DC Police Accused of Dismissing Rape Cases

Report documents two years of behavior


Police in Washington DC frequently fail to investigate reports of rape, and treat victims so dismissively at times, that they experience fresh trauma while the chances of the perpetrator being caught are undermined, according to a comprehensive report due out next week.

Campaign group Human Rights Watch is expected to uncover "disturbing evidence of police failure" in a 200-plus page report after a two-year investigation into law enforcement practices in the US capital.

But although shocking, the situation in Washington is far from isolated. There are widespread examples across the US of the police routinely neglecting crimes of sexual violence and refusing to believe victims.

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  1. Fuck Human Rights Watch. It’s a left-wing group that has a messed up conception of what constitutes “human rights.” It’s continually biased against Israel. And what does it mean by treating victims dismissively? Like committing thought-crime by wondering if the victims, like 1/3 of cases, are just making it up? I bet it sites feminist sites a lot. No opinions from “white men” need be heard, because “they don’t know what its like to be a woman.” Watch me violate someone’s human rights now:

  2. It’s continually biased against Israel, huh? Must be because it actually reports on Israels massive, continuous crimes and atrocities instead of printing AIPACs press releases verbatim.

    And it’s closer to one half of the cases, but you’ll never know which half, UNLESS YOU INVESTIGATE.

    1. “massive, continuous crimes and atrocities ”
      Atrocities? Like defending their people when rockets are raining down on them. Oh, and of course, they kill a few civilians in the process. Cry me a fucking river.

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