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Obama Treads Path of Less Transparency, Larger Donations for Second Inauguration

Looking for big-money ball buddies


How much are they willing to pay for me to give a damn about the inauguration?

Planners of President Barack Obama's second inauguration announced last week he'd be accepting big corporate donors this time around, looking for individual donations of up to $1 million, up quite a bit from the $50,000-per-person limit placed back in 2009. But why bother with the pretense of "hope and change" any more when coverage of expanding executive power, corporate cronyism, warmongering and engaging in the same behavior as his predecessors seems to fall on deaf ears anyway? (Or maybe it hasn't, as the New York Times reports they're having trouble meeting fund-raising goals for this year's celebration)

So far, the Sunlight Foundation notes, they've wrangled in eight corporate donors, some of whom have business with the government:

United Therapeutics, the maker of an injectable drug to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension, is continuing to seek approval of an oral version. The company faced a setback in October when the FDA did not approve the new drug. Its CEO vowed at the time to continue seeking approval "within the next four years."

The company does not have a political action committee but emerged as a surprising major donor to the Democratic National Convention in September, when it gave $600,000 to the effort, the fifth-biggest donor behind the likes of Bank of America and AT&T. 

To be fair, thanks to the massive federal regulatory apparatus, is there any corporation in America who doesn't have pending business with the government? Is there a corporation who would be able to donate to the Obama inauguration without an observer tying it back to some federal policy or other? But then, I recall how frequently federal regulations are fundamentally corporate protectionist regulations designed to grant them special favors and harm competitors and lose any sympathy.

The other less-than-hopeful change in the inauguration party funding that the Sunlight Foundation notes – they're declining to reveal the exact amount of each contribution as they did in 2009. They're providing a list of names of each donor who donates at least $200, but that's all. I guess that transparency award won't be put on display at the inaugural balls.

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  1. Coronations are supposed to be lavish affairs.

    1. Wouldn’t this one be more of a Jubilee? He’s already King.

      1. The idea that he was Chosen to be First Among All Men is important to Obama. The idea that his reign is mere birthright sours the font of active acceptance he wants to guzzle.

        He’d be elected every year and permanently campaign if given the choice.

        1. We’re not even into his second term yet. Think about that.

          1. It actually gladdens my heart. Every day he will be more of a lame duck and his supporters will get fewer and more brain dead. He can never get enough adulation to satiate him. He is going to grow more bitter and unhappy as time goes on. His tears are going to be delicious.

            1. Yeah, I don’t see it that way, John. It’s not even his second term yet, and what are we seeing already? I think in term 2 he goes to 11.

              1. We’re already at 10.5

              2. Sure it goes to 11. But you have to understand, enough is never enough from these people. He is not going to get anything through Congress. The country is going to continue to get worse and worse off. And politicians and even media people will find him less and less interesting and will start worrying about who is going to take his place. That is a fate worse than death for a creature like Obama.

            2. He’ll go out giving a victory salute like Tricky Dick. His bubble-living won’t allow him to see any shrinkage of his fanbase. Not to mention that, like any abused spouse, even the ones that have finally realized his policies are for shit won’t abandon him.

              1. even the ones that have finally realized his policies are for shit won’t abandon him

                What are they going to do, become [shudder] Republicans? Because there are only two choices, right?

                1. Persackly. I have a super-liberal friend that laments Obama turning out just like every other politician, but still voted for him and has not engaged in any anti-war activism since he took office.

                  1. Kirsten,

                    Those lamentations will get more and more. They will make excuses and blame everyone else for how the Obama era turned out so badly. But you have to remember anything short of worship will drive Obama mad.

                2. A lot of them won’t abandon him because doing so would be admitting what complete braindead idiots they have been for the last five years.

                  1. doing so would be admitting what complete braindead idiots they have been for the last five years.

                    And that will never happen. The biggest Obama fluffers lack the self awareness to ever realize they were brain dead idiots to begin with.

                    They’re worse than drug addicts. Addicts usually never get the help they need until they’re willing to admit they have a problem. Obama cultists don’t have enough self awareness to ever realize they have a problem. So all of his failures will forever be blamed on those EVUL OBSTRUKSHUNIST RETHUGLICANS, and of course BOOOOSSSSHHHH!!!!!

