Covered at Reason 24/7: 12 Percent Say the Sequester Has Hurt Them in a "Major Way"


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With all of the doom and gloom that surrounded the dreaded sequester I am sure readers will be shocked to learn that only 12 percent of American voters feel that the cuts in federal spending have hurt them in a "major way" and that a little over half say that the cuts have had no effect on their lives. 

From Rasmussen:

Just over half of U.S. voters now say the March 1 sequester cuts in federal government spending have had no impact on their lives.

Only 12% say the sequester cuts have had a major impact on them personally. Despite predictions that the sequester impact would grow over time, there's no indication of that happening yet. The number experiencing a major impact is basically unchanged from the weekend the sequester first took effect.. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

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  1. All those affected were government workers and teachers trying to take their kids on a tour of the White House. They thought they were getting the day off.

    1. How does this affect the gold caddy industry?

      1. Or, you know, golf caddies or golden golf caddies.

        1. Golden Golf Caddy subsidies will see only a modest 5% increase per year. Read a fucking newspaper and spare us your uniformed questions.

          1. Or, you know, uninformed or uniformed questions.

            1. Uniformly uninformed questions.

              1. This thread is gold!

              2. Your handle looks familiar. Are you that cat flying around with pop tarts blowing out of your ass?

        2. Golden Calf Caddies?

  2. I’m sitting here trying to think of a Federal program that directly effects me day-to-day.

    It’s just a bloated leviathan. The whole apparatus could disappear and local governments – both city, county, and state – would pick up the slack.

    1. Unfortunately. I say let no one pick up the slack.

    2. I’m sitting here trying to think of a Federal program that directly effects me day-to-day.

      The IRS. Every minute you work, they are robbing you.

  3. my girlfiend’s mailman said he was being laid off because of the sequester. I told her he was lying.

    1. I thought your girlfriend’s mailman’s aunt was making 80 grand a week in a few hours on the internet at 72 bucks an hour. Why doesn’t he borrow some cash from her?

      1. your mailman’s mom is a whore.

      2. that kind of talk is going to attract the income-at-home bots. you’re putting this whole site in jeopardy.

    2. “my girlfiend’s mailman said he was being laid off because of the sequester.”

      What that before, during, or after he had sex with her?

      1. Oh, SNAP!

      2. “The pie was my idea.”


    1. Thou art become today’s winner of the Internet.

    2. I’m going to go vote for this comment.

  5. Too many people work for the government.

    1. I was thinking the same thing; 12% of American voters are government employees.

      1. Yeah – I don’t think the fact that ‘only’ 12% say they are majorly affected by a minor slow-down in spending growth is encouraging. It’s pretty damn depressing that even that many are so dependent on government spending.

  6. The Sequester: Obama’s best idea ever.

  7. The Sequester turned me into a newt. I got better.

    1. Do you still want to build that moonbase?

      1. You’ll have to pay me if you want an answer to that question.

  8. 12%? 1 in 8? The government is waaay to big if one in eight adults in the US is hurt by a 2.3% reduction in the growth of government spending.

    1. “12%? 1 in 8?”

      And how many of those are delusional enough to think they’re hurting because the Anointed One said SEQUESTER is supposed to hurt?

      1. Indeed. I want a follow-up question: “Exactly HOW has the sequester hurt you?”

        64%: Something not at all related to the sequester.
        21%: Not sure.
        14%: Refuse to answer.
        1%: Something that might actually be related to the sequester.

      2. ^^^ This x 8

    2. Feeney may be incorrectly paraphrasing. The free part of the Rasmussen article doesn’t say that the 12% felt a major negative impact. Spending increased under sequestration. Perhaps those 12% received some of the new spoils.

      1. 12% Say Sequester Cuts Have Hurt Them in a Major Way

        Ummm. It’s right in the title from the Rasmussen website. I would say “hurt” and “major” would imply a major negative impact.

        1. Titles aren’t to be trusted. They’re not necessarily written by the author. If it’s not in text, it’s not legit.

          Also, my sarcasm should have been more blatant.

          1. I’ll re-calibrate my sarcasmometer. I think it’s running low on vodka.

    3. The poll was conducted in Arlington and Takoma Park.

      1. Ah, so 12% of adults in Federal Government dependent communities.

        1. You have no idea the devastation this has wrought! There are scores of nannies and au pairs just wandering in the streets! Households have had to cut back to eating dinner out only to weeknights! Utne Reader subscriptions have plummetted!

    4. Ya, I’m shocked so many people say they are being hurt by it. I wonder if maybe people are conflating the sequester with the payroll tax hike?

  9. Wait, is this the same sequester that Obama pardoned in Portugal?

    1. Dear God…

    2. “Obama makes good decisions”….I hear a great flushing sound.

