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90 Sheriffs and Two Sheriffs Associations Have Pledged to Ignore "Obama Gun Control"

If Oath Keeper Sheriff Richard Mack is to be believed, the number of sheriffs who are now refusing to enforce new federal gun regulations is up to 90.


Last week, Reason's Ed Krayewski noted that a handful of sheriffs around the country had pledged to ignore new gun regulations being pushed by President Obama. If Oath Keeper Sheriff Richard Mack is to be believed, the number of sheriffs who are now refusing to enforce new federal gun regulations is up to 90. 

"Sheriffs have risen up all over our great nation to stand up against the unconstitutional gun control measures being taken," Mack wrote on the site for the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA). "I applaud these public servants for their courage and conviction. I would encourage other Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers to add their voices to the growing numbers of faithful protectors of our freedom." 

As I wrote when covering Mack's primary run against big-government Republican Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas, Mack founded the CSPOA to 

enlist and train sheriffs and peace officers (a term Mack prefers to "law enforcement officers") to "understand and enforce the constitutionally protected Rights of the people they serve, with an emphasis on State Sovereignty and local autonomy."

Mack's list of anti-gun regulation sheriffs links to dozens of letters to Vice President Joe Biden, in which sheriffs not only argue against the constitutionality of new gun regulations ("The Second Amendment guarantees each of us the right to keep and bear arms to protect ourselves from anyone who would seek to cause us harm. This includes the federal Government."), but also make explicit promises of non-compliance.

"Any rule, regulation, or executive order repugnant to the constitutional rights of the citizens of this County will be ignored by this Office, nor will this office, or the citizens, allow enforcement of unconstitutional activities by federal officers," reads a letter from Sheriff Gil Gilbertson in Josephine County, Oregon. 

Sheriff Chuck Heiss of Johnson County, Missouri, wrote

As the duly elected Sheriff of Johnson County, Missouri, it is my sworn duty to protect and defend the Constitutions of theUnited States of America, and the State of Missouri against all enemies both foreign and domestic. This means I not only have the duty to protect my constituents from incidents of crime, but I also have a duty and responsibility to protect and preserve the individual rights and liberties afforded and guaranteed to every citizen by our constitutions. This, Mr. President is a duty I fully understand, appreciate, and will carry out with great vigor and conviction. I will most certainly urge my fellow Sheriffs in the State of Missouriand across this great nation to rise to the defense and aid of all Americans should the federal government attempt to enact any legislation, or executive order that impedes, erodes, or otherwise diminishes their constitutional right to keep and bear arms. I will use all means legal to meet this solemn and sacred responsibility.

It's worth highlighting that while Mack has been tarred as a "small government extremist" by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the refusal of CSPOA members to comply with new federal gun regulations is not so different from the Seattle Police Department's refusal to enforce federal marijuana laws; or, the refusal of local law enforcement agencies in sanctuary cities to help ICE enforce federal immigration laws. Also worth highlighting: There are over 3,000 counties in the U.S., meaning the 90 county sheriffs who have signed on with the CSPOA represent, uh, three percent. (Thanks to the emailer for pointing this out!)  

You can see the full list of signatories to Mack's pledge after the jump: 


