Rep. Justin Amash: Any Sequester Deal Must Cut at Least as Much Spending, with No Tax Hike


Yesterday, Reason TV sat down with Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), the firebrand libertarian congressman whose dedication to reducing the size, scope, and spending has earned him the ire not just of Democratic rivals but of Republican colleagues. Indeed, Amash was bounced from committee postings by GOP higher-ups for his consistent opposition to anything that smacks of big government (go here for more info).

When it comes to the sequester, Amash tells Reason that any deal to avoid automatic spending cuts on March 1 should reduce federal spending by at least $85 billion and that under no circumstances should taxes be raised. Amash says that as far as he knows, there are no talks going on between GOP leadership and the president to avert the sequester.

This is part of a longer interview with the man considered the likely heir to retired Rep. Ron Paul's role as the most libertarian member of the House of Representatives. Check back soon for the full conversation.

About two minutes. Interview by Nick Gillespie. Camera by Meredith Bragg, Todd Krainin, and Amanda Winkler, who also edited the piece.

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