Watch Matt Welch, Veronique de Rugy, and Kennedy on Stossel Tonight at 9 PM ET!


Tune into Fox Business Network RIGHT THE HELL NOW and you will see a terrific episode on the "Debt Bomb" featuring all of the above, plus Greg Gutfeld, economist David Henderson, and more!

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  1. A prop meat cleaver? When did Stoss lose the big scissors?

  2. John breaks a hip on a kid’s scooter. TONIGHT ON STOSSEL.

  3. Speaking of cuts, there was inelegant edit there in the middle of Paul’s interview.

  4. When an opthamologist talks about per pupil, he really can’t be talking about a number greater than two.

  5. Tonight’s discussion, should intellectual incest be legal?

    1. You’re probably the best argument against it.

    2. This is Tony, different from T o n y

      1. T O N Y is Tony’s big pencil pre-school alter ego.

        HEAD START TEACHER: Okay kids today we’re going to learn to write our names.

        TONY: T-O-E-W-N-Y …T O N Y …hurr durr

  6. A bad contract is still a contract, Brooksie.

  7. Phase out Social Security??? The Ayn Rand Institute must have invested in cat food.

  8. Switzerland is proposing a tax evasion crackdown? Humph.

  9. I got a pocket hose for you right here. It’s attached to my spigot at the back of the house.

  10. Florida joins the multi-state lottery; poker still illegal.

  11. Stossel’s generation did invent the wheel for us, after all. We owe them.

  12. That “I beat the system” attitude is the problem.

  13. This just in: Stoss and Kennedy never talked to college students before.

  14. Megyn Kelly is going to be on? Interesting.

    1. Indeed.

  15. This is bias journalism! Don’t high five your interviewee just because they agree with your anti-Marxist views.

    1. Stossel is no more journalism than O’reilly or Matthews. The difference is…

      He happens to be correct.

      1. Stossel is the television version of an oped column.

  16. Does Fox Business News middle crawl (the one with stock prices) have frame rate issues?

    1. No. You’re having a stroke.

  17. But it’s not a Ponzi scheme.

  18. If we’re not having enough next generation taxpayers, can’t we just kill off the old people?

    1. Turn it into a reality show. Advertising will pay off our national debt.

    2. Push them over the cliff.

    3. Death panels!

  19. Guardian is way ahead of me on the “die already” front.

    1. You know who else wanting to kill people who were a burden to society?

      1. Paul Ryan?

      2. Thinking about abortion. One could think about it as a freedom of contract issue. When the woman consents to sex she forms a contract with the fetus to provide it with resources. Thus abortion is only permissible in cases when the woman did not consent to sex or when the developing human fetus violates the contract by seriously endangering her health.


    1. Who needs women when we have teh interwebz?

  21. Wait just a minute. How does Stoss have footage of something that happens later in the show??? I smell a rat.

    1. They have these devices called “cameras” that let you record motion pictures for playback later.


  22. So we need to have more kids? That’s the answer? Phasing out the ponzi scheme isn’t even considered?

    BREEDERS NEED TO BREED soes I can getz teh retirementz.

  23. News crawl: “Bimbo wins auction for Hostess”

  24. The Pocket Hose is a grower not a shower.

  25. Seventy-five percent seems a tad high, doesn’t it, Will?

  26. From France to the United States. So Stossel is saying Veronique is ruining every country she visits.

  27. News Crawl: “DJ: GM, unions reach deal on Germany factory”

    Does GM need UAW approval to build a Germany factory? Or does that referrer to the Germany union?

    1. That crawl is a link. Touch your television screen to bring up the story.

  28. The problem I have with libertarians is that they do not understand how wealth is produced. They seem to believe that “the market” does it. The market is only as good as the ecological resources and human capital that is put in it. Shitty human capital * limits on the ecological resources = Africa. Human capital won’t be improved by importing millions of low-IQ Mexicans. Imagine how many we’d import if we had an open border? My estimate would be in the hundreds of millions. What would stop people? And ecological limits exist.

    1. Gee I wonder who this could be

      1. Also, your comment about importing hundreds of millions of Mexicans if we had open borders is hilarious when there’s only 115 million people in the entire country

        1. I meant immigrants in total, not just mexicans. Africans(1 billion people), Brazilians(150 million people),
          Indonesins(200 million people), and more. What would stop them?

