for small items and free shipping to a store for any item from their online store. The only disadvantage they have compared to Amazon is that AMZ doesn’t have to charge sales tax, an artificial govt-created advantage which is hopefully going to change soon*.

              * totally expecting to get flamed for this, b/c libertarians forget about the dangers of govt interference in the marketplace on their pet issues.”

              1. “Capitalism breathes through those loopholes.” – Mises


              2. Of course AMZ does charge sales tax. I get sales taxed every time I order something from Amazon.

                1. Paul,

                  Not to defend Tulpa, but I think that depends upon what state you live in. If you live in the same state where Amazon operates for example it is an “in-state” transaction according to federal law. I think there are a few other exceptions.

                  1. MA will be adding sales tax starting Nov 1. A few other states will start adding it this year too.

                    1. Amazon charges sales tax already in CA. I still buy a ton of shit from them.

                    2. And if you aren’t charged sales tax, you’re supposed to pay use tax for it voluntarily (hardy har har).

                    3. Maryland’s talking about doing that, because apparently there’s still a faint, fluttering pulse left to our dying economy.

              3. I have a hard time understand why a company that has no physical presence in a state should pay a sales tax. It doesn’t benefit from the tax in any direct way, and bullshit like “roads” is countered mostly by that money coming from the federal government, anyway.

                1. I have a hard time understanding how the mail order industry which has been going strong for decades before the internet was a twinkle in the milkman’s eye didn’t get scrutinized for sales tax back in… 1954?

                  This is nothing new. Is it only because the internet is making it easier?

                  1. That’s mostly it. Also, mail order was nowhere near as disruptive as the Internet. Big chains have been crushed by on-line businesses.

                    Of course, the increased competition adds nothing to the argument that such taxes are justified or even justifiable.

    3. ^^THIS

      Republicans love Leviathan as much as the OTHER TEAM. They are jumping for joy that Obama will take the blame for this but they get to reap the benefits.

      1. Thank you, it was almost comical to see Barack Hussein Romney weasel word his way out of his culpability for Obamacare in the primary. It was deeply sad that apparently a plurality of Republican Primary voters bought the bullshit.

      2. No, this just isn’t true. In a democracy, everybody gets squeezed to the middle or you don’t get elected. Mitt Romney’s big government agenda was a concession to that reality for Republicans, as are Obama’s concessions to small government.

      3. I’m no Romney fan, but it is worth noting that the position MA was in when Romney signed RomneyCare is not the same that the US was in when Obama signed ObamaCare. One difference that comes to mind is that MA already legislatively mandated community insurance rating. There were other differences as well that I don’t recall at the moment. Romney was trying to fix a pre-existing problem. While it’s almost certain the route taken was not the proper fix to the problem, it’s also necessary to remember that he was governor of fucking Massachusetts–he probably didn’t have a wealth of options available.

  3. As you all know, there is no such thing in Washington as a flawed government program, only a desperately under-funded one.

    Programs don’t get halted. Legislation doesn’t get repealed, only “fixed” (but really just become fixtures). And the Dems sacrificed too many congressfucks to the midterm gods for this particular abomination, so it’s not going anywhere.

    1. If the GOP were smart, they’d hit hard on the full repeal and the free-market reform of healthcare. ObamaFuckYouCare is scaring even some on the dole side of the equation.

      Take Congress big in 2016, and repeal will be a possibility.

      1. Go Big or Go Home, indeed. And literally.


        1. I mean, really, why not? It’s the best time to strike, with the world messed up and staying that way, economic conditions here not improving, inflation in many important products increasing, etc., etc., and oh, yeah, ObamaDare–if the GOP can’t focus on limited government and freer markets now, it might as well join the Democrats in one, big fascist party.

          1. It’s the best time to strike

            Are you saying the Iron is Hot?

            1. If he said that, would he be towing the lion?

            2. Yes, in my best General Martok voice.

          2. if the GOP can’t focus on limited government and freer markets now, it might as well join the Democrats in one, big fascist party.

            I’m pretty sure that ship has already sailed.

          3. They already have.

  4. The millions of jobs created in the wake of the Obamacare repeal would probably take the sting out of the Democrats’ barbs.

    1. Nah, government will find something equally useless if not more harmful to spend Obamacare’s allocated funds on.

    2. But the millions of people dying because of NO HEALTHCARE DUH! would offset that.

      Why do you want millions of people to die so the Kochtopus can employ more pawns?

      1. When telling people to fuck off and cutting spending, it’s hard not to see this multi-trillion boondoggle as job one.

    3. You assume Democrats WANT people to be employed.

      1. I don’t see how you get that from what I said. I merely stated that if the Rs repealed OCare, it would allow for millions of jobs to be created, which would give them a (meaningful) talking point against the YOU WANTS POORS TO DIE allegations that would inevitably follow (as Almanian pointed out).

