Shikha Dalmia in the Washington Examiner on America's Future Immigration Problem


The most striking thing about the immigration discussion currently underway is that it is stuck in the past rather than looking to the future. All the reform measures that even pro-immigrant lawmakers from both parties are discussing are based on the assumption that foreigners will always keep flocking to America's doorstep. That, however, might not be the case for much longer. The global population deciine means that America's future immigration problem won't be too many — but too few — foreigners. Notes Reason Foundation Senior Analyst Shikha Dalmia:

[T]he intensifying global demand for young workers will make it far more difficult for America to attract immigrants—especially since economic liberalization has opened many attractive opportunities for them at home.

The rational response under these circumstances would be to market America aggressively abroad, much like the army does at home to boost sagging enrollments. America should be soliciting applications from young foreigners, even offering them "immigration packages."

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