Sandy Hook School Shooting

Report: Two Wounded in Taft High School Shooting in Californa


Via KERO in Bakersfield, California comes early word of a shooting at Taft High School:

TAFT, Calif.—Officials have said that at least two people were shot at Taft High School.

The shooting happened at about 9 a.m., and reports indicate that at least two people were shot.

The shooter was taken into custody at about 9:20 a.m.

23ABC news received phone calls from people inside the school who were hiding in closets.

Kern County Sheriff's Department officials are going room-by-room to secure the school.

Reports indicate that the first person shot was airlifted to Kern Medical Center and the second person denied medical treatment.

More as it develops.

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  1. What the hell is wrong with people?

    1. Pretty much all dickheads at some stage of their lives.

      1. And yet nearly all manage to go through life without shooting anyone.

    2. There’s no story yet. Just two shot, so the most likely explanation is kids shooting kids due to a beef.

      But the media is going to swarm to any such event.

      1. No! The most likely explanation is gun culture and bath saltz and violent video games! The Republicans made them do it because WAR ON WIMMIN. We have no choice now but to have a rational discussion to ban everything, the only obvious solution. Quickly, before the facts come in.

    3. Some people will do anything to be famous.

  2. Only two people were shot as opposed to 20 or more; thus proving the effectiveness of California’s Assault Weapons ban.

    Some lefty idiot will make this argument, trust me.

    1. Or proving that Californians just can’t shoot.

    2. And they were only shot, not killed. One of them didn’t even want medical treatment.

      I’m sure the left will turn on a dime after arguing for two weeks that the knife attack in China wasn’t as bad because nobody died.

      1. One of them didn’t even want medical treatment.

        Maybe he is Christian Scientist.

        Which still means he didnt want treatment, but might have needed treatment.

        1. yes, clearly that is the Occam answer.

    3. Oh they’re already making en masse.

      1. Seriously? CT had the same assault weapons ban.

        1. Well this time it was a shotgun, so this kid couldn’t have possibly gotten a semi-auto rifle, so…i don’t know.

        2. Actually CT residents were able to exploit a loophole in their ban and skirt the law by buying super ethical reality climax assault firearms with onlyone evil feature.

          CA’s ban stops that loophole exploitation by not allowing any evil features…on firearms with detachable magazines. So, get a bullet button kit and you can have all the assaulty rifles and detachable mass murder magazines you want.

          I couldn’t work them in without making this post too long, so here’s a phrase bomb:
          gun show loophole
          high capacity magazine
          puts the ‘mass’ in mass killing
          designed for the battlefield
          weapon of war
          assault weapon
          assault rifle

  3. No dead children, so this won’t do much to stroke BAN BONERS. I’m sure they’re extremely disappointed.

    1. They will still try it. My wife has a seven year old niece. The fucking media made such a big deal about Newtown that she was afraid to go to school.

      It wasn’t her fault. She is seven. What does she know. But rest assured the liberals and media get huge boners at the thought that their shreeking has terrorized a seven year old into being afraid to go to school.

      1. That’s all part of the BAN BONER, John.

      2. And they’re going to use that fact. They’ve gotten far more sophisticated in shaping public opinion.

        Whereas in the past, they’d beat up on conservatives or whoever for a couple of weeks, until everyone got sick of the story and they’d move on to something else, now they beat the story into our heads for two weeks, then spend the next two weeks covering the polls about and public reaction to beating it into their heads, then two weeks about how the government is going to respond to whatever it is… it’s neverending. It’s like your four year old daughter lost her Barbie.

        1. The polls are a big part of it. What they do is run polls that are totally skewed for the answer they want. Then they use the skewed polls as evidence that public opinion is in their favor. That “fact” is then used as a club on soft supporters of the other side. You can’t believe in “x” because the majority doesn’t and that is an extremist out of the mainstream position.

          It is really insidious shit.

      3. I didn’t tell my 7 year old jack shit about Newtown. She caught wind of it once, asked, and I gave a “just something that happened somewhere, nothing to concern yourself with” brush off response.

        1. Sadly, my inlaws failed or their seven year old heard from others. I am not really sure.

          1. “My mummy always told me there were no monsters. No real ones, anyway.”

