Polls Show Opposition to ObamaCare Is on the Rise Again


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When Florida Governor Rick Scott, a prominent Republican opponent of ObamaCare, decided that his state would participate in the health law's Medicaid expansion, the law's liberal backers responded triumphantly. Think Progress wondered if Scott's decision might serve as a model for others. Ezra Klein wrote a post declaring that "ObamaCare is winning."

If so, it's a limited win, at best. And it hasn't won with the public. The public remains divided and skeptical about the law and its effects. ObamaCare has always struggled in the court of popular opinion, and two new polls highlight the public's continued lack of support for the law. Indeed, after a brief post-election rise in support, public opposition to ObamaCare is on the rise again.

February's Kaiser Family Foundation health tracking poll puts opposition to the law at 42 percent and support at 36 percent; in Kaiser's November poll, 43 percent said they supported the law and 39 percent opposed it.

A newly released Reason-Rupe poll offers some confirmation that more Americans hold negative views of the law. Asked an open-ended question about what comes to mind when they hear the term "ObamaCare," 50 percent gave a negative response of some sort. At 24 percent, the largest single response was a generalized comment that the law is a bad thing.

Overall, the poll shows pessimism about the law. Asked about the law's impact on the country, meanwhile, 37 percent responded that ObamaCare made the nation worse off, compared to 31 percent who said it made the country better off. Another 24 percent said it made no difference, which suggests a large strain of indifference in addition to the positive and negative reactions.

Since the law passed, Democrats have (not surprisingly) tended to be much more supportive of the law than Republicans. That's still true, but Kaiser's poll finds that Democratic support has dropped substantially since last year's presidential election, from 72 percent in November to 57 percent in the February month's poll. That's the second weakest level of support Kaiser has found amongst Democrats since it began the monthly tracking poll in April 2010.

Why did support drop for the law in the months since the election? The parade of news stories about rising health premiums may have had an impact. The Reason poll reports that 26 percent of respondents believe the law will make it harder to afford coverage, compared with just 13 percent who think it will be easier.

In general, the news about ObamaCare has not been particularly encouraging this year. Yes, ObamaCare has successfully enticed several Republican governors into participating in its Medicaid expansion, but a majority of states won't participate in what is arguably the law's biggest innovation, the health insurance exchanges. But in the last few weeks, the Government Accountability Office just released a report highlighting the uncertainty about the law's budget projections, ObamaCare-friendly states have warned about the potential for health premium "rate shock," and the Congressional Budget Office has expressed skepticism about the law's implementation prospects. To me, at least, this sounds less like a law that is winning and more like a law is simply surviving. 

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  1. I want to gloat and point out I said upfront this thing would be a political disaster for the Dems. This is not medicare or social security. It is not going to ever be popular or be anything but a hairshirt for the Democrats.

      1. Nice lol

    1. Yes, quite a political disaster. Witness November 2012.

      1. That is why they still control the House and control so many state legislatures. And it wasn’t an issue in 2012. It hadn’t taken affect yet. That happens this year and next.

        Why don’t you just save yourself some time and start lying now. Just claim that Obamacare was passed by the Republicans. That is what you will be doing in about a year anyway.



          1. It is all the fault of the Bushpigs and Christfags at Heritage. The beloved Obama had nothing to do with it.

            That will be the talking point. You watch.

            1. Did Bush’s reelection prove anything?

              1. Somehow that didn’t validate the Iraq War. But Obama’s re-election means everything he did is not permanent and popular.

            2. No John, here’s the talking point:

              Obama wanted to do a wonderful NHS style single payer health care that would be the envy of the world but TEH EVUL RASIZT OBSTUKSHUNIST RETHUGLIKANZ STOPPED TEH PRESHIS DREEM!1!1!!!1!!!!!

              1. I know suden. Obama couldn’t have passed anything without that handful of Republican votes he got by going away from single payer. Right?

                1. We clearly know its bullshit. 99% of the population either will not realize that or will deliberately lie to further the talking point narrative.

                2. Sudden, you nailed it, the response to failed socialists policy is always that it wasn’t allowed to take or re-distribute enough.

      2. Yes, quite a political disaster. Witness November 2012.

        Well, they caught a break in that the Republicant’s ran the guy who created it.

      3. Yes, this is why all kinds of aspects of this bill were designed to come into effect after 2012. Do you think that was just some accident?

      4. Your forum name is offensive.

      5. Your forum name is offensive.

    2. even if its considered a failure Democrats will simply argue that Obamacare was only a necessary first step, and that if we broaden and reform it everything will be fine.

    3. it will put 1/3rd of america or more on “wellfare”.

