Tennessee Cops Harass Old Lady After Mistaking Buckeye Bumper Sticker for Pot Leaf Bumper Sticker

If you thought the war on drugs couldn't get any dumber, then you aren't using your imagination.


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If you thought the war on drugs couldn't get any dumber, then you aren't using your imagination. Last week, the former president of the Dallas-Fort Worth Ohio State Alumni Club was pulled over in Tennessee while driving from her mother-in-law's funeral in Ohio back to Texas. The reason? Tennessee police mistook the Buckeyes sticker on her ride for a pot leaf sticker, and thought it meant she was trafficking drugs (because people do that). The Columbus Dispatch reports:   

They were in the westbound lanes of I-40, a few miles east of Memphis, when a black police SUV with flashing lights pulled them over, Bonnie Jonas-Boggioni said. A second black SUV soon pulled up behind the first one.

"Knowing I wasn't speeding, I couldn't imagine why," she said.

Two officers approached, one on each side of the car.

"They were very serious," she said. "They had the body armor and the guns."

Because the couple's two schnauzers were barking furiously, one of the officers had Jonas-Boggioni exit the car so he could hear her better.

"What are you doing with a marijuana sticker on your bumper?" he asked her.

She explained that it is actually a Buckeye leaf decal, just like the ones that Ohio State players are given to put on their helmets to mark good plays.

"He looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language," she said.

At that point, Boggioni got out of the car to show that he was wearing a commemorative sweatshirt from the 2002 national-championship season, complete with a Buckeye leaf.

The officer then explained that someone from outside his jurisdiction — apparently another officer — had spotted the leaf sticker and thought it might indicate that the car was carrying marijuana, Jonas-Boggioni said.

Before they let her go on her way, the officers advised Jonas-Boggioni to remove the decal from her car.

"I said, 'You mean in Tennessee?' and he said, 'No, permanently.'

Jonas-Boggioni refused to take down the sticker, saying, "This little old lady is no drug dealer." Good for her, standing up to those idiots. And if it had been a pot leaf? Turns out that's not reason enough to pull someon over, according to a spokeswoman for the West Tennessee Drug Task Force. Perhaps she should tell her officers?

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H/T Tom Angell

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  1. I wonder if there are grounds for a First and Fourth Amendment lawsuit?

    Even if it was a cannabis leaf, displaying it is Ms Jonas-Boggioni’s right and I do not think doing so constitutes grounds for reasonable search and seizure.

    At least they didn’t shoot the schnauzers. (My first thought when I read about the dogs barking was “Oh, oh.”

    1. The most stupefying tidbit to me is that they thought she was plainly advertising that she was a drug smuggler.

      Holy fuck. I know they don’t get too many smarts down in the holler, but holy fuck. That’s a 3rd grade dropout with the right to kill you.

      1. Memphis isn’t exactly down in the holler, so go fuck yourself.

        1. Figures. I get the one literate guy in the whole state.

        2. Makes you wonder what folks down in the holler are like.

          1. Well, for one thing, they smoke pot?..

            1. And are much smarter than the people from Memphis.

              As a descendent of 7 generations of KY holler-folk, I can attest to this.

              1. KY Jello

        3. Memphis isn’t exactly down in the holler, so go fuck yourself.


          I have family there and visit often.

          The place is a fucking 3rd world shithole worse than most places south of the border.

          1. Missssssssippi’s just across the border. Once I’d visited Memphis and slipped into Misssssssippi for a little visit, I knew why the blues developed there.

            Memphis is shithole. Misssssssssssippi is an even bigger shithole, and sadder, hence, The Blues?.

            1. Mississippi isn’t exactly down in the holler, so go fuck yourself.

              1. You seem awfully obsessed with masturbation. Is there something we should be aware of?

          2. Proud Memphis State Alum here. Thought I should defend my old stomping grounds a bit.

            Sure Memphis is pretty backwards, but in their defense they attract every hill billy and bumpkin from the surrounding area. That means you get the refuse from Mississippi, Arkansas and Kentucky.