          1. Market and job equilibriums? You really don’t get this whole “economics” thing, do you?

            1. So the equilibrium is out of balance. Should it trend toward lower wages and less jobs. If you increase the supply of a good, the price goes down.

              1. It may go down in nominal terms, but there are counterbalances in real terms. Otherwise, wages would be much lower today than when the country was founded, because we have about 100x the population. You really have a poor understanding of economics

                1. Where do the real terms come from? They come from high-IQ scientists inventing things. You really have a poor understanding of the process of creating wealth.

                  1. It comes from people of all different socioeconomic statuses coming together to make stuff. Invention is only one part of this process, and your insistence that we can only progress if we micromanage the labor market is bassackwards.

                    1. No, it comes from capitalists inheriting money from their daddies and giving it to scientists, who invest in productive capacities to more efficiently expropriate wealth from the natural world, worked by unskilled workers. People who solve quadratic equations can always dig trenches, people who dig trenches could never solve quadratic equations.

                    2. Self-parody, thy name is Merkin.

                    3. You know what constitutes self parody? A capitalistic system so inflexible that it leads to such poverty among working people that it leads directly to communism and racial war harmony. Seriously how low should wages be allowed to go?

                    4. Hey, Merkin. Look at my name. About 100 years ago, you guys were saying the same thing about my people. So, explain to me why the Irish are no longer a big bad scary minority but all of the sudden Mexicans are. Explain that to me.

                    5. I wasn’t alive back then, actually, Mr. McStrawman.

                    6. Yes, but the argument was the same. Explain why it’s different now, if it was wrong then.

                      Personally I’m against Strawmen, as I feel that they are taking jobs from hard working Americans and depressing the wages of the superior White, Anglo Saxon race.

                    7. You weren’t, but they’re were plenty of people like you. And before the Irish it was the Germans. And after it was the Italians. And so on.

                    8. Not really a strawman. People like you today are the same kind of people as those 100 years ago who thought of the Irish the same way you do Mexicans, including them not being “white”.

                    9. Really though, they were right about the Irish. Not for the stupid reasons they came up with, of course, but they were right to be wary of the red-headed devils.

                      The Irish are the ones who are REALLY behind all the NWO/chemtrail/GMO/911/banking/lizardpeople conspiracies. You know that old joke about alcohol being invented to stop the Irish from taking over the world? Well IT DIDN’T WORK.

                    10. Darius is right. The Jews are just a public scapegoat that takes the blame for the deeds of the Ginger Mafia

                    11. What do you mean allowed? Wages should be negotiated between employers and employees. We don’t need a central bureau to determine them

                    12. You think donation of inheritance is the primary generator of wealth in a free market economy? This is Tony-level stupid

                  2. As Darius said, invention is only one part of the process. And in any case, how does Mexicans and Asians and Africans coming here reduce the number of inventors and high-IQ people? You could argue it would reduce the proportion, but how could it possibly reduce the raw number?

      2. All this free market open borders crap is based on one assumption, that the black and the mexican have the same level of intelligence as the white American. And it is an assumption that has been proven wrong time after time.

        1. “All this free market open borders crap is based on one assumption, that the black and the mexican have the same level of intelligence as the white American.”

          Um, no it isn’t

  29. What, there aren’t any Asian cops or firefighters, Obama?

    1. Asians don’t matter. Most have actually accomplished something in their lives.

  30. A pink shirt, Welch? And you expect the Fox Biz viewer to take you seriously.


    1. Reason.

      Hire someone who knows something about the military that can prevent Matt Welch from making an ass of himself.

  32. Welch is making us look up the rubber teacher room reference.

  33. If the sequester happens, Law & Order: SVU will get cancelled.

    1. I’ve always been fond of Criminal Intent. It has that whole Holmes thing going on.

      1. Why not cut out the middle man and just watch Sherlock?

  34. George H.W. Bush holding crack cocaine is frickin’ hilarious.

    1. Totally stole the segment.

  35. “This is crack cocaine, seized from Dubya’s room…”

  36. That doesn’t look like the sex robot we were all promised when we were kids.

  37. too late. not disappointed.

