Medical Marijuana

Wife of California Medical Marijuana Grower Begs Obama to Spare Her Husband


In an interview with Barbara Walters, Pres. Obama said he wouldn't be going after pot smokers in Colorado or Washington because he had "bigger fish to fry." Molly Davies, whose husband Matt Davies is facing 10 years in federal prison for supplying medical marijuana in compliance with California law, doesn't think the father of her children counts as "a bigger fish." She's written an open letter to Pres. Obama arguing as much (Matt Welch noted the letter yesterday in an update to his above-linked post, but I thought it was worth excerpting):  

Dear Mr. President:

I am writing to you as a wife and mother of two young daughters, whose 34-year old husband, Matthew Davies,faces 10 years or more in federal prison for providing medical marijuana to sick people in California, even though he complied with state law concerning medicinal cannabis. My questions to you are simple:

  • What has my husband done that would justify the federal government forcing my young daughters to grow up without a father?
  • How can your Administration ignore the will of the California people and prosecute this good, law-abiding man for doing exactly what state law permits?

Mr. President, my husband is not a criminal and shouldn't be treated like one. Matt is not a drug dealer or trafficker. He's not driving around in a fancy car and living in some plush mansion–trust me. My husband is a regular guy, and we're a regular, middle-class family. Yet even though Matt took great pains to follow state and local law, he is currently facing a severe prison sentence. This all seems so surreal.

Last month you told Barbara Walters that federal law enforcement authorities would not go after people in Colorado and Washington for marijuana-related crimes because it makes no sense for the government to "focus on recreational drug users in a state that has already said that under state law that's legal." You said that the federal government has "bigger fish to fry."

If that's true, why are federal prosecutors in Sacramento threatening my husband, Matt, with 10 years to life in federal prison for providing medical marijuana to California patients who are legally allowed to possess and use it? Matt did nothing illegal under our state and local laws. He has no criminal record. He is a hard-working family man and a loving, kind husband and father.

We are confused and absolutely terrified.

The White House has been pretty good about dodging petitions concerning individual medical marijuana cases, but I doubt it'll be able to dodge this one. 

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  1. It is so quaint when the little people think that Obama gives a shit about them. Look, this woman is getting free birth control isn’t she? She would be thanking Obama not bothering him with requests.

    1. Why would Obama give any shits. Damn it must suck being Obama getting bitched at for everything like he can do anything.lulz

  2. Hahaha, reap the whirlwind dumb bitch.

    1. Had she written something such as “we voted for you in 2012 because of your MM policies…”, I could get the schadenfreude. As it is, victim of horrific injustice is just victim of horrific injustice.

      1. WG considers the fact that we live here to mean that government punishment are our just deserts. Now, that makes him a monster, but at least you’ll understand his evil.

        1. She doesn’t deserve it. Her husband doesn’t deserve it. But she seems to be one of the millions of people who were completely taken in by Obama despite all evidence to the contrary. If people like her had stood up and primaried his dumb ass or held him in any way accountable, things might be a little better.

  3. This lady obviously doesn’t grasp the “fuck you, that’s why” principle.

    1. She probably VOTED for the “fuck you, that’s why!” policy, feeling it would only hit the mythical 2%, but is now having buyer’s remorse.

      Sorry, lady! No backsies!

      1. The 2%? I thought it was the 1%. I’ve been busy, so maybe I missed something.

        1. As the debt crisis deepens, we’ll see it expand again to the 3%.

  4. The White House has been pretty good about dodging petitions concerning individual medical marijuana cases, but I doubt it’ll be able to dodge this one.

    Do you honestly think that Riggs? Why wouldn’t he be able to dodge it. He will just ignore it. He owns the entire media. It is not like anyone is going to ask him about it or any of his brain dead cult of supporters would care what his answer is. This women and her husband are screwed.

    1. Yeah, when Mike wrote that I thought, “who is going to hold him accountable if he does dodge it?”

      No one, that’s who.

  5. but I doubt it’ll be able to dodge this one.

    This is sarcasm, amirite?

