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DeKalb County, Georgia, prosecutors dropped drug charges against Alphonzo Eleby after surveillance video from a gas station showed a police officer apparently planting the marijuana Eleby was charged with possessing. But prosecutors say they didn't drop the charges because of the video. They say they dropped the charges because the county police department cannot produce for trial the marijuana they allegedly found on Eleby.

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  1. Let me guess…..if they had been able to produce the pot as evidence, the prosecution was planning on having the judge throw the video out and bar any mention of it.

    1. Seems more likely that had they been able to get the video thrown out, the pot woudl have magically reappeared.

  2. Linky-winky Charlie? Some of us like to click through and read the full gory details

    1. You have to have a link so that we can go read the details. I want to know what kind of harsh punishment was handed down to the officer.

      1. “I want to know what kind of harsh punishment was handed down to the officer.”


        I am going to guess he is on paid leave until the FOP gets him back on the job.

        1. So are you saying he’s on paid FOP-ing leave? FOPFOPFOPFOPFOPFOP

  3. I’m sure this will result in both significant penalties for the offending officers amd a complete review of the departmental policies and culture that led to auch an event ever taking place. Any. Day. Now.

      1. Relatively soon!

    1. In theory, there could be grounds for evidence tampering and obstruction of justice charges to be brought.

      In practice, of course, you’re nuts to think that might happen.

      1. conspiracy charges for his partner and both of their wives too, right? Unless he agrees to a plea?

  4. I’m guessing the mary jane disappeared because they were afraid some anomalous prosecutor might actually use it as evidence against the copper at his criminal trial, mythical as that prosecution would be.

    1. So did they flush it, eat it or smoke it?

      1. They should be grateful another officer didn’t bash down the bathroom door and shoot them while they were flushing.

    2. I think it’s more likely that marijuana ended up in the evidence locker with a different case number on it after having been used the next day to frame someone else.

      1. It’s called recycling, you Luddite.

        Recycling evidence is a necessary part of making a greener police force of tomorrow.

        1. Think how much CO2 is released into the atmosphere when those huge bales of seized mj are burnt, when it all could easily be repurposed.

  5. Enjoy this link.

    “I’m at their mercy, guaranteed, without that camera as my witness,” he said.

    1. “The DeKalb County Police Department has not received any formal complaints nor has anyone been shown any video involving alleged officer misconduct.”

      “Lalalalalalala CAN’T HEAR YOUUUUU”

      1. When you fill out a formal complaint form they have your name, address, and can get any other info they need to make your life miserable.

        1. Not only that but I’m pretty sure it’s a crime to file a false complaint. Since any complaint that does not have video evidence is automatically false, filing a complaint is a good way to go to jail.

    2. Ain’t trusting no link from Infowars. If Alex Jones said the sun came up this morning I would have to look out the window to be sure.

  6. I’m sure policeone will have a lovely little write-up on how brave these officers were, and how the guy probably was a drug dealer that needed to be caught. So what if a little marijuana was planted in his vehicle by the officers? Omelettes and eggs, folks!

    1. Or about how us bigorati don’t know the totality of the fact pattern.

      1. Where’s dunphy to tell us how we should all move to WA because all the officers there are such wonderful human beings?

  7. Man I totally think we need to roll with that!


    1. What’s happening to you, anon-bot? You’ve had more misses than hits lately. You used to be better than this.

      1. You’re missing the subtleties here. Cops plant marijuana, anonbot talks about rolling with that. It works.

  8. The gas station owners could be prosecuted for interfering with a police operation.

  9. the county police department cannot produce for trial the marijuana they allegedly found

    IANAL, but it would *seem* the department should be prosecuted based on this, their own admission. Either they lied about finding MJ, or lost control of a controlled substance.

    Of course, there’s that nasty 5A thing.

    1. Since all crimes are crimes against the state, and uniformed officers represent the state, it is impossible for a uniformed officer to commit a crime. How can an agent of the state commit a crime against the state? Short of shooting another uniformed officer, agents of the state cannot commit crimes. It’s by definition impossible.

      1. How can an agent of the state commit a crime against the state?

        Let’s ask Robert Hanssen.

  10. Sure some cops don’t follow procedure, but they all are just risking their lives to protect us. You all need to learn some respect.

    /some girl on fb who got offended when I referred to “pigs with a badge”

    1. Girl on FB needs to be referred to Castle Rock v. Gonzales and the case of Joseph Lozito.

      1. She said “I’m not going to read anything,” when i simply suggested she read Balko’s work.

        It’s kind of surreal to watch someone do the cyber equivalent of covering their ears and stomping their feet when presented with info that may upset their worldview.

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