            They have their own internal immigration issues and have had for years.

            Still a fun place to live though.

          3. And what does a shithole have anything to do with being in the hollow (yes, it’s fucking hollow, assholes)?

            A hollow is a topographic trait. And the Mississippi Delta doesn’t fucking have them.

        4. If Memphis is so cosmopolitan and sophisticated, why are they hiring microcephalic cops?


        5. I’ve been through Memphis. It’s not in a holler, but most everyone there is from one.

      2. you mean all dealers don’t wear something that signifies what they do? Well, there goes my LEO career.

        Jesus, it’s not like Memphis is uncivilized, either. Barbecue, blues, and Elvis. Damn.

  2. The T in Tenesse must stand for ‘Tard.

    1. Umm, Tennessee,

      1. joe’s law strikes again.

        1. What a moran!

    2. Says the one that can’t spell.

    3. T is for Texas, T is for Tennessee ‘Tard.

      1. Here‘s the less annoying Waylon Jennings version.

  3. WTF, they think drug traffickers openly advertise like that?

    1. There is no bottom to cops’ idiocy.

      1. bigorati.

    2. Don’t wear Boast shirts there unless you want to go down for intent to distribute.

      1. Gentlemen. I think we finally found out who’s pushing all these drugs on our streets.

        Prepare the drones, we got a lead on El Chapo.

        1. We don’t really need a reason to invade.

          1. You guys can camp out at my farm on the march to Ottawa.

      2. Thanks for the link. But, damn, those prices!

      3. And, oh by the way, I hope “Baked Penguin” isn’t on your driver’s license if you’re planning to drive through Tennessee.

  4. Of course they might just really hate Ohio State, like everyone else.

    1. I’m going with this.

  5. Maybe they’d recognize the symbol if Ohio state could be bothered to maintain their bowl eligibility.

    1. nah….SEC country. Some folks don’t recognize that other leagues, let alone other schools, exist or that they have fan bases that show any pride.

      1. There are other leagues?

        1. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the League of Gay Cartoon Superheroes, A League of Their Own – duh!

          1. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the League of Gay Cartoon Superheroes, A League of Their Own – duh!

            ….Junior League, League of Women Voters, 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. Many others you SEC bigots just have to look!

            1. Junior League? Question – why doesn’t Junior League support/engage in group sex?

              Too many thank you notes.

      2. Why should we? Not like Ohio State can beat teams from the SEC. It’s happened once ever.

        1. Tennessee’s cleats were out of reg.

  6. She’s lucky the cops didn’t shoot her dogs.

    1. Are you referring to her sweater puppies? Let’s keep our priorities straight, here.

      1. No, she’s referring to the dogs in the article you plainly did not read.

        1. Woooosh.

  7. Tennessee is, IMHO, the most beautiful state in the Murika. I would love to live there if there were any jerbz.

    IMHO, this has nothing to do with TN, this is nationwide stupidity emanating from inside the beltway, DC, and spreading throughout the country.

    She’s lucky they didn’t shoot her dogs. I would have been arrested, and maybe tased, I am sure of that.

    1. There are a shit ton of jobs in Nashville. My friends are working on the Nashville TV show and making oodles of dough.

      1. no shit…what show?

        1. The ABC show Nashville, about the country singers fucking each other.

          Nashville has quietly started attracting a lot of entertainment industry productions to our humble lands. And it hasn’t been because of huge tax breaks. Yet. Although that could change.

          1. I thought country singers fucked sheep.

            1. You were thinking of Canadians, I think.

              1. NO. Canadians fuck Polar Bears.

                Missionary position.

              2. SCOTSMEN fuck sheep. Duh! again

                1. Country music is for pig fuckers! OINK!

                  1. Country singers have no love of the police. Just ask WIllie Nelson.


          2. oh, that show. Cool. I’m a few hours east on I-40 in Asheville. Nashville is a nice city. I’d live there.

            1. If you’re in NC that’s more than a few hours. I hate that hippie hellhole. Very nice when you get out of town but I’d rather visit than live there. I’m less than 2 hours from Franklin.