    1. If it isn’t, I hope Mr. Riggs gets over the bout of the flu he is obviously working through.

    2. Why so serious, Josh?

      (though you’re 100% right)

      1. Fuck you, that’s why!

        1. You know, the early rounds of any Grand Slam are boring as hell. I blame you. I also blame you for the Seahawks loss.

          1. Hey I don’t give a fuck about a sport where MA goes to the championship game.

            1. They’re the New England Patriots, Josh. They’re not the Massachusetts Patriots. You Masshole.

              1. The Seahawks lost because the Football Gods punished Pete Carrol for the idiotic bush league maneuver of “icing” the kicker by calling a time out right before the snap. Way to go Pete, just let them have a practice try why don’t you.

                1. Since the Falcons missed the first kick, you’re basically 100% correct, John.

              2. MA is in New England, thus MA is going to the championship.

            2. There are few teams I respect more, and there are even fewer teams I enjoy seeing lose, only because Brady expresses his sorrow like a first rate actor staring in Exit the King.

              They get shit for their system approach and I don’t get that at all. It appears the quality of the game would go up significantly if the game was more Belichick than Namath.

              1. Killazontherun,

                Bellichick is anything but robotic. Their offense is so great in no small part because they are so unpredictable. When teams load up for the pass, they turn into a running team. When they load up to stop the run, they pass and so forth. The Patriots have a higher percentage of college graduates on their team than any other NFL team. They basically change their entire offense week to week depending on who they are playing. It really is beautiful to watch.

                1. When they are criticized for being a system oriented team, it means they can plug a new player into a position without it effecting their game as much as teams that rely on a few key personnel with a high degree of talent.

                  1. Bellichick is the greatest coach since Walsh. Top ten of all time. It is just unbelievable how good he is. And make no mistake, it is all him up there. With the lone exception of the GM in Atlanta, every single coach or exec who has left New England during his time there has proven to be a complete dud.

              2. Indeed, I would give Brady MVP, but I love to see him lose.

                1. There is nothing sweeter than Brady sadface. Nothing. I want them to go to the Superbowl so that they can lose and I can see that crestfallen look on Brady’s face again.

                  1. There is nothing sweeter than Brady sadface.

                    Peyton Manning’s is close.

          2. Short stuff couldn’t see to pass down in the red zone. Good quarterback in most everywhere else it counts, but it’s hard for Wilson to do a high ball drop from his vantage point. I normally would say, death to running quarterbacks, the nerfed NFL rules against the defense have made them possible, but he shows a great deal of competence in the pocket, as well.

  6. Because fuck you, that’s why. Good luck lady. I feel for you.

  7. Too bad this couldn’t have happened at the start of Obama first term. Not that I think it would have made much difference, but I would think that he’d be a little bit more concerned voters’ perception about about going hard fascist on the drug issue if Washington and Colorado had voted to legalize in 2008 instead of 2012.

    I don’t know, but for such a appearance-savvy camapaigner in 2008, Obama has pretty much become a stubborn ruler in spite of public appearance.

    1. If assassinating American citizens didn’t get his liberal supporters to wise up, nothing would. It is a cult. He can do anything he wants at any time and his supporters will still support him.

      1. What’s worse is that much of the right-wing media cheers him on when he assassinates people. Our local post-Limbaugh/Hannity talk show guy (Mike Broomhead) thought it was just so amusing and wacky that anybody could object to drone assassinations. Compare it to a mafia hit? Hilarious stuff.

        If it were just the Obama cultists, I would say, “well, ok. In four years, he’ll probably be gone from the national scene, and a good portion of the 51% or so that voted him into office twice will come out of their stupor.” I would say that, but I know that he’s infecting the minds even of his enemies. In doing so, he’s moving the country further in a direction that we don’t even perceive in the partisan terms necessary to mount a coherent and effective opposition.

    2. Even Clinton knew he had to continue to appeal to the public’s hope and demands to win the re-election in 1996. Obama, on the other hand, seems happy to shove things down people’s throats now that he is a lame duck.

      1. That is because Clinton, whatever his faults, was a Democrat and loved the party. For that reason he never went too far because he didn’t want to damage something he had worked to support his entire career. Obama has no such loyalties. He is all about him.

        1. Clinton and Obama both accomplished something most other democrats couldn’t: a Republican House, both over health care.

      2. Lame duck? Not if they repeal the 22nd Amendment!

        1. That takes 2/3rds of the states. That is not going to happen.

          1. I’m not saying it’s going to happen, John, but I am predicting there will be a push to do so.

            1. I wish I could say you are wrong. But yeah, they really are probably that stupid and that far gone.

          2. 3/4, actually, but that’s even tougher to get than 2/3.

