Federal Rules Favor Doing Business With Minorities, Women

Not so post-racial


Be sure you fit the profile before seeking out new opportunities in Barack Obama's America.

Put another way, "White Males Need Not Apply."

This is central message behind the race and gender quotas now operating at the federal level that make it necessary for federal officials to profile Americans doing business with the government. This is being done for the laudable purpose of expanding opportunities for "underrepresented" minorities and women, according to the legislation.

But policy analysts and civil rights activists familiar with the preferential policies included as part of the Dodd-Frank finance bill, the federal health care bill and other pieces of legislation see a problem. The quotas and set asides that now flow out of the legislation are in direct conflict with the post-racial sentiments President Obama has stressed repeatedly in his public pronouncements, they argue. The attitude here seems to be "profiling for me, but not for thee."