    4. Obama lies will certainly contribute to this Democratic disaster:

      Under the ACA you can keep your insurance if you like it
      ACA will bend the cost curve down and lower premiums by $2500 on average
      The ACA won’t add a dime to the deficit
      Religious liberty will be respected
      There won’t be death panels

      Democrats can’t even defend any of these lies anymore. That Democrats are giving up supporting it (some arguing for single payer) is no surprise. They are learning “what’s in the bill” is contrary to Obama’s promises. Just as many conservatives warned.

  2. Failure of free market capitalism. The only real solution is single payer.

    1. Failure of free market capitalism.

      Sadly, this is what they’ll say.

    2. There is no free market in health care. Any treatment must be approved by government; otherwise, those providing it will be prosecuted (even if both doctor and patient agree to it). State governments regulate what must be included in health plans, whether you want it or not. You cannot buy health plans across state lines, unlike most other products. The ability to “practice medicine” is controlled by government. The ability to advertise health claims is regulated by the FDA. Hospitals and doctors are forced to provide medical services to those who show up at their emergency rooms under threat of prosecution, regardless if the customer pays. Government spends half the money spent on health care. The FDA prohibits drugs they’ve declared safe, from being used for ailments that they haven’t approved, even if the doctor and patient agree.

      Obamacare’s failures (and horror stories of state health care around the world) are the expected result of government meddling in the health care marketplace.

      Whenever government meddles in a market, it only raises prices or reduces supply, regardless of the industry. There are no exceptions.

  3. Of course all the governors are participating in the Medicaid expansion. Their states will be taxed anyway for every other state’s Medicaid expansion, and the feds are offering to cover the entire expansion.

    It’s like expecting a state to turn down federal highway funds, or expecting Warren Buffett and other rich people who want higher taxes to donate money to the US Treasury.

    1. How dare you suggest that Buffett is a hypocrite! He really, really, really believes that he should pay more in taxes it is just that his attorneys won’t let him!!

      I have been informed on this very site that Buffett and Soros are the epitome of capitalism and Libertarianism. Oh, wait, it was a turd (or buttplug, same difference) that claimed it. Never mind.

      1. Soros has spent billions fighting statism and the drug war on humans.

        His only crime to “libertarians” (cough) was in opposing the reelection of George W. Bush.

        1. And then there is that whole felony conviction for currency manipulation thing. Sort of like Jon Corzine. As long as you give back the billion you stole from your clients and wasted on high risk Greek bonds, everything is cool.

          1. Nothing says “Libertarian” like the Open Society Institute.

            Science, you may actually get us to Peak Retard.

        2. 20 and 50% in one year. Which would equal 200 to 500% over 10 years. Obamacare has drastically accelerated the rate of increase, and it hasn’t even gone into full effect.

        3. Re: Palin’s Buttwipe,

          Soros has spent billions fighting statism[…]

          Maybe the whole problem with you and your belief system is that someone implanted the wrong definition of “statism” in your brain, as part of some sick experiment in stupidity. Perhaps space aliens… who can say?

          1. Space Aliens??!! And all of you nut-jobs we’re making fun of me when I said to prepare for an alien invasion.

            Stimulus, hell stimulME too!! Jerbz!!

            Mr. Paul “nobel” Krugman

        4. Welcome to bizarro world, where lobbying for universal health care counts as “fighting statism”. Derp.

        5. Of course he has, with the millions of pounds he scammed from the currency market after he walked away from the flash devaluation of the British Pound back in 1992. The one that he caused.

          Then there’s the tale of Soros selling empty Jewish homes to SS officers during the War when he was a up and coming young teenage real-estate maven in Budapest. Only, the Germans got the short end of the stick when the Red Army approached Hungary. Soon, empty Jewish homes that were formerly in the possession of German SS Officers were being sold to Russian officers.

          Open Society Institute my ass. You can’t be that dumb. However, given your handle, I take that back. Anyone with that kind of name will believe anything that George Soros tells him.

  4. I had a discussion with one of my coworkers about this yesterday…

    She (1) didn’t understand how forcing insurers to pay more money to people could result in them trying to charge increased prices, (2) felt that I should be game the system to get the insurance co to cover more of my expenses, (3) was baffled when I said I wasn’t interested in contributing to higher insurance premiums to the office.

    Sadly, I think at this point a substantial number of people really don’t see the relationship between causes and effects in the health care market and are about as baffled as a dog contemplating the internal combustion engine.

    1. Most people are low information voters. And most of them are low IQ on top of that. IT is Tony and Shriek’s world. The rest of us just live in it.