1. Utah Sheriff's Association

2. New Mexico Sheriff's Association (30 out of 33 sheriffs)


1. Sheriff Glenn E. Palmer – Grant County, Oregon

2. Sheriff Gil Gilbertson – Josephine County, Oregon

3. Sheriff Tim Mueller – Linn County, Oregon

4. Sheriff Adam Christianson – Stanislaus County, California

5. Sheriff Brad A. DeLay – Lawrence County, Missouri

6. Sheriff Charles M. Heiss – Johnson County, Missouri

7. Sheriff Steve Cox – Livingston County, Missouri

8. Sheriff Jon Lopey – Siskiyou County, California

9. Sheriff Craig Zanni – Coos County, Oregon

10. Sheriff John Hanlin – Douglas County, Oregon

11. Sheriff John Bishop – Curry County, Oregon

12. Sheriff Larry Blanton – Deschutes County, Oregon

13. Sheriff Jim Hensley – Crook County, Oregon

14. Sheriff Denny Peyman – Jackson County, Kentucky

15. Sheriff Roy Klingler – Madison County, Idaho

16. Sheriff Blake Dorning – Madison County, Alabama

17. Sheriff Justin Smith – Larimer County, Colorado

18. Sheriff Al Cannon – Charleston County, South Carolina

19. Sheriff Ana Franklin – Morgan County, Alabama

20. Sheriff Andy Hughes – Houston County, Alabama

21. Sheriff Stacy Nicholson – Gilmer County, Georgia

22. Sheriff Robin Cole – Pine County, Minnesota

23. Sheriff Bill Snyder – Martin County, Florida

24. Sheriff Ed Kilgpore – Humboldt County, Nevada

25. Sheriff Tom Bosenko – Shasta County, California

26. Sheriff John D'Agostini – El Dorado County, California

27. Sheriff David Hencraft – Tehama County, California

28. Sheriff Dean Growden – Lassen County, California

29. Sheriff Dean Wilson – Del Norte County, California

30. Sheriff Mike Poindexter – Modoc County, California

31. Sheriff Thomas Allman – Mendocino County, California

32. Sheriff Mike Downey – Humboldt County, California

33. Sheriff Larry Smith – Smith County, Texas

34. Sheriff Kieran Donahue – Canyon County, Idaho

35. Sheriff Margaret Mims – Fresno County, California

36. Sheriff Pat Garrett – Washington County, Oregon

37. Sheriff Dan Staton – Multnomah County, Oregon

38. Sheriff Scott Mascher – Yavapai County, Arizona

39. Sheriff Micahel A. Helmig – Boone County, Ohio

40. Sheriff A.J. Rodenberg – Clermont County, Ohio

41. Sheriff Terry Maketa – El Paso County, Colorado

42. Sheriff John Cooke – Weld County, Colorado

43. Sheriff Scott Berry – Oconee County, Georgia

44. Sheriff Frank Denning – Johnson County, Kansas

45. Sheriff Stan Hilkey – Mesa County, Colorado

46. Sheriff Terry Box – Collin County, Texas

47. Sheriff Chuck Wright  – Spartanburg County, South Carolina

48. Sheriff Greg Hagwood – Plumas County, California

49. Sheriff Frank McKeithen – Bay County, Florida

50. Sheriff Roger Garrison – Cherokee County, Georgia

51. Sheriff Tony Desmond – Schoharie County, New York

52. Sheriff Richard Devlin Jr. – Otsego County, New York

53. Sheriff Bruce Haney – Trinity County, California

54. Sheriff Wayne DeWitt – Berkeley County, South Carolina

55. Sheriff Bob 'Big Block' Colbert – Wagoner County, Oklahoma

56. Sheriff Joel W. Richardson – Randall County, Texas

57. Sheriff Mike Scott – Lee County, Florida

58. Sheriff Mike Winters – Jackson County, Oregon

59. Sheriff Brian Wolfe – Malheur County, Oregon

60. Sheriff Cameron M. Noel – Beaver County, Utah

61. Sheriff Tom Rummel – Sanders County, Montana 

62. Sheriff Jeff Christopher – Sussex County, Delaware

63. Sheriff Brad Rogers, Elkhart County, Indiana

64. Sheriff David Edmunds – Summit County, Utah

65. Sheriff James Tracy – Utah County, Utah

66. Sheriff Robert Dekker – Millard County, Utah

67. Sheriff Frank Park – Tooele County, Utah

68. Sheriff J. Lynn Yeates – Box Elder County, Utah

69. Sheriff G. Lynn Nelson – Chache County, Utah

70. Sheriff James Cordova – Carbon County, Utah

71. Sheriff Jerry Jorgensen – Daggett County, Utah

72. Sheriff Todd Richardson – Davis County, Utah

