Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren Stumps in Favor of Government Regulation

We would all be victims without the federal oversight, in her view


Sen. Elizabeth Warren planted a liberal flag on Thursday, pushing the government's right to regulate as she ripped Republicans, the National Rifle Association and anyone else who would stand in its way.

In a wide-ranging speech to the Consumer Federation of America, Warren defended federal regulations as essential for safe consumers and a healthy economy. And at a time when "cutting red tape" is a key plank of Republicans' plan for economic growth, Warren argued that regulations were a success story in America.

"It's thanks to federal agencies that no one has to worry that those white pills are baking soda instead of antibiotics or that the paint on the baby's crib is laced with lead," Warren said, according to a copy of her prepared remarks.

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  1. News Flash: Warren like’s government bureaucracy and regulation!

  2. I still can’t find the part of the Republican or Libertarian platforms where they advocate selling baking powder instead of anti-boitics and lacing paint with lead.

  3. Autonomy Bad, Killdrones and Government Torture Good.

    Elizabeth Warren is a totalitarian cunt.

  4. Thank goodness that our betters in the Federal Government are there to look out for us. Otherwise, we would sleep in our own filth, and eat paint chips for breakfast out of sheer ignorance. Thank you, Liz Warren, for reaching down from the heavens to lift us out of ignorance. Somewhere, your Native American ancestors are smiling down upon you!!!!

  5. Pay it forward! Factories and shit.

    Take THAT, libertarians.

  6. What an idiot. She’s got it completely wrong. The government pays legions of people to worry about whether the Tylenol has arsenic in it or the toys have lead. They do it after the fact, just like Non-governmental organizations would, but there are plenty of people worrying.

    All the regulations in China don’t stop them from starving their babies with melamine.

  7. I understand we can’t sue the FDA when someone does screw up. Is that her idea of accountability? Or effective regulation?

    What the FDA really does is prevent desperate people, who are probably going to die with weeks or months because there are no approved medicines, from trying experimental drugs which at worst would kill them a few weeks sooner, more likely would have no effect, and in a few cases would actually speed up the experimental phases tremendously and extend a few lives in the process.

    Anyone who thinks current FDA regulatory procedures are good is a cold hearted bastard, and I hope they die knowing there is an experimental drug which would cure them but it won’t be approved until the day after they die.

    1. The other part of that, is that if I am dying any ways, I would be willing to test an experimental drug for no other reason than that the data point I provide could help *others* decide if they should take the drug.

  8. Warren, a major cause of the CFPB formation and the Dodd-Frank Act, may soon be a member of the U.S. Senate Banking Committee, sources suggest. The Senator-elect from Massachusetts has years of consumer finance expertise as a lawyer. You can feel safe knowing the CFPB is protecting you from problems with an installment loan now.

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