    1. When porn companies are going bankrupt, you know things have gotten bad.

      1. That’s ’cause there’s so much free porn. And what isn’t free is a hell of a lot better than GGW.

    2. You know how easy it is to get sex from modern American women? Easy as hell. I can go into a bar any day of the week and find a college girl who thinks she sleeps with random guys because it’s “fun” but really to fill that hole in their minds caused by a society asking them to act like men, take her into my car and screw her. Don’t just watch the decline. Get some pleasure out of it!

      1. well why are you wasting time here?


          1. Dude, we don’t want to be part of your LOTR slash fiction, ok? Go post your links to Aragorn getting gangbanged by the oathbreakers somewhere else.

      2. American women are far from the only women on the planet who are easy to have sex with

        1. I didn’t say they were. African women are also pretty easy.(HIV doesn’t spread itself) Indians and Metsitos from Latin America tend to be pretty reserved though, to their credit. Europeans are easy, though they are even more feminist then men and they don’t take care of themselves well. Only in Asia and the middle east(not saying their utopias) has civilized viewpoints toward sex been preserved.

          1. Jesus. You think HIV in Africa is spreading due to their higher rates of fornication? Really, Merkin? It’s because they don’t use proper protection and a lot of people in Africa don’t even know that unprotected sex causes AIDS.

            You know nothing about anything.

          2. Oh, Jesus. I didn’t even read the part where you use the Middle East as an example of civilized viewpoints towards sex. This is unbelievable.

            1. Oh and Irish, my jaw literally dropped when I read that part

  38. Megyn Kelly has two paddles.

    1. She paddled Greg.

  39. Sounds like Megyn’s had to deal with drunk childish boyfriends.

  40. Yes Megyn. I’m really mocking that….CUNT!

  41. So, now what do you guys want to watch?

    1. The Producers (1968 version) is on TCM.

  42. don’t complain about too much reading in your courses ever again. Ever.

    1. Wonder if any of his students has actually read all of that.

    2. Meh. Auden’s students probably all got what they needed at

    3. It’s the liberal arts. What else are they supposed to do. It’s not like you ever learn anything.

      1. Stupid people according to Merkin:

        Liberal Arts Students

        Am I missing anything?

        1. Micks?

          Well, especially Liberal Art Student Cosmotarian Micks, those are the worstest.

  43. Sounds like a pretty solid plan to me man, Wow.

    1. Good grief, this whole Chavez dying thing has become more tiresome than the Eurotard debt crisis.

      Back from the brink! Barely, until next time!

      Now I have to go back down to the parking lot and try to get that dead childins catcher thing on the front of my car again, so that I can make it to work tomorrow.

    2. The mad tears of HuffPo when he finally dies will be hysterical. A light will have gone out of the world, a socialist icon who, had he lived, doubtlessly would have led his people to the promised land.

      1. I guess he will join the other socialists saints who went before him, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, in that great socialist heaven in the sky.

      2. had he lived, doubtlessly would have led his people to the promised land.

        It’s like the stimulus. “If only we had one more year of Chavez, things would have turned around.”

        1. We didn’t spend enough. Chavez didn’t nationalize enough.

        2. We should be more like the kleptocratic strongman that runs a nation with 30% inflation, a murder rate 12 times what ours is and a per capita GDP of $8600. /prog

          1. Well, Obama is trying, but Rethuglicans…

            1. IS their PD hiring? It sounds exciting. Can I get some progressive jackboots and shiny buttons? Also epaulets.

              1. You don’t get shiny buttons for being a cop in Seattle?

                Epaulets, I think that’s only for the Latin American version of tyrants, they tend to be more flashy down there, northern tyrants just wear plain brown uniforms without so much bling.

                1. No shiny buttons. We are understated and subdued. It’s a Pac NW thing. Goes along with the passive aggressiveness. I want to know why us northern tyrants can’t have epaulets too. They give such an air of pissant professionalism.

                  1. Well, unless you want to start calling each other cap-ee-tan and core-oh-nel, probably best to forget it.

        3. By the way, Christopher Hitchens had a hilarious article where he went and met Hugo Chavez. At one point they were talking about the space program and Chavez said that America had never actually gone into space, it was just a scam to trick people.