                  2. What do you mean, John? Look at all the good work he’s done ending the drug war, ending all wars, promoting gay rights, making evil capitalists more accountable, making healthcare affordable, etc. Everything bad is republicans fault for not going along with him. I think if weren’t doing everything right I’d hear about it on the news, duh.

                    1. …if he weren’t…

          2. We’ve always been Obama’s subjects…

  2. Corporate patronage for me, but not for thee.

    Especially, if “thee” have an “R” after your name. Or if your name starts with K and ends with och.

  3. And don’t think for a moment this even begins to cover the cost of these fucking things. They are still going to bring in over five thousand national guardsman all at taxpayer expense. Understand, that even in the year of hopey changey, the cult only got about six or seven hundred thousand on the mall. This year, the cult has hit hard times and they are unlikely to get a half a million. To put that in perspective, the city handles a million people on the mall every 4th of July and few people who live here ever notice. Anything under a million is just a typical holiday for Washington.

    But the Big BO must have a coronation worthy of him.

  4. All I know is the taxpayer (and probably some rich, benighted Obama supporters) are funding the squeeze’s work for the next two weeks. Maybe I can get a nice dinner out of it.

    1. Just imagine it is paid for by shreek. And if you haven’t tried it, make him take you to the Columbia Firehouse in Alexandria. Very nice place with a great bar.

      1. Do they have steak, steak and more steak? That’s pretty much what I look for in a restaurant.

        1. Yes they do. They have excellent steaks. If you like Steak Frites, come to my neighborhood in Bethesda and go to Mon Ami Gabbi. They are a real French bistro steak joint.

          Make him fork out some dough. You deserve it.

  5. Is the theme song for the Ascension We’re in the Money!?

    1. In 2008 it was We’re Moving on Up.

      1. They also do that song Obama likes to sing to his wife.

    2. It’s not an Ascension when you’re already there, it’s an entrenchment.

  6. Why do anything at all? Just have Obama and Roberts in some office somewhere, plus a few witnesses. Take the oath. Get on with it. Fucking cocksuckers.

  7. If we lived in a world with an actual subversive and free thinking entertainment scene, there would be a sitcom based on the Obamas airing every week riffing on current events. In it, Obama would be a well meaning doofus run roughshod over by a domineering loud mouthed wife, and brat children. It would be like a 2013 take on Soap with Biden playing the Burt role and the Obamas being the rich family.

    You could have an episode on the debt ceiling debate where the first family is visiting Bejing and the Chinese seize Air Force One for non paid debts. In one scene Michelle informs Barrack that he better get his skinny ass back on that phone and work something out because she is not flying commercial.

    1. If we lived in a world with an actual subversive and free thinking entertainment scene, there would be a sitcom based on the Obamas airing every week riffing on current events

      There is, it’s called Veep. Well, that’s more of a Docudrama, but yeah.

    2. They pretty much did that with That’s My Bush!.

      1. Yet somehow the idea lost its luster around 2009. Funny that.

        1. Are you retarded, John? Are you actually accusing Trey Parker and Matt Stone of being in the tank for Obama? You know that That’s my Bush! was in 2001, right? And ended there?

          1. I don’t think they are in the tank. But I think they like having a career in Hollywood enough that they would never do a show like that about Obama.

            Have they done much satire about Obama? Stone and Parker are very funny and can be subversive. But they are hardly courageous. No way would they ever really go after Obama.

            1. Hardly courageous? What fucking world do you live in, John? Matt and Trey are basically the only people who take on everybody and everything. They’ve made fun of Obama, Mohammed, and a ton more other things. They delight in it.

              Let me guess: you haven’t watched South Park in years.

              1. I have watched South Park plenty. And the day the do Muhammad the musical, call me. They don’t owe me or anyone else their careers or moral courage. But spare me the bullshit that they have it.

                1. So the fact that they explicitly did an episode that showed Mohammed, even though Comedy Central censored it, means nothing.

                  It’s awesome that you’re a paragon of virtue, John, who has never even had the balls to make a hit TV show let alone take risks with it.