73. Sheriff Travis Mitchell – Duchesne County – Utah

74. Sheriff Greg Funk – Emery County, Utah

75. Sheriff James D. Perkins – Garfield County, Utah

76. Sheriff Steven White – Grand County, Utah

77. Sheriff Mark Gower – Iron County, Utah

78. Sheriff Alden Orme – Juab County, Utah

79. Sheriff Lamont Smith – Kane County, Utah

80. Sheriff Blaine Breshears – Morgan County, Utah

81. Sheriff Marty Gleave – Puite County, Utah

82. Sheriff Dale Stacey – Rich County, Utah

83. Sheriff Rick Eldredge – San Juan County, Utah

84. Sheriff Brian Nielson – Sanpete County, Utah

85. Sheriff Nathan Curtis – Sevier County, Utah

86. Sheriff Jeff Merrell – Uintah County, Utah

87. Sheriff Todd Bonner – Wasatch County, Utah

88. Sheriff Cory Pulsipher – Washington County, Utah

89. Sheriff Kurt Taylor – Wayne County, Utah

90. Sheriff Terry Thompson – Weber County, Utah

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  1. One U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has pledged to ignore 90 sheriffs and two sheriffs associations.

    1. True, but they don’t have the manpower to keep the clamps down on 90 counties without help from the locals.

      1. I think Obozo has handed off enforcement of this to Napolibutchitano.

        1. So that’s where the 1.2 billion rounds of ammo went.

  2. This is all well and good, but the gun control push petered out just as expected, and I doubt anything will come from it. Last week CNN was literally a homepage of nothing but GUNN KONTROLL, and I just went and looked and there isn’t a single thing about gun control that I could see any more.

    And even better, all gun owners will remember this in 2014. Way to blow your wad again, gun control scum. HA HA HA HA

    1. the Post was the same way. it was front to back gun control for a month. every letter to the editor was pushing gun control, with a token opposition thrown in. and then, crickets.

    2. What are they going to remember? I don’t know of anyone up for election in 2014 in anything but the bluest constituency who said anything positive about AWB or magazine restrictions.

      The biggest traitor was Bob Casey, but he’s not up for election till 2018 and is clearly trying to become a player on the national Dem scene at this point anyway.

      1. They’ll remember freaking out about coming gun control, and then a lot of prospective candidates will play up their 2nd Amendment bona fides to remind them more. It’ll have an effect.

        1. Maybe. I’m just looking forward to all the $400 ARs we’ll be seeing in the coming months if the gun control tide ebbs.

          1. That makes two of us.

            1. Shit. Demand is going up dammit.

              1. At some point the bubble will burst, and those who spent thousands will be kicking themselves in the head.

          2. As am I.

      2. Not so fast, y’all…here comes DiFi and she’s galloping up on the hobby horse with a new AWB measure “to be introduced Thursday.”

        1. Does she still own guns, though? [which makes her a hypocrite, but that’s okay if it’s For The Children.]

        2. I wonder whether it will be voted on before the three-year-overdue budget.

    3. I don’t trust it anyway. This may be the calm before the storm. I’m keeping Toomey’s, Rothfus’, and Corbett’s feet to the fire anyway.

    4. They’re not quite done yet. Harry Reid has to hold a token vote so his conservative guys can get some cover by joining the Republicans to vote down cloture 60-39.

  3. peace officers (a term Mack prefers to “law enforcement officers”)

    It ticks me off when people use those terms as synonyms. They are not.

    A peace officer is someone who helps crime victims, while a law enforcement officer is someone who victimizes those who disobey legislation.

    One is out to help people, the other is out to hurt people.

    Not the same thing.