        2. My 12 and 15-year-olds had to hear all about it at school and endure practice “lockdowns”. I told them to ignore the teachers and run like fucking hell until they are in the woods if an actual gunman ever shows up.

          1. My kids attend schools built to modern designs. Few egress points, long wide corridors giving unobstructed fields of fire.

            I heard the kids discussing the matter after enduring lockdown drills (they were unaware I was listening), and they were planning to charge any attacker who comes in through the door. I don’t think it would do much good, but didn’t try to dissuade them. At least they were thinking independently.

            1. Schools seem to love unannounced drill and disregard the terror it brings to the kids and the danger it should bring to the participants.

              I would love to hear about one kid picking up a desk and charging full steam at one of these mock shooters. Imagine the news story where the mock shooter is in critical condition after 2 or 3 kids charged at him with chairs and other kids pelted him with books.

  4. Taft Union High School in Taft, California. Not Taft High School in Los Angeles. Fun fact: The Knack, the Go-Go’s, and Jim Rome are Taft High alumni.

    1. The LA one or the Taft Union one? Im assuming the LA one.

      1. LA. Woodland Hills, more succinctly.

        Me and Mrs. G are going to be in Louisville visiting relatives April 21/22. Do you have some type of beer operation going? We should meet and throw down a few.

        And for that matter, we will be in Chicago April 17/18. Indianapolis April 19/20, and Chicago again April 23.

        Any Reasonoids want to meetup and plot the overthrow of government?

        1. I may or may not by then.

          But I can arrange for throwing down a few beers either way.

          Remind me sometime closer to then.

        2. I’m down, as far as I know at this point I should be around both those Chi dates.

          1. Oh good. A good friend of mine is a popular bartender, and we will be treated as VIP’s at whatever bars/restaurants we congregate at.

    2. Wesley Unseld, Diane Sawyer and the Lt Gov or KY are all graduates of my HS.

      It falls off fast after 2.

      1. also, apparently, Westley.

        I never knew that.

      2. You forgot to list me, as I also graduated from that HS. So it’s a former NBA player/coach, a national news anchor and some guy that posts anonymously on the internet. Yeah, we don’t have much.

        1. Basketball HoFer. Lets not sell Unseld short.

          He was on the all century team or whatever the NBA had too.

        2. Did we overlap?

          I graduated in 87.

          1. No, I graduated in 98. I’m not sure I know anyone that graduated around from there in the 80s, possibly one of my friend’s brothers, but my parents and most aunts and uncles and some cousins went there, so I know of graduates from all other times.

      3. Where do I rank on this list?

        Four years of hell

        If that Alumni list is it, do I make the top 10?

        1. Purely for baseball reasons, you are behind Luzinski but ahead of Bartman.

          And honestly, considering your connection to MoneyBall, I dont know how you arent on the list.

        2. Your alma mater produced the most perfect power pop song, ever!

        3. Odds that HoF repeats makes of the past and gives Veterans committee too much power due to lack of election of new players?

          Im thinking at least even money. And without James’ book it would have been a guarantee.

          1. I dunno. I think the process as it is currently constructed probably won’t last. Either they’ll change the structure or people will stop caring very much. I think the latter is probably its destiny regardless, same as the rest of the Hall of Fames.

            1. I think the process as it is currently constructed probably won’t last.

              I think that is a safe bet. The VC basically has no candidates to deal with and the writers ballot is going to get so full that with vote splitting only the no-brainers like Maddux are going to get in.

              They need a system that guarantees 2-3 live inductees per year, just to keep it interesting.

              1. No, because that would put Jack Morris in the HOF. Which would be a travesty.

    3. I don’t find anything fun about being reminded of The Knack. Now I have a freakin’ My Sharona earworm. Jerk.

      1. Huh, I was smart and have Vacation stuck in my head instead.

        1. Good Girls Don’t

            1. Ska & Voros are correct.

          1. Im now bouncing around 80s videos on youtube.

            Damn it EDG.

        2. I love the GoGos. They were so sweet and innocent looking but were really all doing heron and screwing anything that moved.

          1. They all had that Great Blue monkey on their back, eh?

            1. Charlotte Caffee and I think Kathy Valentine were smack addicts at one time or another.

            2. They all had that Great Blue monkey on their back, eh?

              I thought it was a green monkey. Or a blue barracuda.

