School Choice

Get Ready for National School Choice Week, Coming to a City Near You!


National School Choice Week officially begins tomorrow. Click above to learn details from Andrew Campanella, the head of the operation, about the thousands of events that will take place between January 27 and February 3.

It's the largest annual event celebrating the benefits of allowing all students and parents maximum choice in deciding where kids get educated.

This year, National School Choice Week is spearheading a whistle-stop train tour of the United States. Later today, Reason TV will post video from the start of the tour at Los Angeles's Union Station and on Monday, we'll have footage from an event in Phoenix, Arizona that features the Jonas Brothers (who were themselves homeschooled). Later in the week, we'll be checking in from Chicago and New York too.

Go here for details.

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  1. Suppose a cosmotarian policy is implemented somehow. Th borders are declared open to the world. Just how many people would immigrate? One could look to Puerto Rico, where a fourth of the population left until we bribed them to stay with free crap. Even a small percentage on the world scale would be huge. Who could resist a dollar an hour job in America when the alternative is a dollar a day? One might protest that the poor of the world wouldn’t have the resources to do come over. Of course the market will find a solution to that. One could convert an old shipping vessel into a human cargo vessel, selling tickets cheaply all over Africa. The Africans would pay the company back with some of the 1$ a hour they get from their new jobs. Does it make any sense that unskilled labor in Africa costs less than .5$/h while in America it costs 6$/h? No, it doesn’t, and these wages will even out. The workers could then bring their families. Even if they don’t find a job they will still love America’s bridges they could sleep under and “private charities.” They also might be tempted to rob Americans. And they might question why they’re busting their backs for crap wages while whitey gots it good.

    1. I’ll ask nicely.

      Please, stop spamming every thread with the same copypasta rant.

    2. Fuck. Dude are you just gonna go around ranting about us “cosmos”, does that really make you happy. I just started reading the messages on this site, and second to a lot of progressive minded liberty loving commenters, are people who basically spend their entire time just criticizing libertarians. I mean like, it’s as if they don’t have a political philosophy of their own besides, LIBERTARIANS ARE THE FUCKING DEVIL.

  2. I’m all for school choice, but a whistle stop train tour makes me want to hate this group.

  3. I’ll be honest here: I’m not a fan of the scarf.

    1. This confirms more than one suspicion about the “Fist” part of your moniker.

      1. Fist of feces.

  4. Ewww, Jonas Brothers, weren’t they pushing for that purity ring shit. Come on man, for a week commemorating school choice, you gotta bring on the Jonas Bro’s…. Didn’t one of the South Park guys advocate school choice once?

  5. I think You Know My Name is part of this new political philosophy that has emerged on the internet that basically revolves around hating libertarians.

    1. We really deserve a better class of troll.

      1. I don’t think they are trolling, i think they actually believe everything that comes out of their mouths…. or keyboards.

    2. I think you’re new here, so fyi You Know My Name is the same troll that has been banned at least three times (his former screen names include American, American is Back, and Liberty)

      1. Yeah i’m new, but i was reading the boards before i made an account, so i’m aware of this guy and that t o n y motherfucker already.

  6. Soudns liek a pretrty solid deal to me dude .Wow.

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