Sheriffs Around the Country Say They Won't Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Control Laws

Largely elected, facing pressures appointed police chiefs might not


the founding fathers didn't know about cellphones either

Reason 24/7 noted a sheriff in Kentucky and two in Oregon who said this week they wouldn't enforce any unconstitutional gun control measures coming from the feds. NBC News found the trend, reporting:

Police chiefs from around the country, who are appointed not elected, were on hand in Washington to support the president's announcement. But a number of sheriffs, many of whom must run for office, were vocal in their opposition…

Dudley Brown, founder of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, which considers the National Rifle Association too weak on gun rights, said he has gotten calls from other sheriffs around the country who say they won't cooperate with the feds.

"We'll see how many of them have the courage to do it," he said.

Could America use more sheriffs refusing to enforce unconstitutional laws?  2011 saw more Americans arrested for marijuana possession than all violent crimes combined.