            1. Yeah, an in spite of the fact FDR was supposedly so loved, they rammed it through (in 6 years) so it would never happen again.

          3. Nah, the president can just pass an executive order overturning the 22nd amendment.

            1. That’s what I hear. And then attack SCOTUS with drones if they object.

    1. I hear Obama has an inauguration to fund. I would imagine a million or so towards that fund could probably buy this guy a pardon. It is not like Obama gives a shit about anything beyond what is good for him.

      1. Too bad the Super Bowl is played in early February now. Back in the 1980s, they would have postponed an the inauguration a day just to watch Montana and Marino go at it in the big game.

        1. Inaugurations are never held on Sunday. They do it the Monday after on the years that January 20 falls on a Sunday.

          1. Reagan was inaugurated on Sunday, January 20, 1985 in a private ceromony. A public ceremony was held the next Monday.

            Whatever the rules actually state about the official time, it’s not too hard to believe that they would have had the public ceremony on Sunday, anyway, but they didn’t want to waste $15 million when nobody would be watching due to the Montana-Marino match-up.

            1. It was also incredibly cold and Reagan was old and didn’t want to brave it. Reagan did the right thing and canceled it. The whole thing is a giant waste of money.

  8. There are a good number of comments over there that basically break down as “I’d support this guy, but he was trying to make a profit off sick people, so fuck him”.

    I should have known better than to read the comments. Christ on a pogo stick, I can’t even fathom that level of stupid.

    1. These are the people who are demanding free healthcare. Those types of comments shouldn’t be surprising.

    2. There is nothing lower than someone trying to make an honest living I guess.

    3. “It’s better that 100 sick people go without medicine than one greedy man earn a dime of profit.” – progtard credo

      1. Isn’t that the motto of the FDA?

  9. Why do I get the feeling that she voted for Obama?

    1. Because the car in front of me at the gas station this morning had two bumper stickers; “Obama/Biden 2012” and “War Is Not The Answer”. Liberals are so enthralled with The Illuminated One, that they are completely blinded to the lying fraud he actually is.

      1. I see those all of the time. My favorite is the Obama Biden 12 sticker on one side and the slightly aged “Endless/End This War” sticker on the other. The dissonance makes my head hurt.

      2. And 90% of the time, those stickers are on a Prius. And alongside a Warren for Senate sticker. At least, that’s how it goes in MA.

    2. Who cares? Was there reason for her to think Romney’s DOJ would be any better? Living in California, what does her vote even matter?

      1. We will never know what Romney’s DOJ would have been like.

    3. If YOU were begging for mercy, would you want to give the impression that you didn’t vote for the grantor thereof?

  10. God! Reading her groveling explanation that they aren’t rich and are only middle class is like reading those petitions to the fuhrer pleading for reclassification away from Mischling status.

    And, hon, Obama doesn’t give a shit. He’d allow a federal agent to put rape you, your daughters and then set you on fire to hide the evidence before he would risk the federal civil service turning against him.

    You have nothing to offer him that makes such a rebellion worth risking, not even your body.

  11. You said that the federal government has “bigger fish to fry.”

    If that’s true, why are federal prosecutors in Sacramento threatening my husband


    Keep voting Democrat. Gary Johnson should be laughing all the way to 2016…

    1. I bet even after this, she still wouldn’t vote for Johnson. Ten to one says she voted Democrat in 2016 because the next guy will be different.

    2. It’s amazing how angry I am at her. I know that this letter is crafted entirely as a public relations exercise, and is purposed to push the common man’s emotional buttons in a bid to create a movement towards clemency. I know that this letter could very well have nothing whatsoever to do with the poor woman’s actual thinking.

      But reading it makes me want to scream at her. Her groveling disgusts me and enrages me. I hate her because she is abasing herself to people who are utterly undeserving, and I wish she were spitting defiance and scorn at them. And yet, having done something very similar, for the same purpose – protecting my kids – I shouldn’t be so angry at her. But I am.

      1. The guy is being railroaded. But I for the life of me can’t understand how he thought anything else was going to happen. Did these people honestly believe Obama? Were they that stupid? They seem to have done this thinking “Obama said the feds wouldn’t prosecute us so we are okay”. That is a level of unfathomable stupidity. I would respect them a lot more if they had gone into it thinking “sure Obama and the feds are going to fuck me, but this is the right thing to do”.