      1. I would bet you anything (and win again) that in 2015 the typical response to Obamacare will be “So what?”.

        1. Yeah Shreek, people losing their insurance by the millions and rates going through the roof will be a big “so what”.

          Low information, low IQ. It is Shreek’s America.

            1. Quit making shit up.


            2. Go die in a fire, you nasty fuck.


            3. http://dailycaller.com/2013/02…..r-for-sex/

              And it looks like another of Mendendez’s hookers has come forward. Just a matter of time before an underage one comes out. But banging under age hookers is fine as long as you are a Democrat.

              1. But banging under age hookers is fine as long as you are a Democrat.

                Of course it is. Unlike Republicans, Democrats do not pretend to have morals.

                1. True. Since Dems don’t make an issue of it, they don’t get filleted for any transgressions.

                  I just wish the Pols would at least offer me a few bucks every time the screw me.

                  1. Tax payer money might have been involved in his escapades.

    2. ironically, obamacare will be a hard and fast lesson in market economics for the younger voters.

  5. People are pissed that their insurance rates went up between 20 and 50 percent.

    1. More like over 100% since 2002.

      1. BOOSH!!!

        Needs more Christfag.

      2. 20 and 50% in one year. Which would equal 200 to 500% over 10 years. Obamacare has drastically accelerated the rate of increase, and it hasn’t even gone into full effect. Compare that to the average of 7% annual increases that you have cited over the previous 10 years.

        1. Don’t bother shreek with simple math. He is a finance wizard.

          1. So simple it’s wrong! Those should compound, being a 519 to 5,666 percent increase over a decade.


      Seriously, they will blame everything on the hoarders, wreckers, and kulaks. That’s what they always do. Every single problem will be blamed on “capitalism” and the “free market”.

      1. The health insurers are willingly moving from cartel status to that of a subcontractor.

        The far left do see corporations as evil. I see corporations as the engines of productivity.

        1. Nothing in this market is done willingly dipshit. The State controls it top to bottom. No wonder it’s a damn mess.

        2. The far left do see corporations as evil. I see corporations as the engines of productivity.

          And yet you repeat how much you support the government control of insurance corporations.

          Are you really so stupid that you don’t even know what you yourself say? Opps, forgot to whom I was talking. Of course you are that stupid.

      2. It’s all because of greedy capitalists profiting off of pain and suffering.
        This is why all health care should be run by the government. Single payer is a moral issue. It’s immoral to profit off of pain and suffering. Government doesn’t waste precious resources by needlessly giving profits to already rich capitalists. This is why all health care should be handled by the government. To prevent profits.

        1. Health care is the wrong place to start single payer. If you can’t eat, then it doesn’t matter if you’re sick, you’ll die from starvation. Evil corporations (farmers, and other redneck types in particular) should not profit from food. We need to get rid of the profit motive in food and have single payer food production and distribution. It’s working in North Korea, it worked extremely well in the Soviet Union.

    3. Bending the cost curve up up up!

  6. Has Obama’s epic Star Trek/Star Wars gaffe come up yet?

    Obama responded by answering with what was supposed to be a Star Wars reference ? but he ended up confusing Star Wars and Star Trek.

    “I can’t do some kind of Jedi Mind Meld on congressional Republicans,” Obama said.

    1. Look, he’s just being a centrist, finding the middle ground for two of America’s greatest franchises. Why do you hate compromise and cooperation?

      1. From Twitter:

        Popehat ?@Popehat

        BREAKING: In an effort to recoup his geek credibility, President Obama appeared at a press conference wearing a “Mal shot first” t-shirt.

        1. I’d buy that shirt, but only if it had Battlestar Galactica font superimposed over a picture of the TARDIS.

          1. …and the ‘l’ was a light saber.

            1. Oh, and attribute the quote to James T Picard, Captain of Deep Space 9! THIS WILL BE A GEEK GOLDMINE, DAMMIT

    2. Stick to campaigning, Barry. Your Nerd-Fu is mad weak, son.

  7. I have an interview in an hour with a firm that is doing EMR integration and other healthcare IT stuff. The two people I’ve spoken with in phone interviews believe that insurance companies are going to move to an outcomes-based payment model ASAP, or as close as they can get under the law. Essentially, you and your doc come up with a plan, you agree to do certain things, and they evaluate your performance.

    The example is pre-diabetic. You agree to go on a diet and exercise, test your blood glucose regularly between scheduled appointments. You then record information regularly — say weekly waist-size measurements, weight, and glucose measurements. If you miss more than x weekly recordings, or your measurements move too far down the wrong way, the doc schedules you to come in early so they can do more aggressive treatment or test you on-site to make sure they are catching problems early. Its cool technology. I’m certain the implementation will be messy, but its kind of like the car insurance companies auditing your driving habits to assess your personal risk. I don’t know how I feel about it from a rights point of view, but assuming everyone was a willing participant, it could be cool.

