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Former National Labor Relations Board Chairman: "Time to Pull Plug on National Labor Relations Board"


Writing at Roll Call, former National Labor Relations Board chairman Peter Schaumber has some harsh words for the current NLRB leadership, which is carrying on with business as usual despite a January federal court ruling which found three of the board's five members to have been appointed unconstitutionally by President Barack Obama. Schaumber writes:

Continuing to issue decisions in defiance of the court decision undermines the rule of law that NLRB members are sworn to uphold. The D.C. Circuit is not any court for the NLRB. Any board decision can be appealed to that court as a matter of right. Consequently, Pearce's board may continue to issue decisions, but they will be nullified on arrival at the courthouse ab initio — as if they had never been issued.

When board decisions are quickly followed by their judicial nullification, how can the public's faith in the rule of law and the board's legitimacy not be seriously undermined? Continuing to issue decisions under these circumstances forces parties to spend time and money litigating cases before a board that has been declared without authority to hear them. Workers whose vote for a union is upheld by the board will reasonably demand to know why their vote has suddenly lost all meaning….

It is time for Congress to consider transferring the board's authority to a more neutral body, such as the federal judiciary.

For more on Obama's unconstitutional NLRB appointments, see here and here.

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  1. “It is time for Congress to consider transferring the board’s authority to a more neutral body, such as the federal judiciary.”

    Here’s a better idea: Repeal the whole obsolete National Labor Relations Act, and allow labor unions to compete in the (mostly) free economy like any other business organization.

    1. Even with the leg-up from the NLRB, most of them are dying.
      All except the gov’t employee ones, and that says all you need to know.

      1. that’s because young workers don’t like being exploited and Capitalists have figured out that if you pay well enough, employees won’t unionize and you’ll save a lot of overhead. Governments don’t care about overhead costs as they have plenty of cattle to squeeze milk out of.

    2. “Repeal the whole obsolete National Labor Relations Act”


      Enacting it was the original flouting of the rule of law in the first place as there is no power delegated to the federal government in the text of the Constitution that authorizes it to create any such entity to begin with.

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