        1. One of my aunts runs in the MA liberal establishment – to the point that I once was a guest for an informal gathering at her place and sat next to one of the senior advisors of the Dukakis presidential campaign (though I didn’t know it until the next day).

          I’ve interacted on several occasions with these people and even discussed political philosophy with them. In my experience, these people are utterly clueless about the totalitarian state they are building. In talking to them, they don’t want to believe it will ever be used against them, and so they refuse to acknowledge the possibility. They acknowledge that the state has coercive tools; they *want* the state to have coercive tools, because they are convinced the tools will always be wielded on bad guys or people who are different from them. They come up with breathtakingly ingenious rationalizations why they will never be targeted. They are also incredibly fearful of people who aren’t culturally like them, particularly should those people ever come into power to wield those tools against *them*.

          As long as they are free to smoke a joint, or buy a bottle of wine, or have sex with the cute boy/girl they met at a party, they believe they are free. They are uncomfortable with principles but attracted to technocratic, flexible quick fixes. And they are, in my experience, incredibly shallow thinkers.

          1. You just described many of my neighbors.

          2. They’re not clueless, they just assume they will be a Party member and therefore will have favored treatment.

            1. But do you think all these people really actively believe in a permanent majority? I just don’t think they’re thinking that hard.

              1. I think it’s sort of lurking in the back of their head, just assumed. Their behavior screams it. All these fools, when their TEAM wins, seem to think they now will be in power forever. I think it’s just a feature of their mindset.

                As you say, they don’t think very hard.

                1. Nicole,

                  Make no mistake, the day there is a Republican in office, these people will all become civil libertarians again. The sad part is that they are so fucking stupid and short sided, they have no idea that it will be too late then.

                  1. I just don’t know what’s so hard to understand about “Don’t fucking build a machine you don’t want turned against you.” I guess the second part: “Oh, and it will be turned against you.”

                    1. Did Dr. Frankenstein think about the consequences, nicole? I DON’T THINK SO.

                    2. It’s true that, politically speaking, many people are not unlike young Romantic men in their whininess and overall patheticness. Wish I didn’t have to live through their Bildung though.

            2. I almost want a brutal and bloody revolution, just to see the looks on their faces when they realize that they don’t get the free ponies and the lamentations of their enemy’s women they were promised.

              1. Having been a child in Turkey in the mid seventies, I can tell you from first-hand experience that the schadenfreude in no way makes up for the pain; a playmate of mine was blown up by a bomb – can’t even remember what group set it off, by then it didn’t really matter.

                I was lucky; Ted Kennedy owed my American grandfather a huge favor and called it in to get my dad a green-card. Otherwise, my dad and mom would probably have been killed within the year merely because they refused to take sides and tried to keep the university they taught at from falling into the abyss of violence.

                1. “Do you know who Goblox is?!? I will tell you who Goblox is. In the year 9595, a race of deformed turkeys was genetically developed by chicken scientists as revenge against his bird brother. These turkeys would exit the womb doused in gravy; gravy filled with the giblets from a monkey. The French craved it, and, as a result, turkey became the only food source for France, which is now called RoboFrance 29. I was later killed by the chickens! So, of course, you can see why I’m angry at those chickens.”

                2. I did say *almost.*

                3. Where did they teach, tarran? I’ve known many a student at METU and Bogazici over the years.

                  1. METU. My dad was a physics prof, and my mom taught English.

                    My dad graduated from Bogazici back when it was called Robert College.

                    1. I have always wanted to go to Turkey Tarran. It is totally on my bucket list.

                    2. I think you will enjoy it.

                      Several suggestions:

                      1) Visit a couple of the sites of Alexander the Great’s battles – IIRC there’s a mountain pass near Adana where you can see and even touch the graffiti the Macedonians carved while encamped.

                      2) Splurge for a three day stay on a gullet (a sort of small sailing yacht). Your wife will love it.

                      3) IF you are going to visit Gallipoli do it early in your visit. It’s very depressing.

                      4) You must spend some time in Ephesus.

                      5) Take your wife to the grand bazaar in Istanbul. Try to dress like a middle-class eastern European so they don’t try to take you to the cleaners. Be prepared to drop some money. She will love you forever for it.

                    3. Very cool. I had a long-term penpal relationship with a dude who got his BS, MS and PhD in Econ from METU. I think he’s a Prof there now.

                    4. I have very fond memories of the campus. My parents did a good job of shielding me from the unpleasantness until the last year or so before we left.

