Justin Amash

"Liberty Movement" vs. GOP on Paul Ryan's Budget


Daniel McCarthy at American Conservative delivers some encouraging news for those who want a more fiscally conservative Republican Party:

Ten House Republicans voted against Paul Ryan's budget today, including key liberty movement leaders Justin Amash, Walter Jones, and Thomas Massie. The other nays were Paul Broun, Rick Crawford, Randy Forbes, Chris Gibson, Phil Gingrey, Joe Heck, and David McKinley.

Amash and Massie were among the new crop of libertarian-leaning Republicans I interviewed in Reason's March issue.

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  1. Any budget that does not cut spending today, but instead relies upon future Congresses to do it, will not cut spending. What a fucking joke.

    1. Bucks were passed, cans were kicked, hot potatoes were tossed.

  2. From the WaPo comments:

    The extreme right wing who are totally supported by big business and big money are safe in their own wealth zone. The working class is not needed. They hold a total distaste for anyone not rich. Ryan’s medicare plan alone will literally cripple today’s’ seniors who have sacrificed everything for their homes and children but were never rich. The exist in today’s economy with a 20 year old car with no air conditioning. They exist in a home they own but badly need repairs. They exist with hope because they can now access better more affordable health care that they did a decade ago. If American’s keep voting these right wing rich politicians into office, the American working class is doomed. Once you can no longer work for minimum wages, their need for you is gone. GET OUT AND VOTE. Forget the loyalty to guns and Bible thumpers and vote for the person who supports America’s goals and promises. Paul Ryan is a liar and a coward. But the GOP needs someone to do their dirty work. Research before you vote. If your representatives are not voting in your best interest, tell them so and then vote against them.

    1. Holy shit, is that stupid.

    2. Not taking is giving. Not giving is taking.

    3. Ryan’s medicare plan alone will literally cripple today’s’ seniors who have sacrificed everything for their homes and children but were never rich.

      Bahahaha. Suck it, assholes. Enjoy lying in the bed you’ve made.

    4. I am just going to start embracing this ridiculousness.

      That’s right, I do have a distaste for anyone who isn’t rich. I do want the elderly and poor to suffer. I do want you to work for 20 cents an hour.

      Take that, asshole.

    5. This is why a bunch of Paul Ryan half-measures are stupid. The leftwing asshats like this are going to go apeshit either way, so you might as well giving them something legitimate to gripe about.

      1. I used to say the Republican establishment was moronic for not embracing libertarian economics, if only for use as a bad cop / good cop routine.

        Of course, that would only be true if they actually wanted to cut spending.

        1. This is exactly right. It’s actually incredibly dumb of the Democrats to have moved so far (and so openly) socialist, because they’ve given the Republicans a great opportunity to grab the moderates and people who think at least some capitalism and freedom are good things.

          Fortunately for the Democrats, the Republicans aren’t all that much less statist (or socialist) than they are, so the opportunity has mostly passed without consequence.

    6. That straw man is running low on stuffing.

  3. A “liberty movement” politician should vote against every budget that doesn’t actually cut spending.

  4. Not enough old people thrust into poverty fast enough.

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