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Joe Manchin Doesn't Want to Talk About the Second Amendment

Newspaper lets him not


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The Atlantic Wire finds a telling editor's note in an interview with West Virginia's senator, Democrat Joe Manchin:

West Virginia's Journal News ran an interview with the junior Senator on Sunday that covered the sequester, mostly, and it's effects on West Virginia and the surrounding region. If you didn't know any better, it would seem like an innocent enough conversation between a Senator and a local newspaper. But at the top of the page there's an editor's note with an interesting little nugget, that paints the rest of the interview in an odd light:

Editor's note: This question and answer session was permitted under the condition that The Journal would not ask questions regarding gun control legislation or the Second Amendment, as requested by the senator's staff.

How would it sound applied to other civil rights?

Editor's note: This question and answer session was permitted under the condition that The Journal would not ask questions regarding gun control legislation free speech restrictions or the Second First Amendment, as requested by the senator's staff.

Manchin is the Democrat half of the bipartisan "No Labels" effort, and tried his best to be as vague as possible when answering questions on gun control efforts from that role. In the days after the Sandy Hook shooting, used to propel gun control efforts, Manchin said everything ought to be on the table. In January, he was reported to be working on "universal background check" legislation.

His flirtation with anti-gun politics isn't playing well in his home state of West Virginia, which explains his desire not to talk about gun control even as his next election isn't until 2018. When he first ran in a special election in 2010, Manchin used a gun as a prop in an ad trying to create as much distance with Obama and his policies as possible while still running as a Democrat. Last year, when Manchin was running for his first full term in the Senate, he wouldn't confirm he was voting for Barack Obama, while the Daily Kos assured its readers based on an analysis of his votes that he was still closer to the socialist Bernie Sanders than any Republican. Apparently he just doesn't want to talk about it. 

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  1. These are the kind of guys who give moderation a bad name. “No labels” – more like “don’t ask, don’t tell, because I don’t want voters to know what I’m doing or thinking.”

  2. Hat tips? That’s so old fashioned, Ed. You’re supposed to just write the article and let the commentariat bitch about who linked to the article first. I’m disappointed.

    1. More to the point, feeding John anything but abuse will only encourage him to think we tolerate him around here or something.

      1. Jebus. Next thing you know, the staff will be h/t’ing Shriek.

        1. “Hat Tip: Longtime commenter Palin’s —-plug”

        2. They aren’t the same person?

          1. I wouldn’t be surprised ifShreik was paid by reason to keep things interesting.

      2. Come on, John isn’t nearly as bad as some people around here, like that Hugh Akston guy…oh. This is awkward…

  3. when you start agreeing to do interviews with pre-conditions on what issues can and cannot be raised, you are no longer a watchdog but a lapdog.

    1. I would have asked why he felt the need to forbid topics before agreeing to the interview.

      1. Because he got caught with his two fingers firmly wrapped around his gun grabbing cock and wants the public to forget about it by not talking about it.

    2. When are journalists going to start acting like they have any power? “Sorry, sir, if you want coverage in this outlet, we will not accept conditions on our publication.”

  4. Speaking of gun control proponents, Richard Daley was on Bloomberg this morning, rambling incoherently about the MILLIONS of precious little baby children murdered on a daily basis because the federal government won’t accept their responsibility to gut the Second Amendment.

    What’;s that you say? All those tough gun laws in Chicago seem to be completely inneffectual? That’s apparently just some sort of NRA smoke and mirrors.

    1. Why do you put yourself through the suffering of Bloomberg and Morning Joe in the mornings? Why not just sleep in a few more minutes and save yourself the pain?

      1. I bet Brooks wears a hairshirt and wants to join a flagellant order.

    2. Oh and the former Hizzonner Stutterin’ Rich Daley has a lifetime armed guard paid for by the overwhelmed taxpayers of Chicago – so he can be as gun controll-y as he wants, and remain safe behind armed men.

      1. He probably gets to carry himself, too, if he wants to. I know aldermen are considered “peace officers” for purposes of our currently-discriminatory laws, and I can only assume the mayor is one as well.

  5. Bloomberg is ordinarily not so bad; vastly better than the MSNBC Business Channel. However, once in a while it’s pretty obvious a message has come down from On High that Hizzoner wishes them to promote one of his various hobbyhorses.

    Morning Joke, on the other hand, is usually just a two or three minute drive by, to see what’s blowing up the skirts of the Compassionati, and to jump start my rageboner for the day.

  6. Daley is like Rainman-style retarded, isn’t he?

    I kept expecting him to cite Wapner.

  7. My shirts are lined with the pelts of baby Snowy Owls, I’ll have you know.

    1. I’d recommend a yellow Florida python jacket for this spring.

  8. Hasn’t this been the MO of the Obama WH for the past four years, i.e. restricting questions to how awesome and dreamy Our Father and Great Leader is?

  9. An elected public official “grants” interviews under “conditions.”

    The act of conception that yielded this waste was a misappropriation of caloric output.

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