Bill That Would Ban The "Promotion" of Homosexuality Passes First Reading in Russian Parliament

Has recently sparked protests in Moscow


A bill banning the promotion of homosexuality among children has passed its first reading in the Russian parliament.

If passed, it will mean that events promoting gay rights will be banned and the organisers fined.

Police made arrests outside the State Duma in Moscow after gay rights supporters planning a "kiss-in" were assaulted by opponents.

The bill faces two more readings in the State Duma, after which it must be approved by the upper house (Federation Council) and President Vladimir Putin before it can become law.

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  1. Their country, their business. I won’t loose any sleep over this.

  2. It’s tremendously dismaying that a nation as powerful as Russia, which has made such strides in the direction of freedom over the past 30 years, is now putting LGBT people under the boot heel.

    LGBT Russians are not protected from discrimination, they are not allowed to serve in the military, they are prohibited from kissing and even holding hands in public, let alone get married. And now it appears that there will be no ways for Gay Russians to draw attention to these injustices.

    Most Western entertainers will avoid Russia now, and corporations that do business in Russia will come under much greater scrutiny. I think elected officials there are ultimately going to regret their decision.

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