    1. I don’t believe that we have the former, anymore, in this country. They are all law enforcement now.

      Also, these sheriffs forgot to mention that they do plan to keep officers puppy shooting for target practice, perfectly legal.

      1. I think a few peace officers do exist. I met one once. Gave me a ride home in a snow storm without even asking my name. I was expecting to be questioned and run for warrants, but he didn’t even ask my name. Just gave me a ride home. I was shocked.

        So at least one exists.

        1. Then again that was almost twenty years ago.

          1. My friends and I once skipped school to go to Indianapolis, get drunk, go record shopping, and run around. We were driving home, and my friend’s car pooped out on I-70. The local sheriff drove by and stopped. He gave us rides back to our homes, didn’t notice (or care) we smelled like a brewery, and wished us well as we left. That was 1986. So, yeah…

            1. So he didn’t care that you were endangering the other users of the road with drunk driving?

              1. So he didn’t care that you were endangering the other users of the road with drunk driving?

                Driving drunk does not automatically put people in danger. I’d rather share the road with a young person who has had a few drinks than the average elderly person.

                1. Then you’re a fool. There are way more collisions caused by drunk drivers than by elderly drivers.

                  1. Then you’re a fool. There are way more collisions caused by drunk drivers than by elderly drivers.

                    You do know that if a sober person runs a red light and hits someone who has had a few drinks, that the accident is blamed on the guy who had a few drinks?

                    I know. I was on my bicycle after a few drinks and some kid ran a red light, leaving me unconscious in the middle of the road. There were witnesses and everything. Cop told them to scram and gave me a DUI. The guy who ran the red light walked away without a ticket.

                    So just because they say a collision was caused by the person who had been drinking doesn’t mean it’s the truth.

                2. So should any level of drunkeness be legal for driving?

              2. He probably couldn’t do anything about it since he didn’t actualy see them driving. They were broken on the side of the road, remember? And he probably figured giving them a ride would at least get them off the road.

                1. *broken down

                2. That doesn’t work. If it did, you could never get charged with DUI when cops found you drunk when they responded to the scene of a collision.

                  A car on the side of a frequently patrolled road where parking is not allowed is assumed to have been driven in the recent past. Which kind of makes sense.

            2. On our way back from a concert in Cincy, when I was maybe 17 years old, we were all drunk as hell, all under age, and stoned also, with pot in the car. We stopped at a gas station because we were lost and one of the guys had gotten out of the car to go in, get some soda, and ask for directions.

              Next thing I remember, I looked over and he was talking to a cop who had pulled up almost right beside of us. I thought, oh shit, we are busted. Cop gave him directions, and told him he looked like he needed to go home and get some sleep. That was it.

              1. Har dee har.

                You schmucks are the reason the MADD prohibitioinists got so much power.

                1. You schmucks are the reason the MADD prohibitioinists got so much power.

                  No they arent. They got so much power because:

                  1. The politicians gave it to them
                  2. Lightner didnt burn the org to the ground when she was done.

                  But mainly #1.

                  1. And what pray tell caused #1 to happen?

                2. Fuck off, nanny-bot!

                  1. That was to Tulpa.

          2. There you go

            1. Libertines are just as much a threat to liberty as puritans.

              1. HARCOURT FENTON MUDD!

                1. HM, are you saying Tulpa looks like this?

                  1. I thought that was already proven.

              2. Libertines who dont harm others are ZERO threat to liberty.

                On the other hand, Puritans who dont enforce their puritanism on others via the law also dont harm others.

                1. Hey, Tulpa… still think it’s a crime to flash your lights at oncoming drivers to warn them of speed traps [aka “purely about raising ticket-fine revenue”, not “public safety’]?

                  1. Absolutely. It’s naked interference with a police investigation. Just like warning a car thief in the process of breaking into a car that a cop is coming, so he can run away.