              1. Yeah, I have possible job opportunities in Franklin, but that’s further than we want to be from the smokies.

              2. I like the hippies and hipsters in Asheville; I would just prefer to take away their voting privileges until they own substantial enough property to have a mature civic minded attitude not based upon getting free shit derived from the hard won shit of others.

      2. for bread, pizza or cookies?

      3. I like Nashville, I have spent a lot of time there, well a few months. It’s not a very good reflection of the rest of the state. For instance, most people I have met there have no southern accent, they are not from the south.

        There just are not a lot of jobs there, in my field, compared to a lot of other areas in the country.

        Also, I like the eastern part of the state, Knoxville, I would really like to live there, but again, no jerbz that pay enough.

        1. Eastern and central TN are great.

          Memphis is a fucking hole.

          1. Agree.

            Not to mention, that if the New Madrid fault happens to have a hissy fit, Memphis is pretty much history.

          2. Yep. Love Nashville, and we vacationed in Gatlinburg area last spring. Memphis – “almost a nice place to visit, if it weren’t a shithole.”

            And Corky’s is way overrated.

            1. In Memphis eat at Tops BBQ.

              1. BBQ Shop is where it’s at. Best in town. Still have cases of the sauce shipped every year.

                Also, try the BBQ spaghetti. It sounds ridiculous, but is amazing.

          3. I like Tennessee fine. The mountains, Chattanooga, the country. . .it’s mostly nice. And the people are generally not assholes.

  8. Good thing she didn’t get pulled over in Michigan. The story might have a different ending.

    1. Nah, Michigan is much classier about that kind of thing. Michigan plates in Ohio on game week, though, that can be an issue.

      As a prank a few years back, I put an OSU license plate frame on a friend’s truck, who is a huge Michigan fan. Put it on a few days before the game, and he lived right down the street from the big house.

      Took him weeks to find it. Never got pulled over or torched or anything.

  9. The Good Humor man has an ice cream cone on the roof of his truck, right?

    Same thing.

    1. Yeah, and Tennessee State University specializes in smuggling endangered species into the country. Right.

    1. I O

      1. Never understood why you all do cheers for the school in Athens.

        1. Actually an OU Bobcat stacker is much greater indication of hauling pot than an OSU one. That’s weed central down there.

          1. Ohio was a university before Columbus was a city.

  10. Before they let her go on her way, the officers advised Jonas-Boggioni to remove the decal from her car.

    She can stand her ground, but those two Asian ladies stood their ground and kept on looking together exactly like super-fugitive Christopher Dorner and look what happened to them. Ditto that little white dude. LEO can’t be responsible for their actions in the face of such blatant disrespect for the law and its agents’ delicate sensibilities.

    1. I’ve read this post twice and laughed out loud both times.

  11. Back when I was a snot-nosed punk people actually drove around with those fake Florida “Arrive Stoned” plates on the front of their cars. While they were carrying and smoking weed too. Despite the recent progress out West, marijuana sure seemed a lot closer to being legalized in ’78-81 than it does most places now.

    1. For all you snot-nosed punks today the real FL plates said “Arrive Alive”. And for those of you who live in two-plate states your government is slightly more greedy and tyrannical than single-plate states.

      1. What’s tyrannical about two plates instead of one? Makes it much easier to ID the vehicle that hit and ran.

        1. Uh, if he hit and run he’s probably driving away. I mean don’t get me wrong, if we’re going to have license plates two isn’t substantively more burdensome then one, but I think the rear plate is the one that’s most useful.

          1. I’m in Oklahoma, which is a two plate state (I’m pretty sure), but several little old ladies in my town have “JESUS” on the front. They don’t seem to get pulled over for the substitution.

            1. Oklahoma is a single-plate state. You must not’ve been here very long.

              We have a lot of tribal plates here in Oklahoma. The State fought for years to try to force the tribes to stop issuing them. But the tribes kept winning in court. I think the State finally gave up.
              It’s always fun to hear State officials cry when they lose one of their monopolies.

