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RNC Chief Reince Priebus Says All GOP Senators Should Go Stand with Rand on Brennan Filibuster


It's almost like watching the Republican status quo change over the course of a day.

Sen. Rand Paul

Support for Rand Paul's filibuster of the John Brennan CIA chief nomination over administration authority to kill Americans here in America just because they think they should has slowly increased and after a few solo hours he has been joined in various respects by Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Jerry Moran, Ron Wyden, Marco Rubio, Pat Toomey, Saxby Chambliss, John Cornyn, John Barrasso, John Thune, and Mitch McConnell, as Ed Krayewski blogged earlier.

Now Reince Priebus, the chief of the Republican National Committee–not a legislator but surely some bellwether of at least what he thinks the Party's members and supporters want–has tweeted:

Attention all Republican US Senators -> Please go to the floor and help out @SenRandPaul #StandWithRand

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  1. So are they jumping in to get attention or is this a deliberate attempt to derail Rand’s narrative by bringing in a bunch of hypocrites?

  2. Definitely a bandwagon effect, but if the entire Senate GOP signs onto this what are the Dems going to do? Immediately become the party of drones and summary execution.

    Blatant realignment after one filibuster is a historic event no matter what the media says.

    1. That’s part of the political genius of it.

    2. They may be hypocrites hopping on a bandwagon, but it’s still refreshing to see them hop on the *right* bandwagon, if only for a brief moment.

  3. [Republican senators get up and hold hands (in unison):]

    “Let me tell you now
    Everybody’s talking about
    Revolution, evolution, masturbation,
    Flagellation, regulation, integrations,
    Meditations, United Nations,

    All we are saying is give peace a chance
    All we are saying is give peace a chance”

  4. now what

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  6. “….over administration authority to kill Americans here in America just because they think they should…”

    Make that ‘claimed authority’, ‘alleged authority’, or better yet ‘illegitimate authority’.

    1. The term I use is “usurped power”.


      1. Usurped power…..that is more accurate.

  7. Should Rand run (say it fast three times) for president in 2016, I have little doubt this RNC toolbox will make every effort to install an establishment Republican (i.e. Jeb Bush) as the nominee. Toolbox will publicly promise, but privately refuse, to support Rand’s campaign until after the primaries. Then, Toolbox will proceed to take credit when Rand wins the presidency.

    1. Reince and repeat.

  8. what an embarrassing display by rank and file Repubs, most of whom have been acquiescent re: this new executive power. The Cheney/Bolton nexus thinks it’s a great idea, one they would love a president of their Team to have. Dems, of course, are simply unprincipled fucks who support it because their guy is in office.

    Big kudos to Rand, and slightly smaller cheers to Lee for jumping in as a wingman early and to Cruz for doing likewise as things continued.

    1. One of my senators was eating with Obama while Rand was pressing through with the help of those you mentioned.

      I’d eat a candy bar on the senate floor with Rand any day over gourmet at the Jefferson with BO.

  9. Dude that jsut makes a ll kinds of crazy sense. Wow.


  10. Support Rand’s filibuster. Then vote to reauthorize the Patriot Act and NDAA.

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