                  1. So the fact that they explicitly did an episode that showed Mohammed, even though Comedy Central censored it, means nothing.

                    And then allowed them to censor it and never did another episode like that again. And South Park as been on for 15 years now. And all you have is one episode?

                    1. Keep exposing your total ignorance, John. Keep it up.

                    2. What other episodes featured Mohammad Episiarch? Feel free to link to them. I am curious. Maybe they have. Please show me where.

                    3. Your ignorance is very revealing, John.

                      Why not, just for fucking once, admit that you are fucking wrong?

                    4. So there were four episodes. And none since 2006. Good for them.

                    5. Gee, I wonder why you’d let someone censor your work? Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with wanting to keep doing what it is you love to do.

                2. John you are WAYYYY off about Muhammed.


                  1. Whatever. One fucking episode. BFD.

                    1. “I hate conservatives, but I really fucking hate liberals.”


                      Seriously John, Matt and Trey are not leftists. And they are FAR more brave than most media celebrities when approaching the Islam issue.

                  2. They’ve also gone after Scientology twice. A lot of people in Hollywood won’t even do that, much less risk pissing off a bunch of people that will actually kill you.

            2. From the Coon and Friends episode:

              “Goth Kid: He promised everything would change if we worshiped him, but we’re still sitting here smoking cigarettes like before. It’s like Obama all over again.”

              They’ve made some jokes about Obama, but never anything like a whole episode.

              1. To be fair, they’ve never done full episodes about any of the three presidents who’ve held office since South Park first aired.

                But even if they were willing to do a show like “That’s my Obama”, CC would shut that shit down in a millisecond.

          2. They actually had a That’s My Al! pilot ready to go.

            1. When we get a President not named Obama, they will be different. But Obama is different. Obamaism is a dangerous fucking cult. Stone and Parker would be destroyed if they ever went after him. It would be worse than going after the Muslims.

              1. I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

                Stone and Parker fucking hate liberals and have made that perfectly clear in the past. Their parodies in regards to hippies and Prius owners are awesome.

                Whether or not they would be “allowed” to go after Obama may be worth debating but I find it hard to believe that either of them would be purposefully avoiding any criticism of Obama. They live to skewer sacred cows.

                1. Okay Tman,

                  They hate liberals. Show me where they have skewered Obama?

                  1. They have done it in various ways on several episodes.

                    You are way off about Matt and Trey. If anyone can be relied on to be fair about skewering both the left and right it’s South Park.

                    If anything we should be happy there are guys like them out there.

                    1. They are lot better than most. That is true.

          3. I’d half agree with John on this one. There’s no way that the network would green-light a show like that about Obama. Trey Parker and Matt Stone aside.

            I’m guessing Bush ended in 2001 because it sucked. (I never saw it).

            But you’d never get a sucky show about Obama past the lowest network exec.

            1. I watched them all. They were pretty bad. More than anything, they were about making fun of sitcoms using the Bush White House as little more than a backdrop. (This is why it would have worked with a Gore win as well.)

              About the only really funny thing they did was continually hint that the Bush twins were into lesbian incest.

              1. Can you imagine if anyone did that with the Obama brats? Never going to happen. You guys can pretend that Parker and Stone would do that. But they have had four years and haven’t done anything like that.

                1. Well the Bush twins were of legal age….I believe Obama’s daughters are years shy of being fair game for sex jokes.

            2. It conspicuously died right after 9-11.

  8. a super-liberal friend that laments Obama turning out just like every other politician, but still voted for him and has not engaged in any anti-war activism since he took office.

    You do not forsake God. God forsakes you.

    1. Brooks everyone knows the country is unworthy of Obama.

  9. Let me guess: you haven’t watched South Park in years.

    I haven’t.

    Their obsession with poop bores me.

    1. They are hit and miss. They are either very good or unwatchable. Seems like most of the time they are unwatchable. But when they are good, they are very good.

      1. You can tell the episodes where they got fucking baked halfway through writing it.

        But it’s miles above anything Seth MacFarlane does.

  10. I am so admire them, if i have a husband who like Obama, i will never leave him.

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