              1. Can I get tribal plates by mail?


          2. C’mon Virginian, havent you ever seen someone flee the scene of an accident in reverse?

            Tulpa….its a fucking scam to make drivers pay 2x for plates. That is all. It doesnt make Id’ing anyone any easier.

            You teach right?

            1. Nah, I think it’s cause the cops are lazy. As the plates have raised letters and numbers, the concept is to be able to tell who hit someone by the stamp on the victim’s ass.

              Unfortunately, the cops’ inability to read reverse letters turned out to be a Rumsfeldian “unknown unknown”. . .

              1. ^^ hilarious.

        2. What’s so tyrranical about requireing people to carry id and have to wear a numnber plate like marathon runners – would help reduce crime right?

    2. You make an interesting point. It’s the same thing with nude dancing. I remember a strip club in Tampa that was right across the street from Busch Gardens! It’s as if it takes the lawmakers time to catch up with societal mores………… inefficient in creating prohibition laws as they are in everything else.

    3. It seems like the attitudes of cops, in traffic stops especially, has changed a lot, from make sure you get home safe to bust you for anything possible.

    4. It seems like the attitudes of cops, in traffic stops especially, has changed a lot, from make sure you get home safe to bust you for anything possible.

  12. “Tennessee police mistook the Buckeyes sticker on her ride for a pot leaf sticker, and thought it meant she was trafficking drugs”

    I damn near spit beer all over the keyboard laughing at that!

    1. I dunno, Sev, why any level of police stupidity surprises you at this point.

      If the cops showed up on my doorstep tomorrow morning to bust me for some plant, not even on my property, that looks nothing like MJ, it would not surprise me in the least. I would actually be thinking, what took you so long?

      1. I worry about this. I grow tomatos and hops.

        1. This is a huge problem, as after the police execute you for going for your waistband, the newspaper can say that, while no drugs were found, ingredients commonly used in drugs were being produced on the premises. Old people will stop reading, parents will smile at the monster removed from the Earth, and Nothing Else Happened.

      2. I guess, but the comment still made me sputter.
        Cops tend to be not real smart, but they’re hoping you’ll hang an “Arrest Me” sign on the back of your car?
        Seriously, how dumb is that?

        1. I dunno. I’ve read a lot of stories about dealers getting pulled over because they’re speeding or have a burnt out taillight………

  13. “Knowing I wasn’t speeding, I couldn’t imagine why,” she said.
    “They were very serious,” she said.
    “They had the body armor and the guns.”
    “What are you doing with a marijuana sticker on your bumper?” he asked her.
    “He looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language,” she said.

    Heh heh heh. That was a very entertaining transcript. I clicked the link provided for the actual audio, but I couldn’t find it. Does anyone know where I can find the actual audio of this encounter? Many thanks.

    1. Not that I dispute her hearsay, but…

      She was too rattled to notice what police department the officers represented. But she suspects that a joint drug-interdiction effort was under way…
      Neither the Tennessee Highway Patrol nor the Shelby County sheriff’s office in Memphis had information about the traffic stop.

      Mike Riggs is pretty sure of who actually pulled her over…

      Tennessee Cops Harass Old Lady…Tennessee police…Two officers…

      Anyway, somebody pulled her over. She claims. I believe her. Why wouldn’t I?

      1. I don’t know about just east of Memphis but just west of Nashville on I-40 good luck figuring out who pulls you over. Tennessee municipalities rent out there cops to the jurisdiction that actually encompasses a short stretch of the interstate and they split the civil forfeiture “take”.They are driving unmarked, black and obscured-marked vehicles. I think they fight over who gets to pull over westbound Mexicans in nice pickups (they are after cash,not drugs).

      2. You have a choice:

        a) Believe the little old lady.

        b) Believe the police.

        1. On the I-40 your “drug interdiction” cops are somewhere between mercenaries and highway robbers.That is no cop-hatin’ libertarian hyperbole either.
          The entire Westbound side is a cash civil forfeiture racket.Even the MSM has done exposes.