                    1. Lying in wait is now an “investigation”. The more you know….

        2. Sarc, there are some in the central part of northern Illinois. I’ve met a couple in person. Rare, but not extinct.

          I even remember cops coming up to me in court, when I did traffic and misdemeanor stuff at the SAO and they would say honest things and ask if I would dismiss tickets to people they could not remember or realized they had effed up the charge, etc. One even apologized to a kid in open court for an incorrect ticket (back when IL got ‘mandatory seat belt’ laws). Might have hurt my jaw, it hung so slack.

      2. I don’t believe that we have the former, anymore, in this country. They are all law enforcement now.

        I’m happy to say I know more peace officers than LEO. In TN they would shine a light on the high schoolers painting graffiti after football games, I spent an evening doing ride-alongs, acted in plays with a couple officers, and got a tour of the SWAT unit. In TX every one of them were great guys and in NC, the officer who taught my handgun class was amazing. He was all about protecting yourself and carrying at all times whenever possible.

        I have met some real assholes too (and this is only personal experience), but so far, the peace officers are winning.

    2. “Peace” means non-military, not bleeding heart victim helpers. It arises from the time when an organized law enforcement force other than a militia or army was a novelty.

      While I’m not happy with the current state of police abuses, they weren’t exactly ignorers of victimless crime when the term “peace officer” was more common.

      1. While I’m not happy with the current state of police abuses

        Yet you defend them at every turn.

        1. Liar.

          1. *snort*

  4. Anyone looked at Drudge lately? Hillary looks like Rosanne Barr in those pics. It’s pretty funny.

    1. Drudge is in his glory with Hillary in the spotlight.

  5. Didn’t Obama choose not to enforce immigration laws? Seems like laws don’t really bind anyone anymore.

  6. “As the duly elected Sheriff of Johnson County, Missouri, it is my sworn duty to protect and defend the Constitutions of the United States of America, and the State of Missouri against all enemies both foreign and domestic.”

    No way a branch of gov’t could be a domestic enemy of constitutional rights. Unpossible

  7. Has anybody asked these guys where in the Constitution the government is given the power to prohibit drugs?

    1. ^^THIS^^

    2. Commerce Claus

      1. Santa’s evil brother? He comes down your State’s chimney and deposits a great big Federal shit under your tree?

        1. I thought he came down your chimney and seized all your assets?

      2. “Commerce Claus”

        Assuming you meant clause….bullshit. It does no such thing. More like what sarcasmic said…fuck you thats why.

      3. I hope this is sarcasm, but it’s hard to tell when Tulpa is in cop-fellating mode.

        1. Unsure what cop fellating has to do with federal drug laws.

          State drug laws don’t need constitutional justification as states have general police powers.

    3. “Fuck you, that’s why” clause


    WHY DON’T YOU JUST PUT UP AN INTERACTIVE MAP TO THEIR HOUSES, RIGGS??? I should probably see what my county sheriff thinks of the pledge.

    1. Not a single one in PA? With the level of shooting enthusiasts in this state, I’d think our Sheriffs would be taking advantage…

      1. I have been told privately by two elected sheriffs here that they have no intention of enforcing any gun control laws beyond what they do now. I suspect every elected sheriff in Louisiana, barring Orleans and Jefferson parishes are the same. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

        Maybe only 90 sheriffs nationwide wrote letters, but you can bet the vast majority sympathize.

        I also asked them what they intend to do if the feds try to implement it themselves. Answer; “We will cross that bridge when we come to it.”

        I dont see them standing idly by while the majority of their tax-paying voters and supporters are harassed, stolen from and shot at.

        Municipal police chiefs…a different story. It could all get very interesting.

        1. The majority of sheriffs in PA seem to be pro-RKBA; most have no problem issuing carry permits or signing off on NFA paperwork. There are a small few who drag their feet and issue carry permits only after the longest delay allowed by law. But as far as passively withholding assistance for or presenting active resistance to confiscation or registration efforts, that’s likely another story.