          Hitch was naturally incredulous and asked how Chavez could think that. Chavez responded ‘If they planted the flag on the moon, then how was it waving? There’s no air on the moon!’ and then leaned back in his chair, convinced he’d won the argument.

          1. I’ve watched several interviews of Chavez by different people, but I’ve never seen that one. Chavez is a boorish thug, not the sharpest tool in the shed.

            No wonder the left leaning HuffPo posters like him so much. Oh, Hugey!, you really told those right wing extremists! I gave you a like, and friended!

            1. He essentially doubted the existence of al-Qaida, let alone reports of its attacks on the enemy to the north. “I don’t know anything about Osama Bin Laden that doesn’t come to me through the filter of the West and its propaganda.” To this, Penn replied that surely Bin Laden had provided quite a number of his very own broadcasts and videos. I was again impressed by the way that Ch?vez rejected this proffered lucid-interval lifeline. All of this so-called evidence, too, was a mere product of imperialist television. After all, “there is film of the Americans landing on the moon,” he scoffed. “Does that mean the moon shot really happened? In the film, the Yanqui flag is flying straight out. So, is there wind on the moon?” As Ch?vez beamed with triumph at this logic, an awkwardness descended on my comrades, and on the conversation.

              Oh Hugo.

  44. Well …what’s happening? I don’t own a TV.

    1. Hockey highlights.

    2. You can use the interwebz like that TV thingy.

      1. I’ve always come up empty when searching for live streams of Stossel. But all I’m using is Google. Any suggestions?

        1. Nope, I just clicked the link.

          I didn’t have TV for almost 2 years and never missed it one bit. Have it now only because wifey wants it.

          1. @ Hyperion Wifey was the reason I …disposed of our TVs.

            1. Well, when the wife watches her TV, I get to post on H&R and play Skyrim or Borderlands, or something else entertaining, without her complaining.

        2. I can get Stossel on Hulu about a month after the original air date.

  45. Damnit, I missed PM links and it had trip to Mars related comments, and now I come here late and apparently we have our very own racist troll, and I missed that too. What a shitty H&R day for me.

    1. It’s the same guy that’s been here. Previous incarnations include American, American is Back, Liberty, Liberty Reloaded, and You Know My Name. There have been a few others, but I forgot them. Bottom line is he does not approve of your Brazilian wife being in this country stealing American jobs and destroying our culture

      1. Not sure I remember any of those, though Liberty Reloaded sounds somewhat familiar… I don’t really recall anyone here before sounding so blatantly racist. I thought maybe it was a troll trying to spread racist comments all over H&R while claiming to be Libertarian, not cool.

        He shouldn’t worry about wifey too much, she doesn’t work here, her money comes from there, she has no US income. He should be happy that she spends some of it here in our economy, but sounds too stupid to understand that.

        1. Liberty Reloaded was his handle before this one. He posted several posts under that name in the PM links today. I assume he got banned and then switched to his current one.

          “He shouldn’t worry about wifey too much, she doesn’t work here, her money comes from there, she has no US income. He should be happy that she spends some of it here in our economy, but sounds too stupid to understand that.”


          1. Not sure how he would tell any offspring of ours from normal Murikans since we both have green/blue eyes. Oh, wait, they could get her black hair! In that case, you are right, they will taint the Murikan master race! Wait…, it could be worse, we could teach them that us Murikans shouldn’t be running around the planet killing foreign children with drones because we have a morally superior right to do so! What the hell was I thinking!?

            1. “it could be worse, we could teach them that us Murikans shouldn’t be running around the planet killing foreign children with drones because we have a morally superior right to do so! What the hell was I thinking!?”

              In that case … I know some guy who lives in a white house in Washington DC who would like to send a gift to your house. What’s your address?

  46. Oh well, YouTube is a full daily allowance of entertainment.

    1. If you need more, Netflix is always an option. No one needs TV, well at least, I don’t. I watch maybe 3 or 4 hours a week now that I have it. And half of that is watching a movie with the wife.

  47. Sometimes man, you jsut have to roll with those punches.

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