        2. It’s Mary or some other fuckwit troll.

  14. You must:

    Get the Bambuser app and download directly to facebook when stopped.

    Only crack the window.

    Answer only yes or no questions and only with “I can’t answer that yes or no”.

    Tattoo your attorney’s cell number to your inner thigh.

    1. The odds of my attorney being in the same jail as me are pretty low.

  15. I was sitting in the gun shop the other day bemoaning the fact that there are no guns or ammo to be had when in walks a city detective and sits down across from me. The place is always crawling with cops because the owner is politically connected and has run several successful campaigns for local politicians, including the sheriff. Thus, I know most of the upper level cops. This guy was new.

    I had brought in a k98 that still has swastikas all over it and it was laying on the table. The detective struck up a conversation with me about the rifle. It took me all of three seconds to estimate his IQ at about 85. After he left I turned to my buddy, the owner, and opened my mouth to say something to that effect, but he cut me off. ” Dont make fun uh him, he caint help it” was all he said. So, I left it alone.

    Yeah, most cops are idiots, but this level of dumbfuckery is hard to believe. Even worse is the case of the 5000 daisies.

    1. Heh heh heh.
      That was a cool story, sir.

      1. Thank you.

        1. I think you have just been fellated by Barney Franks bitch. I wonder what that pays? One more day of internet in mommies basement, and maybe a free coupon for tofurkey, and a free subscription to Sheeple magazine?

          1. You’re the one with your mouth open.

          2. Ah…Oh. Im drunk. I missed that, and I am not familiar with Zatoichi.

            Good to know.

            1. Zatoichi

              He’s quite the boring troll, and I am sure this legacy isn’t going to last more than a few more nano-seconds. And so, H&R continues down that path…

              Me drunkz 2

              1. This one doesn’t remind you of someone? Someone crazy?

                1. Beavis was crazy?

                2. Let me have another vodka and ponder on that.

                  I read back up the thread and saw it’s post about not believing the woman. yep, that is some first class mendaciousness.

                  *whacks trollmeter. Stuck needle jumps to attention*

  16. Twelve year bull market in gold ends as big hedge funds sell:…..slump.html

    1. Hmm, is this the 70s? Jimmah redux? LOL.

      I bought into silver back in the 70s and continued buying until the price reached a value of around $50 and I sold off almost everything that I had. Less than 10 years later, I was out of silver for good.

      I have been warning people for more than 3 years now, to not buy gold, but no one listens.

      1. The US in the 70s was the 8000lb gorilla in the gold and silver market.

        Nowadays not so much.

      2. My father bought about 10k in gold coins back in the 70’s. He carried them around in the glove box of his VW Squareback. What could go wrong, right?

        Yeah, they were lost/stolen.

        1. What could go wrong, right?

          He drove a Squareback?

          Yeah, they were lost/stolen.

          Oh, OK.

          I had a good friend who drove a Squareback. They always seemed good in abstract, poor in execution. He was a master mechanic and could barely keep the thing running.

          … Hobbit

          1. Huh. Then your friend could be my father.

            He had two of the damn things to keep himself on wheels. They took turns up on blocks being operated on. I remember constantly having to crawl under the car and bang on the celenoid with a small ball-peen hammer he kept in the console for that purpose. Also jumping the starter with a screwdriver……kids always get the pain-in-the-ass chores. These were no small things in Tucson in the summer.

            The irony is that he owned that car because he believed no one would ever break into it or steal it.

        2. I sold all my silver for around 18k, which seemed, to me, at 19 years old,
          and in 1979, like a damn fortune.

          I had lots of friends for a while, and I learned a lot about markets, and other stuff.

          1. “…. and I learned a lot about markets, and other stuff.”

            The implied lessons learned about ‘friends’ is the most important one.

      3. No one listens? Good for them.

    2. Re: Palin’s Buttwipe,

      Twelve year bull market in gold ends as big hedge funds sell

      And the economics-ignoramus thinks that one investor is the market.

