Barack Obama

Obama Proposes Assault Weapons Ban

As well as universal background checks and ban on "high capacity magazines"


President Obama called Wednesday for a new and tougher assault-weapons ban and a 10-round limit on magazines, as part of a comprehensive plan to curb gun violence that includes 23 steps he would take without congressional action. 

Already facing stiff opposition from gun-rights advocates and Republican lawmakers, the president called on Congress to pass several major changes to the country's current gun laws—some of which are already being considered like the restrictions on semi-automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines. 

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  1. Screw him.

  2. Nah.

    Enjoy your lame Monday party, though.

  3. Yep, keep striking at the symptoms and declare victory without any tangible benefit.

  4. molon labe

  5. Love how he paraded those kids around on stage, fucking disgusting…

    1. Almost Like human shields

      1. Almost?


    Gotta admire the half truths and outright falsities.

    Reinstate and strengthen the ban on assault weapons:
    The shooters in Auroraand Newtown used the type of semiautomatic rifles that were the target of theassault weapons ban that was in place from 1994 to 2004. That ban was animportant step, but manufacturers were able to circumvent the prohibition with cosmetic modifications to their weapons. Congress must reinstate and strengthen the prohibition on assault weapons.

    Limit ammunition magazines to 10 rounds:
    The case for prohibiting high-capacity magazines has been proven over and over; the shooters at Virginia Tech,Tucson, Aurora, Oak Creek, and Newtown all used magazines holding morethan 10 rounds, which would have been prohibited under the 1994 law. These magazines enable any semiautomatic weapon to be used as an instrument of mass violence, yet they are once again legal and now come standard with many handguns and rifles. Congress needs to reinstate the prohibition on magazines holding more than 10 rounds

      1. Headline spotted on the front page of said site: “The True Story Of How California Came Back From The Brink With Full Force”

        Probably safe to write them off as idiots.

        1. They certainly are, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the proposal shown is the actual one.

    1. Hilarious. First they instate a ban based on combinations of cosmetic features, then they complain that guns made to meet their nonsensical requirements are “circumventing” the ban. It’s like if they outlawed racing stripes on cars and then complained when it didn’t turn everything into a Prius.

  7. My AR came with 30-round magazines. How is that “high capacity”? Shouldn’t a 40-rounder be a “high capacity” magazine?

    Why is ten the magic Number of Great Virtue? Nine is weakness, while eleven is madness? Can’t someone please explain this to me, for the children?

    1. Basically, any number is better than another, as long as it’s closer to 0. So 10 < 30, but 7 < 10, and 1 < 7. Ideally, a gun shouldn’t have a magazine, apparently.

      Anything that makes guns less effective, makes them safer (except when it’s their guns, of course).

      1. That number 7 has me wondering.

        Normally I don’t see much reason to assume these gun-grabbers have either the brain power nor the understanding to be this devious but when I think about this 7 round limit I see that a lot of semi-auto handguns (Ruger LCP, Makarov, Luger, CZ-52, etc) are standard with an 8 round magazine. Nobody makes a 7 round magazine for these guns so getting replacements for just about every handgun available – not just Glocks, SIGs, etc. – will be more difficult.

  8. The introduction of a bill that would limit magazine capacity to the number of rounds of members of an ATF swat team (times two due to the use of flack vests) might send the appropriate message.

    1. Nice.

  9. I go to the message boards every day at lunch just to feed the fucking hate machine. Here’s a guy I’d like to kick down an elevator shaft.

    The 2nd was provided to protect citizens from standing armies. Is that right? (well, also self defense, etc.) But what standing army is going to come through our Super power defenses of Army, Navy, Marines, Air force? But are those the standing armies we need protection from? I think the militias were something that states could call up in case of intrusion by the federal government. We fought a Civil war to decide once and for all that states are bound to the federal government. But does the 2nd protect the individuals right to stand up against governments? We don’t allow that. Besides, If this “Tyrannical” government that 2nd amendment nuts fear ever does arise, it will have access to drones, etc. that will render mere firearms as useless. Don’t the State and Federal governments represent the free state that the 2nd is supposed to be necessary for the security of?

    My point is, I cannot buy into a lot of people’s conspiracy by the government arguments to justify gun ownership, at all.
    Maybe prior to the Civil War, but certainly not after it.

    What an ignorant fucking boner.

    1. He sounds like the kind of guy who would argue that the wife beater has demonstrated his wife can’t get a divorce.

  10. The EO’s are just window dressing, albeit an onerous one from a doctor-patient relationship and centralized healthcare database perspective (e.g. Do you drink alcohol? Do you do drugs? Do you smoke? Do you or anyone in your household own firearms?, etc.).

    The call for a weapon and magazine ban is the start (or restart) of an astroturf-roots effort to take control of the House in 2014 and railroad the actual bans through for… you know.. the childrens.

    Neither the RNC, nor the NRA give me any hope that they can keep that from happening.

    1. So he hasn’t actually banned anything via executive order?

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  11. Two guns, a bag of 10 round clips. Fire one gun til it’s empty. You’ve got 10 rounds in the second gun to find a convenient time to switch clips on the first gun.

    Completely pointless.

    “If there’s even one life that can be saved, then we’ve got an obligation to try,”

    What an infant. That statement alone should disqualify him from public office. I guess we should make the speed limit 20mph too.

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  12. And you’d better not get caught owning physical gold either, because gold is unpatriotic and obstructionist against the social justice of free lunch fiat dollarzzz.

    Don’t worry, commissar owebozo will still allow you to invest in paper gold ETFs (because they are a means to manipulate the dollar price of gold, and keep a muzzle on that canary in Bernanke’s coal mine lolz).

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