Christopher Dorner

Still No News on Murderous Ex-Cop on Prowl in Southern California

Unable to be found in snowy mountains of Big Bear


With the search for a former Los Angeles police officer wanted in three killings yielding no sign of him Friday morning in a snowy valley high in the San Bernardino Mountains, the authorities were wondering whether he had somehow managed to slip the dragnet.

The police had tried to bottle up the suspect in the resort area around Big Bear Lake, which has only a handful of access roads, and they were confident that they had him trapped. But Thursday pushed into Friday, with no trace of the former officer, Christopher J. Dorner, Mr. Dorner, 33, a former Navy reservist, who has been the target of a huge manhunt since Thursday morning, sought in connection with the shooting deaths of three people and the attempted shootings of several other police officials. A steady snowfall in the region about 100 miles each of Los Angeles, was slowing the search Friday morning, with more in the forecast.