      Otherwise he would not have posted that piece of news with the most unfortunate of titles. Unfortunate because only fools think a single investor makes the market.

      By the way, Buttwipe, riddle me this: Gasoline is increasing in price despite having the lowest demand in 16 years. Hold on to your shirt, Mr. Irving Fisher.

      1. You are just going to get a big dent in your sombrero sir. And a headache. The bricks arent going to notice.

      2. OM you shouldn’t comment in areas in which you have no expertise. Shreeky has reminded us on numerous occasions that routinely travels in the go go go world of high finance.

        Shreek decides to celebrate his good fortune by ordering a bottle of Henry K. Duff’s Private Reserves at Moe’s.

        For your information, I just made a cool $25 playing the market. Buy low, sell high, that’s my motto.

        I may just quit my job at the power plant and become a full-time stock… market guy.

        — excerpted from Shreeky makes a killing on the stock market, “Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk”

    3. These would be the same hedge funds that bought Apple at $600.

  17. OT:
    “Former San Diego Mayor Lost $1B Gambling
    February 14, 2013
    Former San Diego Mayor Maureen O’Connor acknowledged Thursday in federal court that she misappropriated $2 million from her late husband’s charitable foundation…”
    From Reason 24/7, but:
    “”There are two Maureens ? Maureen No. 1 and Maureen No. 2,” said O’Connor, who declined to take questions. “Maureen No. 2 is the Maureen who did not know she had a tumor growing in her brain.”
    Goddamn sleazy asshole!…..281090.php

    1. A million, a billion, a trillion. Money means nothing to gamblers. It is just fuel for their addiction, if you want to call it an addiction. It has no value outside of that. Still, a billion dollars??? Wow.

      I had a girlfriend who nagged and nagged for me to take her to a casino. I finally relented. As we walked down the gangway to the boat I waived a 100 in front of her and said ” If you walk out of here with more money than you walked in with, I will give you this.”.

      She went to a quarter slot machine. She put in a quarter and lost. She put in another one and lost. She put a third in and won 4 quarters back. She scooped them up and said ” Lets go.”

      I gave her the hundred dollar bill and she took my arm and we walked out both with a big smile. I took her to eat at Robbie G’s. Crawfish boil. God I love crawfish…..and her ass. Her ass was a work of art.

      1. Footnote;

        You cant have sex for 24 hrs after a crawfish boil. As much as I love crawfish that is a pretty decent trade-off to me.

        1. You cant have sex for 24 hrs after a crawfish boil.

          And why not???

          1. 40lbs of steaming hot crawfish, corn and potatoes are poured out on a table and doused with copious amounts of salt and cayenne pepper.

            You dive in and peel by hand as you eat. When I say copious amounts, what I mean is that after peeling a few dozen mudbugs you will have globs of wet cayenne pepper all over your hands. Your hands and mouth will be burning. You will be sweating profusely. Afterwards you can wash and wash and wash all you like, but you still need to use great caution when using the restroom. Sex is kinda out of the question.

            I suppose you could have sex but it would preclude the use of your hands and mouth and…..well that takes 95% of the fun out of it.

            1. My genitals laugh at cayenne pepper. LAUGH!


              1. I salute you sir!

                Mine dont. They cringe in fear.

                Besides, it isnt the male that gets the worst of it. If you do it once to her it may be the last time with that particular female.

                1. Yeah, when I’m processing hot peppers from the garden I wouldn’t think of touching my girlfriend.

                  Speaking of peppers, got some jerky drying in the dehydrator right now. It’s a spicy teryiaki with thai pepper. One thing I do, when I make jerky is to dry it a bit to much then seal it in a container with some of my quartered homegrown habaneros and ghost chilis. The jerky sucks up the water in the peppers and tenderizes a bit bringing out a fresh pepper flavor and a bit of heat. Shit is awesome.

                  1. “Shit is awesome.”

                    No kidding. I will be trying that this very weekend. That really sounds good. Thank you very much for that.

