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Police officers have a long and troubled history with our canine friends. You might even say they have a pavlovian inclination upon hearing a bark or yip to shoot first and offer treats later. That's why there's been growing agitation for law-enforcement agencies to reassess their dog encounter policies. Colorado, at least, may soon require police to undergo training in what to do when meeting a pooch, followed by annual refereshers.

From The DenverChannel:

CENNTENIAL, Colo.—Next week,  two State Senators will introduce a bill requiring all law enforcement to take dog encounter training.  The bill is sponsored by Senators Lucia Guzman, a Denver Democrat, and David Balmer, a Centennial Republican. 

"Shipping companies, delivery companies, landscaping companies, they deal with dogs all the time and they don't shoot dogs," said Senator Balmer.

The bill would require law enforcement to take a two-hour initial class as well as an hour long refresher course every year.  The courses would be given by a vet or may be viewed online.

The legislation comes after a series of shootings involving dogs that caused public outcry.  In November of last year, Commerce City Police shot and killed Chloe, a pit-bull mix outside her home.  Video showed police tase the dog then shoot her five times while she was on a catch-pole.

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  1. Alpha!

    1. And this sounds like a good policy, as long as the training is not provided by the same jackasses with the targets featuring children and pregnant women.

      I can see it now, a target with a labradoodle holding a glock.

      1. I heard they stopped that after it went public.

        1. Yes, but the retardness that produced it is still strong.

  2. “Shipping companies, delivery companies, landscaping companies, they deal with dogs all the time and they don’t shoot dogs,” said Senator Balmer.

    So what does that tell you about the kind of people who become cops?

    1. troll-o-meter:

      1. Dogs are the ultimate trolls. Bastards just love to antagonize cops.

    2. Postal workers also need dog training. What they’re currently being taught is awful. Maybe contract out the UPS trainers.

  3. They fucking need a bill for this?

    1. My reaction too. Can’t the Governor just order the state police to take the training? Same of the mayors and town councils with their local police?

      1. That would, like, make it happen. Proposing legislation that ends up not passing means business as usual.

  4. Teach cops not to shoot people’s fuckin’ pitbulls

  5. cops, who needs em?

    1. Sheeple vaginas?

  6. Ballmer is a good State Senator. I was impressed with his backing of approval voting.

  7. So what’s the obvious elephant in this freakin’ room?


    1. That if the gun is on your belt it isn’t likely to be stolen.

      1. I was thinking along the lines of race.

    2. Liberal energy would be better spent convincing cities to limit permissible handguns to revolvers than trying to put a dent in the country’s inventory of hundreds of thousands of AR-15s.

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t both of these things illegal in most liberal controlled, large cities. You know, the places with the highest rates of gun violence.

      1. Define “most”.

        The only city that I know of that outright banned semi-automatic handguns but not revolvers was DC, and IIRC they walked that back after they decided they didn’t want to get another drubbing in court. Chicago’s handgun ban was overturned in 2010, and I don’t believe that their new laws outlaw semi-autos.

        I don’t know of any other cities that actually completely outlawed handguns, other than Chicago suburbs (and most of those changed their laws prior to Chicago’s laws being overturned). Even NYC allows you to own one, though it’s not easy getting a permit.

        You may be right on AR-15s, on the other hand.

  8. That’s treating the symptom rather than the disease. I haven’t seen stats on dog-shootings, but I imagine that they usually occur during “dynamic entry” situations when weapons are drawn and adrenaline is pumping.

    Fact is, there are too damn many search warrants that employ dynamic entry.

    Just shut off the water at the main, and knock on the fucking door if you’re afraid the occupants are going to flush the evidence. Everybody should get one free flush anyway.

    1. a courtesy flush

    2. Thing is, it’s not about flushing evidence. The luthiers at Gibson weren’t going to flush the indian hardwood down the drain.

      It’s about using terror to gain compliance. They kick in the door because they want to scare the shit out of you, so you’re most likely to tell them whatever they want you to say, and be meek and apologetic and pleading and not making a fuss demanding lawyers, forcing them to look up actual laws you’ve violated (wasting taxpayer money that could be buying tanks).

      Remember, they’re trying to help you.

      1. This.

        Also they just love to get dressed up in their costumes and play SWAT. What possible excuse could they have for raiding a guitar workshop that possibly wasn’t using properly sourced wood with assault rifles and body armor?

    3. And of course generally the kind of evidence that can be flushed is evidence of a crime that shouldn’t be a crime.

      1. This.

        Even if someone is such a dumb fascist that they think that having a few dime bags should be a serious offense, shouldn’t they ask whether the cure is worse than the problem?

        I mean, if someone is dealing drugs, and the cops get a warrant, that means that the jig is up for their dealing, anyway, right? They’ll be caught soon, or they’ll quit dealing. Who cares if they get away with it once by flushing?

        It’s like a cop causing a multi-car pileup on the Interstate to try to make sure he gives someone a speeding ticket for 5 over the posted limit. Cops don’t do that. (OTOH I get the notion that Highway Patrol and/or State Police often tend to have a bit more of a “protect and serve” culture and a bit less of a “hey we get to shoot” culture than some of the local yokels.)

  9. I never thought about it like that, it actually makes a lot of sense dude.


  10. Anybody seen the doc lately? I hope he didn’t do something crazy, like elope.

    Let me light the GM signal:


    1. godspeed good doctor.

