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Ron Paul's Truth Marches on In Iowa, Nevada State Republican Parties


I wrote last week about the historical reasons to believe Ron Paul's revolution within the Republican Party may have a future. Today the Associated Press via Huffington Post takes a close look at two states where Paul people are running the show within the Republican Party, Iowa and Nevada. 

Ron Paul's rEVOLution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired


Iowa's state Republican governing body this month voted to re-elect as chairman and vice chairman two of Paul's top 2012 Iowa caucus campaign aides. Last year, Nevada Republicans similarly elected top Paul supporters to its two spots on the Republican National Committee…..

Paul backers also have made inroads into Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, in part vestiges of his 2012 presidential campaign.

Indeed, across the country, thousands of Paul's followers, many disillusioned after fighting in vain for his failed bid of 2008, regrouped in 2012 and dove head-first into the behind-the-scenes Republican Party delegate elections, fighting tooth and nail with old-guard GOP establishment activists for national convention seats.

And while Paul retired from Congress this month, his disciples picked up House seats in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan and Texas last year.

The AP story points out the various areas where Paulite libertarianism rubs up against the mainstream GOP, but also points out that some of Paul's more right-populist supporters can be even more socially conservative than the GOP mainstream, like on gay marriage (where Paul ended up talking a "get state out of it entirely" stance, but which some, mostly older, Paul fans are against).

And although Maine Paul delegate Mark Willis is fighting to oust him, AP write that "Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, elected in 2011 to resuscitate the RNC's fundraising, has sought out Paul supporters as he seeks re-election." And some within the GOP are noticing Paul and Paulism seem their best attempt to win younger supporters. 

But who knows what a Paul fan will do?

Paul's network could give son Rand a readymade platform on which to run, although former aides note it's not a guarantee he, or any Ron Paul protege, would automatically inherit his supporters.

Utah Sen. Mike Lee and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz also get mentions from Ron Paul supporters as philosophical heirs to the former Texas congressman.

"Whether it's Rand Paul or someone else, I have allegiance not to them, but to their ideals," said Drew Ivers, Ron Paul's 2012 Iowa campaign chairman and now finance chairman for the Iowa GOP. "Whoever steps forward to lead that charge is the kind of leader we should champion."

My book on the roots of this movement, Ron Paul's Revolution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired.

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  1. Read the comments…got sick to my ass…

    1. Let me guess:

  2. I changed my registration to Libertarian and not a minute too soon.
    I recently heard from a Ron Paul delegate in Pennsylvania that
    Gov. Corbett refused to announce on the convention floor that Paul had 24 votes in the delegation. Screw these assholes.

    1. Hm. The Green Papers (which are not 100% accurate by any means) don’t mention that. Looks like Willard managed to suppress that information as well.

      1. I believe GPs final counts are derived from the state by state announced votes–not sure where else they COULD be from–so if indeed the person doing the announcement for the delegation didn’t announce them, they in effect didn’t exist. (In the GOPs mind, they didn’t officially exist anyway, as compare what the secretary announced vs. what the individual states announced.)

  3. But who knows what a Paul fan will do?

    Right a book maybe?

  4. “Utah Sen. Mike Lee and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz also get mentions from Ron Paul supporters as philosophical heirs to the former Texas congressman.”

    These Ron Paul supporters are nitwits if they think Lee and Cruz are philosophical heirs.

    “Whether it’s Rand Paul or someone else, I have allegiance not to them, but to their ideals,” said Drew Ivers, “Whoever steps forward to lead that charge is the kind of leader we should champion.”

    Nobody in politics today has ideals similar to Ron Paul’s. His so-called “heirs” are all careerists or crypto-statists.
    I had the highest hopes for Kerry Bentivolio, but the moment he got elected he proclaimed he was not a Ron Paul guy, but a Ronald Reagan guy, and then also proceeded to vote for John Boehner to continue being speaker.

    1. Mike Lee and Ted Cruz are certainly more socially conservative but Mike Lee has been pretty damn good so far. Cruz has been there a week.

      Amash has been great so far. None of these three are careerists.

    2. Agree, I don’t see where that reference is coming from. If their are any true heirs to Ron Paul, they are named either Justin Amash, Rand Paul, or Thomas Massie.

      I would love to have more of them, but for now, that is about it.

    3. Ted Cruz is a dirty socon.

  5. No truth in the alt-text!

  6. Sounds like a pretty solid plan to me man. Wow.

  7. I’ve been troubled by both the xenophobia and belief in conspiracy theories in some of the newer, self-proclaimed libertarians (who I would argue are merely newer members of the old right, as opposed to libertarian). I mean, I don’t really care what they believe, but I don’t want people to start associating the word, libertarian, with being anti-immigrant or Alex Jones crazy. We already lost the word liberal to the progressives and had to start calling ourselves libertarian. What do we call ourselves if the word libertarian gets hijacked?

    1. Coalition for Individual Liberty and Voluntary Charity

    2. All political meanings change. Get used to it.

    3. There’s always been the kook contingent in the libertarian movement, including nativists and conspiracy types. It can be annoying, but I also find it entertaining. It’s like a political home for everyone’s crazy uncles.

  8. Mark Willis and Cindy Lake (Nevada GOP) are the hope of the party.

  9. The GOP is moribund right now, and the Paul faction has been the only one to generate any real enthusiasm over the last decade. I’m not expecting lots of purists to start taking over the GOP, but the party is well and truly dead if it doesn’t start working harder to attract and keep such folks (us, really).

    They can’t run another “me too” establishment type in 2016 if they want even the slightest chance to win, and they’re in danger of losing the House next year if they don’t find some larger idea to run on (ala 1994).

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