Drone Assassinations More Narrowly Used Than Law Allows, Claims Napolitano

How reassuring


The Obama Administration's policy on so-called targeted killings of terrorism suspects is far more restrained than the law permits, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano said Monday.

"In terms of kill or capture, these are among—should be among the most difficult decisions that are made. There, I think, is an emerging policy framework around how those decisions are made," Napolitano said at a POLITICO Playbook breakfast at the Newseum.

"There's a legal framework which, really when you read the law and you read, for example, what the attorney general has said among others, there's a very broad legal framework in which you can operate, but the policy framework is and should be much narrower. So, I think that is the framework that people should have confidence that is being exercised and know that these decisions are made very, very carefully," the secretary said.