Plutocrat Rattner Disturbed By Sequester, Canceling of Son's Possible Gov't Internship


Was it Milton Friedman who said—with great sadness, no doubt—that "there is no free brunch?"

How tough is it out there now that the sequester is in, what, a second week?

Here's the lowdown from Steven Rattner, the plutocrat named by Barack Obama to oversee the government's illegalunprofitable, and sadly bipartisan auto bailout.


For the record, Rattner is, according to a 2009 Bloomberg Businessweek article, "worth at least $188 million."

You know what? When my kid can't apply for a summer internship program at the federal government due to automatic spending reductions, it's a recession. But when the son of a guy worth at least $188 million, who appears on Morning Joe alot, and is on a first-name basis with the president can't apply to a Defense Department young lords internship programme—let me tell, that's a depression.

And it's not just limited to Rattner, whom Businessweek said could be worth more than $600 million. No, this rotten economy has fallen like snow on the rich and even the merely incredibly wealthy alike, as a subsequent Rattner tweet made plain:

If you want to follow Rattner's real-time tweeting of life among the 1 Percent of the 1 Percent—or if you want to show your solidarity by telling him your kids' problems – send him a tweet at @SteveRattner. If your net worth is high enough, I'm sure he'd like to hear your kids' tale of woe.

And for even more true tales of desperation from the sequester—no White House tours! reduced budgets for military bands!  – read "5 Scenes from a Sequestered America."

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  1. as Arthur implied I didn’t even know that someone able to earn $7141 in 1 month on the internet. did you read this site….

    1. Someone get Lisa and Arthur the number of Rattner’s friend’s son. UNPAID, Lisa, can you believe it? And in the civil servant corps too.

      1. Oh snap, it’s gone. And now replying to nothing makes you look the FOOL.

        1. I disagree, I think the nested comment without an original to reply to is an awesome way to start a comment thread.

          1. It’s kind of a Bret Ellis open for the thread.

        2. Not just any fool – the FIRST FOOL. Consider this but one of many dislodgings of the child labor skulls and immigrant femur rebar from which you built your Throne of Firsts, FoE.

          1. In the game of firsts, if you’re not first you’re last.

  2. You peons should be honored to pay higher taxes to support trickle-up economics for me.

  3. Life in rent-seeking Limousine-Liberaland is tough these days.

    1. I swear that one of the greatest pleasures in life for these government parasites is getting the taxpayers to foot their personal bills, no matter how small the item. Every lunch that they get the taxpayer to pick up the tab creates a little frisson of joy in them. Even if it’s chump change to them, they love it anyway, because they’re thinking “suckers!”

      1. Well, you don’t get wealthy by spending your own money, do you?

    2. Libertarian Christmas just keeps on handing out the presents this month. I’m nearly giddy.

  4. The bots are really stepping up their game. More often than not they have the first comment.

    1. Who would have ever have imagined that we would would look back on the days of FoE supremacy with fondness?

      1. It’s kind of like the Clinton presidency in that way.

        1. I’m getting close to looking back on the Bush presidency with fondness.

          1. Soon, the living shall envy the dead.

            1. The lucky ones went insane.

    2. The Sisyphean struggle of human and squirrel against the bots inspires no hope but at least we can be entertained as the singularity encroaches.

  5. Class warfare through catty remarks doesn’t suit you, Gillespie. Your article would have benefited by focusing more on Rattner and Son as beneficiaries of cronyism than indulging your inner sans-culottes.

    1. On the contrary, the pettiness is DELICIOUS.

      1. I’m with fluffer.

  6. The kid’s dad could pay him $10/hour for the unpaid internship, like my dad used to when I helped our less-well-off neighbors with farm chores, but if the money isn’t backed by the sweat of the taxpayers, does it really have any value?

    1. You’re forgetting these are liberals: They assume their children are the responsibility of the government.

      1. What part of “It takes a village” did you not understand?!

    2. Yeah I worked several summers as an unpaid intern in high school and college. I would have preferred to work a regular old job and make some cash so my dad paid me to take those better resume builders. Never got $10/hour though. I will say that the summer I spent tossing pizzas and making sandwiches was more instructive than some of those internships.

  7. I’ve been meaning to ask: is anyone still alive down there in post-sequesterpocolypse America? Are there only remnants of civilization that STEVE SMITH hides out in to start his ‘hills have eyes’ tribe?

    1. Well, the streets in SF have all turned to gravel over the last couple of days and the traffic signals now have coin slots like parking meters.
      Beyond that, the cops are still minutes away when seconds count!

      1. You still have lights in SF!? I’d pack up my car and drive up, but it turned to rust in the toxic cloud that settled on LA the second the sequester kicked in. Actually that’s not much different from normal in LA.

    2. The North Korean invasion of Dallas has turned into a slow seige. Every day I grow weary of the constant sound of gunfire and hungry in the face of diminishing food supplies. At this rate, we might survive another two months if we’re lucky, maybe three if we resort to cooking our pets and cannibalizing our children. Hopefully they get that money restored before we reach that point.

  8. that sounds like fun dude

  9. Was it Milton Friedman who said – with great sadness, no doubt – that “there is no free brunch?”

    I told you people Nick got his constant usage ‘grok’ from an older hippie relative and not directly from Heinlein. What more proof do you need?

    1. got his constant usage of ‘grok’

  10. After a post like this, I kinda wanna have sex with Nick Gillespie. No homo.

    1. I bet sex with the jacket would be ten times as good.

  11. I especially like the way you invite us to deface the guy’s Twitter.

  12. Have I mentioned that their tears are yummy and sweet?

    1. They are, as was the tweet stream. Poor Rattner did not respond.

      1. Ignoring it was a far better choice than deleting or defending it.

  13. Maybe Steve can get his good buddy Bloomie to give Rattner Jr. a job in NYC government.

    He can be an untersturmf?hrer of Bloomberg’s health Gestapo.

    1. “unter”?! Don’t you know who his father is?! More like mittel or ober.

  14. This guys story breaks my heart. I has the sad now:… (

  15. Fuck this guy, his son, his son’s friend and his son’s tight assed girlfriend with a spoon.

    1. No thank you, my spoons are for poking badgers.

  16. Gillespie has mastered snark. He should get his own show on E! Those bitches got nothin’ on him.

  17. who appears on Morning Joe alot

    This place has gone to hell since Cavanaugh stopped proofreading.

  18. Anyone notice Rattner’s tweet that we “will” not balance the budget? He says we only have to get the deficit under control. How would that work: increase the deficit every year for infinity and there’s no problem?

    1. Enter the Trillion dollar coin!11!1!

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