  10. So that means the Koch controlled KKKORPORASHUNS media has brainwashed 88% of the population of Amoronikkka into thinking these savage budgets cuts instituted by those insane anarcho-libertarians in the Rethuglikkkan party have not hurt them. We progtards shall overcome this redneck hick ignorance!

    1. still not dumb enough to be T O N Y.

      1. Needs moar bushpig and christfag.

    2. Barack Obama is an “anarcho-libertarian” in the Republican party? Every post you make is like you’re actively trying to make progressives look like ignorant fools. Good news though, you don’t really have to work at it, you people look like ignorant fools without any effort necessary. Just apply your usual amount of critical thinking and that will be sufficient.

      1. And then you come in here and make yourself look like an ignorant fool.
        First, getting all butthurt over a tongue in cheek comment like that makes you especially foolish.
        Second, NO ONE called Obama an anarcho-libertarian… It was a caricature of what libtards (like yourself apparently) think of the right.

        Please, crawl back under the rock you came from before you strain the one functional brain cell that you have remaining.

      2. It’s sarcasm, FS. Just sarcasm.

  11. These savage budget cuts effect the most vulnerable in our society which is why we anarchists must smash the state for wanting to cut spending.

  12. Only 12% say the sequester cuts have had a major impact on them personally.

    Those 12% must be mostly lying because they don’t want to admit that the sequester was a non-event, or unclear on the meaning of “major” or “personally”.

    1. I agree, I think a lot of people on the far left would feel obligated to answer ‘Yes’ to that question just to reaffirm their belief systems, even if they weren’t affected.


    1. Who hasn’t?

        1. Are you volunteering?

    2. Use this doll, and show everybody exactly *how* the sequester touched you.

      Include any comments or exclamations you might have made.

      1. He was not unresponsive.

    3. Whore!

  14. I am sure readers will be shocked to learn that only 12 percent of American voters feel that the cuts in federal spending have hurt them in a “major way”

    12%? 12%?!!! There’s no way it’s that many.

    1. Well, I’m sure that there are many government employees who have had their peace of mind disturbed by this, and would describe that as being “hurt in a major way.” I mean, come on! They’ve had to worry! Worry! Auugghh! Worry!

  15. We could employ some Tony-style logic and say that 100% (nearly) of the world’s population is negatively affected because they can no longer choose to attend a White House tour.

  16. I attend an event at a military base in New York each year, we pay to go and I understand the base makes some profit from it. They are canceling it this year, they say, because of the sequester. I understand they canceled all civilian events, probably just to be assholes in an attempt to make people feel affected. So the sequester had negative effects towards me, but it’s actually just the government being whiny pansies about it that’s the problem. I imagine others “affected” probably are in similar situations.

    1. For what it’s worth I could call this
      “major”, since it’s something I look forward to all year. The same way someone excited about attending a White House tour would consider themselves majorly affected depending on how excited they were to go. It’s subjective.

    2. I heard on the local radio the other day a fund raising drive because the adjacent Army base where I work allegedly isn’t buying sheets for soldiers returning from Afghanistan who live in the barracks. I nearly crashed my car wondering where the BS was here.

  17. Hey, the Sequester caused the Cleveland Air Show to be cancelled for this spring. I’d say I’m PLENTY hurt by not being able to see the F22 not show up again this year.

    1. Ahhh the Air Show. Come for the planes, stay for the crashes.

      1. And now I am denied the RIGHT to potentially see millions of dollars in high tech equipment burst into flames over Lake Erie.

        Oh well, it probably would have just caught our river on fire again.

        1. I remember as a kid in the early 1970’s going down to The Flats with my grandfather. I was a total geek for the ships, and knew all the shipping lines and a good amount of the ships that operated in the Great Lakes. Good times.

          1. Are you stuck in this shithole with Warty and I?

            1. I’m just a bit south of your shit hole. Not an ideal proximity to your shit hole…

              1. You don’t want to be south of Warty’s shithole. I’m more east of the shithole, but since the town I grew up in doesn’t actually appear on any maps, I just say Cleveland so people know where I’m talking about.

            2. Nope. Born in Cleveland. Raised in Chapel Hill. Moved to Indiana, and finally moved to Long Beach, CA about 20 years ago.

              1. Oh my god! You escaped? Lucky you got out at an early age. Everyone I’ve known that moved away after adulthood has come back. It’s like a freaking black hole.

  18. We need, as a follow up, a government siesta.

    1. But proglodytes detest a siesta.

  19. I work wit the Feds, and the sequester has had no effect whatsoever on my home, work time, salary or sex life.

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  21. THE SEQUESTER TOUCHED MY BUTT HOLE, TOO. Where do I sign to get my lawsuit cash?

    1. You liked it.

      licked it?

  22. Gotta love those bought and paid for US politicians.

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