  11. I’m not sure which stories I see more here. Cops shooting dogs or cops beating the mentally challanged to a bloody pulp because they don’t understand the situation. Training opportunities abound. But as Cato mentioned above if they weren’t so gung ho to use there guns and batons in the first place….

    1. “But as Cato mentioned above if they weren’t so gung ho to use there guns and batons in the first place….”

      they wouldn’t become cops?

      1. Good point

  12. State to take over Detroit?


    1. Living in Metro Detroit myself it amazes me how blissfully ignorant Detroiters act about the situation.

      Their solution? More of the same. Higher taxes more Democrats.

      The unions live in denial as well. Bankruptcy be damned they’ll suck it dry until it’s dead. The same exact mentality that put Hostess out of business.

      1. The plan is simple. Ram it in deeper, harder, until it’s misunpossible to extract. Feds to swoop in shortly after with hose connected to Money Faucet.

        You guys are so shortsighted. You think that at some point this shit breaks and everyone goes “Ooooooh NOW I see the light.”

        It’s us that don’t see the light. Bend over, you’re next.

      2. Remember the outcome of the Hostess deal- taxpayers picked up specially targeted extra money for the newly unemployed union workers. Same deal here- the city will be sucked dry, then the rest of the country will be on the hook. Inevitable.

    2. Nuke the entire site from orbit–it’s the only way to be sure.

  13. That last Malkin goal is all kinds of insane.

  14. Another training program that will serve as a comedy sketch for narrow-minded belligerents.

  15. Are they going to get the same training I get every time I don’t shoot a dog?

  16. Has anyone ever shot a drug sniffing dog b/c they feared for their safety? I wouldn’t blame them.

    1. wrong thread. oops.

      1. Seems relevant to me.

        1. I was not in the wrong thread. But I am now way too late.

    2. The Supreme Court has declared that drug-sniffing dogs are actually Superior Court or Federal Judges, and I think that the penalty for shooting a judge is extremely harsh.

  17. I’m sensing a union grievance.

    1. I thought your mom would look older.


    1. Richard Dawkins 666/1.

      Is that a joke?

      1. No, I’m sure they’ll take your money

    2. You check out the game tonight?

      1. Malkin’s goal was one for the books. Man, that was purty…

        1. Everybody knew what he’s gonna do, but they were powerless to stop it. After a goal like that it’s easy to forgive Malkin for all the stupid penalties he takes.

          Sid’s one-timer right after that wasn’t too bad, either.

          1. Tanger did all the work to make it happen

            1. True. Dangerously deep, but made it happen.

              Under Therrien it seemed like Letang would never break out of his shell, but in the past few years he’s shaped up just fine.

              1. how the fuck did Pierre McGuire get a Stanley Cup ring? He was a towel boy.

                1. Just hit wikipedia:

                  Dang, I didn’t even know he was with the pens in 91-92, Fuck if our cups ain’t tainted.

                  He’s such a philly-phag too, I can’t imagine him working for the pens.

                  1. I’m just glad he’s off TSN

                    1. How about Mike “players should kill each other” Milbury?

                      He finally pulled Ovechkin’s cock out of his mouth and it doesn’t appear that he liked the taste. Fuck man, I hate that guy.

                    2. I wish the Pens would put Mike Lange back on TV

                    3. I really enjoy Steigy and Errey.

    3. Sad to see Cardinal DiNardo drop. I doubt they’ll ever elect an American pope but he may be up there in the next election. Chatted with him several times and he’s pretty cool.

  18. You guys . . . you guys . . .



    1. Scarborough says it’s a “straw man’s argument” to pretend that all Republicans want European-style austerity.

      “European-style austerity”?

      Jesus, we are sooo fucked.

      1. Usually labelling something as “European Style” means you can charge double.

        1. “LOOK, France had to raise the retirement age, where full benefits kick in, to 37 from 36 and if you don’t…blah blah words… SOMALIA!”

    2. Oh shit, I just had to click through.

      Here’s a 2005 Krugman column that serves as an example of the overall point Scarborough kept trying to make. In it, Krugman warned of a rising deficit that would grow even more with increased costs of Medicare and Medicaid.

      Krugman pushed back on that point by saying that times have changed.

      “Why don’t we try to argue the substance,” Krugman said, “and not play gotcha?”

      It’s like the retard version of “When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?” The fact being that Team Blue has been in charge for five years.

      1. When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir

        Start with the first principles of economics, not come up with theories out of my ass that intentionally distort those principles, so that though any predicative value my opinions can have may prove wrong, they will not be wrong by default.

    1. Sean Penn seen in waiting room with flowers…

    2. The commander-president remains clinging to Christ and to life,

      Clinging to his bible!

      1. Not bitterly clinging, mind you.

  19. At first I thought this article said “cops to learn to deal with drugs”. Yeah, they need that too.

  20. Dammit, Kennedy was on RedEye again and you didn’t mention it.

    Why is it you have to mention it everyone someone is on Russia Today, which no one watches except Putin idolizers, but don’t mention RedEye, which is a funny show when it has the right guests

  21. Sounds like some pretty crazy smack dude. Wow


  22. Cops will just view this as a certification course for their dog hunting license.

  23. They should also receive a picture-book guide to the constitution.

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