  5. The GOP is behind Obamacare. If, somehow, Romney had won, we would still be looking at smoking this turd. Anybody in the GOP who actually would go against it has been marginalized by Speaker Spray Tan. The Senate? Forget it.

    1. True they kicked Amash, Huelskamp, and Schweikert off committees because they actually supported limited government.

      1. Who are they ?
        Man we are screwed.

  6. Another thing. You could offer total insurance for $50 a month and tens of millions of Americans still wouldn’t bother with it, just show up at the ER when the inevitable happens and expect the rest of us to pick up the tab.

    1. “just show up at the ER when the inevitable happens and expect the rest of us to pick up the tab.”

      So you have been in Illinois recently!

  7. This year, unlike the two or three previous, we are actually having sunshiny for-real spring skiing type weather. Consequently, it’s time to ski.

    So long, suckers!

    1. Inspiring words from a man who knows how to ski.

      1. Go that way really fast. If something gets in your way, turn.

        1. …….I WANT MY TWO DOLLARZ!!!!!

        2. “turn”

          That’s the tricky part.

  8. OT: The blind hog of the City of Tallahassee found an acorn. They turned the former Occupy camp into a Food Truck court complete with electrical hookups and picnic tables. 15000 government workers in a 5 block radius, maybe 5 brick and mortar restaurants in the same and they are just now getting this idea. Oh well, better late than never.

    1. But is the Occupy camp area sanitized yet? It’s only been a year or so.

  9. Ot: The warrants say that a loaded 12-gauge shotgun was found in the glove compartment of Lanza’s Honda Civic. Two magazines containing 70 rounds of Winchester 12-gauge shotgun rounds also were found in the car..

    All I know is, I want that shotgun that fits in a glove compartment and takes 35 round 12 gauge magazines! Where do I get one?!!


    1. Must have the dreaded folding stock.

    2. I have a 2012 Honda Civic, and not even my .357 revolver will fit in it.

    3. Hundreds of rounds of ammunition, guns, knives and three samurai swords were among the items seized from the home of shooter Adam Lanza in the days after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, search warrants released Thursday revealed.

      Oooohhh, scary. Only crazy people would have something like that. Authorities should know that anyone with weapons in their home is going to go on a mass-murdering rampage.

      1. In my house I have:

        Ruger 10/22 in a carrying case.
        500+ Rounds of .45 acp hollowpoint.
        Springfield XD45 (named Liz)
        HK .40 (Named Patty)
        100 rounds .40 SW
        1x Samurai Sword (battle ready)
        1x Chinese Dao (battle ready)

        I’m surprised SWAT hasn’t paid me a visit yet.

        1. Knock knock

          1. Ha! Like SWAT would actually knock.

    4. I want one too.

      This seems odd, from the article: The NRA issued a statement Thursday saying: “There is no record of a member relationship between Newtown killer Adam Lanza, nor between Nancy Lanza, A. Lanza or N. Lanza with the National Rifle Association.”

      Why woudl the NRA bother to make such a statement? It makes them sound desperate and defensive. It’s not as if they are selective about their membership. Send them $35 and you’re a member.

      1. Most of the SandyHook response from the NRA has been desperate and defensive.

        I am disappoint.

      2. Probably because 100 mil people started calling them.

    5. He seems to have corrected the story and the part about the glove box is not there anymore.

      Of course he left in the bit about the 2 35 round 12 guage magazines in.

      1. Ha! Good catch. Yeah, I cut and pasted directly from that article, and I picked the USAtoday one at random. There were dozens of MSM news sites printing the exact same paragraph.

    6. I still haven’t seen the first word addressing the obvious failure of CT family law in the Lanza case. I guess that would remind people that CT already had a statewide ban on “assault weapons” before Newtown happened.

  10. Dunno if anybody’s posted this yet, but it’s pretty awesome:

    Among the 10 fastest-growing metro areas last year were Raleigh, Austin, Las Vegas, Orlando, Charlotte, Phoenix, Houston, San Antonio and Dallas. All of these are in low-tax, business-friendly red states. Blue-state areas such as Cleveland, Detroit, Buffalo, Providence and Rochester were among the biggest population losers. [etc.]

    The Red State Path to Prosperity

    1. I’m sure Detroit’s comeback will start any day now. And Buffalo’s, and Newark’s and Cleveland…

      1. Already has, it’s called Austin, TX.

      2. Didn’t Dear Leader (or one of his lackeys) already declare that Detroit is “back”?

    2. Cleveland and Detroit are not in Blue States. They’re democratic areas in states currently run by Republicans.

      Admittedly, virtually all the damage that got done to Detroit was done WHILE it was a blue state. Thank God for Jennifer Granholm!