                    1. Just pulled the jerky and cut the peppers. I figured the peppers wouldn’t be too hot ’cause of the cold window they’re in (and it’ dark at 5pm). The ghost pepper I cut was fucking hot as shit, my face and hands are still burning a bit *2 hrs later*

                      need to go buy beer…

  18. And if she had made the wrong move she could have been shot.

    1. and it would have been justified.

      so, serious question who are these officers and why are they still on the street and how long until they get fired?

      because I know if I were the police chief, I wouldn’t want officers that dumb working for me.

      1. You underestimate the value of having idiot underlings who will do anything you command.

    1. Paddy Power…..I like that one.

      1. It’s time we had another Sixtus.

        1. One of the more obscure ones was named Lando. But was in a bad period and he’s not all the memorable. Except for building a power station over a gaseous planet.

  19. Cant sleep and obviously bored cuz I am reading this shit;

    Headline; Man stabbed after refusing to change positions during threesome –
    When one man wouldn’t swap positions during a threesome with a female acquaintance, the other man pulled out a butcher knife and stabbed him.

    The first question that popped in my head was ” Pulled it out of where?”

  20. Yeah, a bunch of stone-age buffoons who cant even fake a photograph are gonna build super jets and intercontinental ballistic missles tipped with nuclear warheads. Yeah, I am buying that.…..t=mps&or=5

    1. That looks a lot like the fiberglass F-16 on the go-kart chassis that my kid likes to sit in every year at the California State Fair.

    2. The F-313, so apparently we’re to believe they made 312 other fake fighters before this one.

    3. Cyto told me that if we let Iran’s photoshopping skills exceed our own, then the next step will be the invasion of the US by the muslim hordes.

      The average American, if he survived the invasion and subsequent torture, would be turned into a slave for muslim jihadists.

      You better get serious about this shit, man.

  21. Gotta get dash cam footage!

  22. “”He looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language,” she said.”

    She was. She was speaking non-retard.

  23. I’m beginning to think Tennessee has the dumbest cops in the country.

  24. That’s obviously a big pot leaf. And one large blackberry. And a big “O” must mean she voted for Obama or something. Yeah, I’d pull her over. That big “O” is just begging for harassment.

  25. When I was a truck driver I literally had to hold my nose while driving through certain parts of the South.

    1. By far the worse smell I’ve ever smelled while driving was Baltimore.

      1. Baltimore stinks like ass, but have you ever been through Covington (VA)? That’s one smelly stretch of road.*

        *The upside was that it was the halfway point to Snowshoe when I lived in Roanoke.

        1. Portland, ME. I was there in the late 80’s and the whole fucking city smelled like armpit funk.

  26. She explained that it is actually a Buckeye leaf decal, just like the ones that Ohio State players are given to put on their helmets to mark good plays.

    “He looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language,” she said.

    At that point, Boggioni got out of the car to show that he was wearing a commemorative sweatshirt from the 2002 national-championship season, complete with a Buckeye leaf.

    In the officer’s defense there’s no quality football in Tennessee and hasn’t been in nearly two decades. Hell, if she’d have had a football sticker on her car, he probably would have mistaken it for a pot brownie.

    IOW, the SEC sucks outside the states of Alabama, Florida (recently) and Louisiana (recently).


    1. IOW, the SEC sucks outside the states of Alabama, Florida (recently) and Louisiana (recently).

      Wow, thank god you posted this, I had no idea. Thank you for such an intellectually enriching moment. *quiet sob*


  27. Must have also thought that big “O” was short for “O, that sweet sticky weed which I enjoy and happening to be trafficking right at this very moment.”

  28. When is America going to stop wasting time and money on the drug war? Talk about government failure, I understand that even ex-President Carter calls this an unwinnable war!

    Are there so many government employees and bureaucrats with time on their hands that they have nothing better to do but harass innocent citizens?

    1. I’m against the WoD, but Carter is a fucking moron.

  29. Dude is talking a whole lot of smack over there man.

  30. She should have been arrested for being an ohio st buckeye fan, but nothing else

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