Bill Would Require CO Cops To Learn To Deal With Dogs

As in, going for a gun comes after offering a treat


CENNTENIAL, Colo.—Next week,  two State Senators will introduce a bill requiring all law enforcement to take dog encounter training.  The bill is sponsored by Senators Lucia Guzman, a Denver Democrat, and David Balmer, a Centennial Republican. 

"Shipping companies, delivery companies, landscaping companies, they deal with dogs all the time and they don't shoot dogs," said Senator Balmer.

The bill would require law enforcement to take a two-hour initial class as well as an hour long refresher course every year.  The courses would be given by a vet or may be viewed online.

The legislation comes after a series of shootings involving dogs that caused public outcry.  In November of last year, Commerce City Police shot and killed Chloe, a pit-bull mix outside her home.  Video showed police tase the dog then shoot her five times while she was on a catch-pole.

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  1. I was a paper boy in my early teens and used to work for UPS. I only had to kick a dog once (not very hard).

  2. a two-hour initial class as well as an hour long refresher course every year. The courses would be given by a vet or may http://www.shoxinfr.com be viewed online.

  3. The current state of civilian peace keeping (Let’s stop calling it “law enforcement”) is both pathetic and a bit frightening.

    These people are not your best friend. You’ll do well by staying away from them.

  4. Yeah, fucking cops. THEIR dogs are officers; if you hit one of those mutts while they are gnawing on your leg you get charged with assaulting an officer; but YOUR dog, your best friend, confident, and alarm system, can be shot on the slightest pretext by amped-up thugs who aren’t even supposed to be on your property, and oops, mistakes happen.

    Paying attention Dunphry? THIS is one of the reasons your kind receive such hostility on these forums.

    Go ahead, whine about how you are just doing your job, and officer safety is threatened, blah blah blah. The fact is, cop isn’t even in the top ten of dangerous jobs. If the police returned to the role of protecting the people, instead of being an occupying force, the country would be better off.
    The cops have body armor, tasers, battering-rams-fer-Christ’s-sake, and a whole monopoly of power behind them, but that’s not enough. It would be more than enough to provide police protection to a populace, but that’s not the goal, is it? No, overwhelming force, intimidation of your fellow citizens, etc., is what you want, and now you thugs want drones. Fuck you, here comes the people’s answer, and you won’t like it.

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