      1. Irish, Ohio went for the Lord and Savior Obama in the last election. I think it did the first time Obama ran as well.

    3. Need to be very careful with 3rd variable issues here. Climate may be a big factor, particularly with the greying of the baby boomers.

  11. Full-Time? Part-Time, how about none of the above. Walmart has figured out that they don’t have to hire either. They are just going to get contract workers that specifically will not receive any benefits.

    1. Yeah, the dude who takes 6 hours to stack the Ritz crackers and the retard who flags me down at the door to say hello are getting 1099’s. Because it’s not like there’s any law against misclassifying workers in order to avoid paying benefits or anything…

  12. If you don’t think this country has a healthcare cost and access problem, then you’re useless. If you think Obama’s right-wing market-based attempt at a solution is evil, then you’re really not going to like it when we finally implement a universal system.

    1. You should know by now that we, as libertarians, don’t like the bullshit program that reps thought up and Obama passed AND we don’t like the idea of single government payer.


    2. I think humans have a mortality problem, not a healthcare cost and access problem.

      1. Free eternal life for everyone!

        1. Jesus got elected on that platform 2,000 years ago.

    3. You don’t really know the meaning of the word “market” do you? And if you think the government is going to improve cost and access, you’re an idiot. The government is already the primary cause of cost inflation (which then limits access)

    4. Tony’s concept of “market-based” is more or less like Hollywood’s concept of “based on actual events”

    5. If you don’t think this country has a healthcare cost and access problem, then you’re useless.

      If you don’t think those problems are caused and exacerbated by a labyrinthine government health care gestapo bureaucracy, then you’re retarded.

    6. It’s not going to happen, Shmony. 100 years of leftism has bankrupted this country, you are a bunch of irresponsible children and your credit card is about to get taken away. No more free shit, no one can live your life for you, you are a faggot and a pathetic excuse for a human.

  13. What the GOP needs to do is put forth a coherent alternative plan. Otherwise, progressives can (validly) dismiss them as capable of nothing more than taking potshots at Obama.

    1. I got a plan.

      You’re free to buy medical services from who you want, and they’re free to sell it to you.

  14. Obamacare will be the death of personal freedom in America…EVERYTHING can and will be included in deciding and ordering what citizens can and cannot do based on “healthcare” or financial reasons. The leftist takeover is basically complete, we’re just too prideful and belligerent to admit it.

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  16. Have we gotten over the fear of “government making you buy things if they can just pass it a tax”? Even if Obamacare is repealed, the SC ruling that allowed it to exist still stands.

  17. ” that conservatives should stop griping about Obamacare.”

    Every Republican politician should be running on a pledge to do what they can to repeal Obamacare, or find ways to cripple it.

    I’ll be interested in seeing what the first Republican HHS director does with their near unlimited arbitrary power to set regulations and *grant waivers*. Funny thing about progressives – they always assume that the arbitrary power they give government will be wielded by them, and not their enemies.

    1. I’ll be interested in seeing what the first Republican HHS director does

      By the time a Republican is ever elected to the presidency again it will be a moot point because the law will be 20 years old, Democrats will be pushing for single payer because of all of the cost overruns of Obamacare and “failure of the free market”, and Republicans will be fighting tooth and nail to preserve the law.

      1. No way. Over half the country hates obozokare and it is just beginning to go into effect, it’s going to be a fucking disaster and it just might turn out to be the straw that breaks the back of statism. Obozokare is going to go down in flames and it will take obamugabe with it, the worthless flailing hack.

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  21. You are, in other words, incentivized to hire fewer full-time workers and more part-timers. No doubt, this http://www.celinebagsaleuk.com/ will do wonders for the labor market.

  22. You’re free to buy medical services from who http://www.tomsshoesoutletv.com/ you want, and they’re free to sell it to you.

  23. By the time a Republican is ever elected to the presidency again it will be a moot point because the law will be 20 years old, Democrats will be pushing for single payer because of all of the cost overruns of Obamacare and “failure of the http://www.nikeblazerswomensale.org/ free market”, and Republicans will be fighting tooth and nail to preserve the law.

  24. The GOP does not fight. It clutches its pearls, sniffs, and retires in a ladylike manner.

  25. Why did President Obama get re-elected in a landslide? Many voters would say because they don’t trust the baldface liars in the GOP and that they wanted SOMEONE to solve the nation’s deplorable health care crisis. Just saying that “Obamacare isn’t popular today” doesn’t make it true.

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