    We’ll see. I may be gaining a whole new level of insight on Obamacare implementation soon.

    1. bundled payments are the great hope of the ACA.

      patient compliance is going to be a problem. particularly with the Medicare population.

  8. This is quite a bit of Newspeak

    Buzzfeed and Current TV contributor Michael Hastings joins Current TV to talk about Bob Woodward’s claims that the White House threatened him and his ongoing criticisms of the Obama administration. Cenk says, “[Woodward’s] such a great microcosm of the media in Washington. He went from challenging the government to being like a spokesperson for the establishment, and that right there in a nutshell is exactly what happened to the Washington media between the 1970s and now.” Hastings says, “He does hold all of these [politicians’] secrets. The reason Woodward doesn’t feel totally threatened is because he knows all the dirt about all these people too? He’s like a J. Edgar Hoover type. There are people waiting for Woodward to die so they can dish stuff on him that they’re too afraid to say now.”


    You see Woodward, the guy who is currently having a war of words with THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES is wrong because he is nothing but a mouth piece for the establishment. Peak retard.

    1. It’s called speaking power to truth.

    2. Democrats are always anti-establishment. Just because they’re in the White House doesn’t mean that they’re “the man”. Anyone who opposes them are establishment goons, regardless of how small that establishment becomes.

      1. ^^^Truism of the day^^^

  9. Kaiser’s poll finds that Democratic support has dropped substantially since last year’s presidential election, from 72 percent in November to 57 percent in the February month’s poll.

    “The beatings will continue until morale improves!”

  10. A lot of people realized that they aren’t going to qualify for subsidized insurance.

    1. And worse

      You likely won’t find a doctor if you have the subsidized insurance.

      With that said, it’s not like other countries haven’t managed better. We should copy Costa Rica’s, IMHO.

    2. rates for the young are going to triple or worse, as obamacare strictly limits premium “age discrimination” and ends pre-existing condition underwriting, which will expand the pool of sick, older insureds. those young who make under $30K per year will be put on welfare (“subsidies”) to make their healthcare premiums. and it’s all phony, not market based pricing at all, it’s social pricing.

  11. Just to point out why what we have now is not “free market” or “capitalism”

    1) Only doctors can really practice medicine. Can nurses and pharmacists prescribe stuff? Nope

    2) Out of line malpractice lawsuit. Yes, sometime doctors screw up. But in this country the penalties are way out of whack. The doctors don’t pay for their mistake, the patients do, as the costs of malpractice insurance as passed onto consumers

    1. oh my goodness. out of control state-level regulation of insurance companies. federal authorization for barriers against interstate commerce in insurance. just for starters.

  12. “a majority of states won’t participate in what is arguably the law’s biggest innovation, the health insurance exchanges”

    innovation? snicker.

    in the months after 1/1, lawsuits will pile up proclaiming the illegality of subsidies for the federal exchanges. the law states explicitly that subsidies are available only under state operated exchanges. this was part of a careful legislative scheme to put pressure on states to operate their own.

    note the age discrimination provisions. for youth under 30, expect premiums to triple on 1/1, with subsidies authorized legislatively in only 1/2 the states, and even then available only to those single individuals earning under $30K/year. the rest of young america going on federal welfare for their insurance, imagine!

  13. It’s a “tax”….not a “law”according to the SCOTUS. That’s the only way he could sneak it in under the radar of the Constitution. I call it deceitful!

  14. Suderman needs to send his analysis to Mitt Romney. Mitt thinks the popularity of ObamaCare with poor people is why he lost the election. Obviously he is wrong on that point.

  15. It should always be remembered that Republicans, especially conservatives, never wanted Medicare. They always believed that individuals should be responsible for their own health care, paying for their own health care, that government had no reason or moral role in interfering with the free market in healh and sickness care. ObamaCare could work if these people would cooperate. They are simply being un-cooperative and harming our country in being that way. I see quite a lot of hubris in that attitude.

  16. The costs keep going up – almost everyone is going to pay more! – http://modeltstocktrends.blogs…..e-act.html

  17. “Polls find most Americans don’t like Obamacare” has that same ring as “Polls find most Americans prefer smaller government, disapprove of Congress, and think balanced budget is important”.

    By the time the nation feels the full sting of this misbegotten social experiment, it might be impossible to reverse any of its policies.

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