              1. … but were really all doing heron…

      2. That’s better than thinking about Jim Rome.

    4. My high school produced John Stamos.

      1. Damn, mine produced Cris Collinsworth AND Daniel Tosh. Would that I could go back in time and right wrongs.

        1. Astronaut High – Just looked that up the other day wondering if my kid, born in Jess Parish Hosp., would have been a classmate of Tosh. Found out he 10 years older and my kid would have gone to Titusville HS had I remained living in that house.

      2. Mine produced Kent Benson and Steve Alford.

      3. Hillary Clinton at mine. Would you believe she was a Goldwater girl?

        1. Skinny up, did Hillary swallow?

      4. My school produced Brandon Burlsworth. As soon as you’re done googling, I will receive your admiration and praise.

  5. Now if only the school had been a gun free zone, none of this would have happened.

    1. Yeah someone should check to see if the magic signs were posted in a lawful manner.

    2. That, and if only people had to register firearms and undergo background checks no matter where they bought their guns.

      Oh wait…

  6. Fact: Taft High School does have a uniform deputy sheriff monitoring campus “before, during and after school

    1. not clear if said sheriff is on premises entire time.

    2. Maybe that’s why only two were shot and not three.

      1. nope. Teacher used excellent conflict resolution skills to convince the gunman to lay down his weapon.

  7. On an off-topic music related note: I listened to the 2009 stereo remix of Taxman by The Beatles yesterday. I made it about 30 seconds…its awful. The mono version is infinitely superior.

    1. I splurged and bought the mono CD box set that came out a few years ago. It is generally superior to the stereo mixes. For the most part George Martin didn’t even supervise the stereo mixes. They were done by studio hacks after the tracks were completed.

      1. Yeah. I say keep it as it was intended to be when it was recorded. I love what can be done with stereo imaging, but it only works well when that was the intent throughout the process.

        1. And it is surprising how good mono sounds. Before I bought the CDs when I thought mono I thought AM radio. But it doesn’t sound like that at all.

  8. Kern County Sheriffs? They are the guys who murdered “Deacon” Turner.

    Stay tuned for collateral damage.

    1. We had to kill the students to save them.

    2. justifiably shot deacon turner.

      he started with obstructing and moved on to felony assault by stoving the cop in the head (who was treated at the hospital for head injuries) and got justifiably shot.

      1. DIAF

  9. and the second person denied medical treatment.


    was denied”?


    1. I’m guessing declined. I can’t imagine any circumstance under which a person would be denied treatment. Even a bandaid.

      1. Our friend Groovus was stating that failure to agree to have the cops come and take your prescription meds when you die is grounds for denial of treatment.

    2. i believe a reporter had the person quoted as saying,

      “Oh, so you noticed I’m wearing a bandage and a splint? AM I WOUNDED?? Oh, NOOOO. No, I wear this shit *for fun* buddy. Its just how I *roll*. And I’d NEVER go to a DOCTOR if I was SHOT. That’s just not my style!….oh no…Medical treatment?? For sissies……@#&$^ jackass” (grumble grumble)

  10. Any Reasonoids want to meetup and plot the overthrow of government?

    Could there be a better time for that than April 19/20?

    1. No, of course not *shaking head yes*

      1. You nod your head for yes.

    2. If not, I lean towards 11/5/13

  11. Some subcultures in America have issues. Liberals allow it to flower.

  12. If you idiots aren’t loading up on SWHC, then there is no hope for you.

    1. I dunno. If this gun control thing doesn’t go down, there’s going to be a serious glut of guns, magazines, etc on the market next year. Gun enthusiasts have to be broke at this point (raises hand). I don’t see myself making any purchases next year.

      1. I still think the long-term trends are good for the firearms industry, if the controls don’t go down.

        Sales have been bullish or the past 4 years and I think that will continue as long as there are Democrats to beat this drum.


    oh, wait.

  14. This literally hits close to home. My high school used to play Taft all the time. It’s a tiny agricultural town. The movie “The Best of Times” was set there, and does a good job of portraying the small town atmosphere of rural central California. My heart goes out to everyone there.

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