          1. Personally, I’m amazed at how much better Pgh is on this issue compared to Philly. It’s just as deep blue but I got my permit in less than a week, while Philly is a relatively arduous process with an interview and shit.

            1. Did they actually contact your references? Most sheriffs do in PA, but I know of at least one that didn’t, at least back in the ’90s.

  9. “Any rule, regulation, or executive order repugnant to the constitutional rights of the citizens of this County will be ignored by this Office, nor will this office, or the citizens, allow enforcement of unconstitutional activities by federal officers”

    Unstated but implied was the disclaimer, “Unless the law says we get to kill people’s dogs and spend their money on fancy guns, in which case, game on!”

  10. I was wondering when Sheriff Bob ‘Big Block’ Colbert (Wagoner County, Oklahoma) would finally weigh in on this issue.

    1. I hear he torques a good game on gun rights.

  11. Compare Mike Rigg’s post (and the attached comments) here to his post in 2008 when Cook County sheriff was refusing to enforce foreclosure evictions.

    So what principle distinguishes the laws that Sheriffs are allowed to not enforce and the ones they are allowed to ignore?

    1. OBEY!!!

      [the first word choice of any good authoritarian]

    2. Federal gun control laws are unconstitutional. To give one reason

      1. And who decides which laws are and aren’t constitutional? The individual sheriff?

        1. And who decides which laws are and aren’t constitutional? The individual sheriff?

          Yes. It’s really not that complicated!

          Next question? Yes?

          1. Well, Thomas Dart decided evicting people from homes they no longer owned was unconstitutional, so I guess we should all be okay with that then.

            1. Overall, I think we’re better off if law enforcement didn’t obey every dictate from DC. And in this case, it doesn’t take a legal genius to know that gun control is unconstitutional

              1. You’re missing my point. The question isn’t whether the gun-control sheriffs are right or not. The problem is that sometimes people act wrongly. If we allow Sheriffs to not enforce ANY laws they disagree with, what stops them from not enforcing constitutional laws? If we only allow Sheriffs to not enforce SOME laws, who determines which laws can be ignored and which can’t?

                1. I understand exactly what you’re saying. And I’m saying that to me, the possibility of some sheriffs not enforcing certain constitutional laws is a hell of a lot better than the scenario of them blindly enforcing every unconstitutional dictate coming from the federal government. I don’t know why the prospect of not enforcing constitutional laws is so much more frightening than the (far more common) enforcement of unconstitutional laws.

                  BTW, what are your thoughts on the marijuana legalization in CO and WA? Should the cops there ignore the state law and enforce the unconstitutional federal laws?

    3. the constitution, perhaps?

    4. Well there’s a difference between theft and exercising a constitutional right.

    5. No one’s rights are violated by me continuing to have a gun.

      1. I agree that gun rights are good and failing to enforce property rights. The problem is, I’m not the sheriff. If Sheriffs are allowed to ignore laws they don’t like, there’s going to be as many Thomas Darts as Richard Macks.

  12. I noticed David Weaver – Douglas County, CO is not on the list. In related news, guess who’s not getting my vote for re-election.

  13. It’s worth highlighting that while Mack has been tarred as a “small government extremist” by the Southern Poverty Law Center,

    I can argue that someone like William Howard Taft was a “small government extremist,” which means that the smear attempt by P’takh‘s… sorry, Potok’s SPLC is pretty meaningless.

    1. I don’t think you could argue that William Howard Taft was a small anything.

  14. lol, I guess they are smart enough to realize that silly laws are for honest folk.

  15. 32. Sheriff Mike Downey – Humboldt County, California

    Yes! You’re the man, Downey?in the good sense. You do us proud in the Emerald Triangle.

  16. If only these sheriffs were just as concerned about the fourth amendment’s prohibition against unreasonable searches and seizures…

  17. Another for you list: Sheriff Jack Brandes from Austin County Texas –…..ol-agenda/

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