Police Abuse

CO State Patrol Pays $1M in Wrongful Shooting Case

Jason Alan Kemp made the "mistake" of asking to see a warrant


The Colorado ACLU announced today a settlement agreement with the Colorado State Patrol that will resolve a federal court lawsuit filed on behalf of the family of Jason Alan Kemp, who was shot and killed at his Grand Junction home in 2010 when he refused to allow state troopers into his home without a warrant.

To settle the lawsuit, the State Patrol will pay over $1 million to Jason's family and will also implement new training modules for all current and future officers to include specific instruction on the warrant requirement of the Fourth Amendment and its limited exceptions.  The new training will also emphasize de-escalation tactics and the limits on officers' permissible use of force.  The agreement provides for ACLU lawyers to review the new training curriculum and to attend and monitor training sessions.

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  1. Kemp was suspected of having crashed his pickup around the corner from his home, according to the state patrol. He apparently walked home and was there when troopers arrived a short time after the crash.

    Witnesses said that troopers pounded and kicked on Kemp’s front door at 103 Glade Park Road, Unit B, in the Redlands area. He refused to open it, telling troopers to get a search warrant. One witness said Kemp was shot after troopers fired pepper spray through a small opening in the door.

    Trooper Ivan Lawyer told the grand jury he saw a flash and thought he had been shot, so he fired at Kemp.

    He saw a flash, and thought he had been shot.
    God fucking damnit.

    1. Serves the dude right for exercising his Constitutional rights.

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