          3. I don’t believe these people think past justifying their emotions.
            They are completely irrational.

      2. But that’s why you are angry, tarran. Because it reminds you of something you had to do, and that you hate that you had to do.

        She’s just trying whatever she can to get her husband freed. Yes, she is sniveling and debasing herself, but it’s probably her best course of action. I can’t fault her for that.

        1. No you can’t. But if you were not prepared to be a political martyr and go to jail over this, why did you get in the business. Anyone could see Obama was lying his ass off and was going to let Holder and the DOJ destroy these people.

          1. Well, one could at least hope that their state would protect them. One would be wrong, but in a better world, that would be the case.

            1. What evidence is there that CA has ever stood up to the Federal Beast?

            2. California? Really? They take their orders from Obama, Pelosi, Feinstein, and Satan. If this guy is that naive…

          2. Before he was elected, I could see believing what he said about medical MJ enforcement. But he pretty much immediately broke those promises and everyone should have known what a liar he is in early 2009.

        2. But that’s why you are angry, tarran. Because it reminds you of something you had to do, and that you hate that you had to do.

          That’s probably what’s going on. One bit of dialog from Louise McMaster Bujold’s Shards of Honor runs frequently through my brain, an interview by a military psychiatrist and an ex POW who is suspected of disloyalty due to the Captain’s friendship with the commander of the enemy forces:

          Psychiatrist: “You seem quite convinced of his veracity.”
          Capt Naismith: “The man’s word is something more than a vague promise.”
          P: “Are you saying he never lied to you?”
          Capt N: “Not exactly. I was an enemy officer.”
          P: “So, in this word of honor business, you believe he never breaks it?”
          Capt N: “I have seen him do so. But the cost was huge.”
          P: “He breaks it for a price, then.”
          Capt N: “Not for a price. A cost.”
          P: “I fail to see the distinction.”
          Capt N: “A price is something you get. A cost is something you lose.”

          A life of compromising one’s principles because the being true to them leads to ghastly outcomes is psychologically excruciating.

          1. Love Bujold

            Did you read the latest book about Ivan? I didn’t think I was going to like it, but I did.

      3. It’s amazing how angry I am at her.

        If you take the narcissism out of the equation, isn’t it still a good thing? The media responds much better to anecdotes than studies. So this has a reasonable chance of snowballing into something constructive.

        1. I should think not, as the snowball is aimed at the beloved O!

  12. I’m with the rest of the peanut gallery Riggs, there is ZERO chance that Obama will not ignore this.

    I don’t understand why you think this one is special. Obama regularly accuses his opponents of starving children and taking away Grandamas oxygen. What sense of decency is there to appeal to?

    1. It is pretty cynical, but I figure they have a better than average chance, being white and middle class par excellence. They may as well be Ward and fucking June Cleaver.

      And fwiw I think the wife played her hand as well as can be expected. It is just like dealing with the thugs at the border or anywhere else: position yourself as cookie-cutter as possible so they have less reason to target you.

  13. Reminds me of the stories about people writing to Stalin pleading for help as they were being shipped to Siberia.…..nt_3473225

    Covers it perfectly.

    1. Look, someone just needs to explain to this woman that not sending her husband to prison would hurt other more important causes like universal health care and getting Sandra Fluke free birth control and I am sure she will feel better.

  14. Hey, they got a response from the president!

    “My wife wishes me to let Matt Davies out with a reduced setence. Stripped of all assets and the rights denied to felons, he would eventually serve the state again as a much-needed taxpayer. And my supporter Mrs. Davies has begged mercy for her husband. But they have the soft hearts of women! So long as I am your King, disobedience shall never go unpunished. Ms. Leonhart, bring me his head!

    1. Proof that no thread is immune to a GOT reference.

  15. It is unwise for a god emperor to show mercy. It will be interpreted as a sign of weakness.

  16. “I’d support this guy, but he was trying to make a profit off sick people, so fuck him”.

    So you’re on your way to picket the Cleveland Clinic, then?

    Fuck I hate people.

  17. Anyone who tries to enforce these immoral and evil laws based on an usurpation of federal authority (Congress has not been delegated any authority to regulate plants) should be executed.

  18. I must admit, I do get a bit of schadenfreude when I point out to my Obama-supporting acquaintances that President Choom turned out to be the Narc-in-chief.


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