Obama Preps Gun Regs, More Stupid Student Suspensions, Bureaucracy Hampers Sandy Recovery: P.M. Links


  • These toys encourage violence! Also: choking hazards!

    President Barack Obama will be introducing a package of gun regulation proposals tomorrow. His plan for a new "assault weapons" ban is drawing opposition.

  • Legislation moving forward in Mississippi would prohibit poorly performing school districts from vetoing the creation of charter schools in their midst.
  • Speaking of education competition, when will "no tolerance" school rules die already? Two 6-year-olds were suspended from an elementary school for playing "cops and robbers" during recess.
  • Need more reasons why government involvement in disaster recovery creates more problems than it fixes? FEMA and zoning laws make it a nightmare for any victims of Hurricane Sandy to rebuild their own homes.
  • Even though Washington State has legalized marijuana use, authorities in Bellevue are still prosecuting pot cases.
  • The Miami Dolphins want taxpayers to help pay for $400 million in stadium renovations.
  • French President Francois Hollande says his country's troops will remain in Mali until stability is restored. Well … good luck with that.

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