Matt Welch Talks Fiscal Cliff, Global Warming, and Beatles Songs on Varney & Co.


This morning I went on Fox Business Network's Varney & Co. to discuss the various unpleasantnesses. Watch the clip below:

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  1. I know I’m contributing to the warming of my living room right now.

    1. You. Bastard.

  2. Way to go Mr. Welch, nice job with this appearance.

  3. well done, Matt. But the audio is really, really low. I had to go to the headphones to hear what any of you were saying.

    Any chance of fixing that by whoever is still monitoring the playground that is H&R?

    1. Hey, sloopy can you please free up HM so I can start using it again?


      1. Sorry that the racists stole your name, dude.

        Sloopy was trying to sell HM to me, earlier, but I refused to buy it, since it is racist what they did to you.

        1. It always comes down to selling mulattoes in the end, doesn’t it.

          1. Yeah, sadly, that’s why I refuse to buy all but the most purely white child slave laborers to make my widgets and polish my monocle.

            1. I only use purebred albino’s to make my widgets and polish my monocles.

        2. Stop trying to switch back!

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Welch that animated before.

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Welch that animated before.

      It’s the bath salts.

      1. Though by now, Gillespie has probably noticed that someone’s been rifling through his desk.

  5. This morning I had Kellog’s Strawberry Frosted Mini-Wheats but you don’t see me posting a video to brag about it.

    I don’t think voting to hit the debt ceiling and “crashing” us would necessarily be the end of a politician. It all depends on what the press tells people to think. In other words, if that was Obama’s policy, it would be genius and the crash would be a correction we desperately needed.

  6. This morning I had Kellog’s Strawberry Frosted Mini-Wheats but you don’t see me posting a video to brag about it.


  7. Pretty good stuff, Matt.

    I guess I should be happy that now people actually acknowledge that we Libertarians exist. Sure they think that we are weird fringe people, but at least they are starting to pay attention.

    Beatles songs…

    Not too many are aware yet, that Paul McCartney IS the AntiChrist. I have known this for years. He will appear soon on the world stage as the evil one, right after I get my book about that, published.

    1. You missed that moment. He is the new lead singer for Nirvana.

      1. Fortunately that was a one-off.
        We hope.

      2. Huh? …. that evil bastard conspired with that daughter of Satan, Courtney Love, to kill Kurt? I KNEW IT! Spawns of Satan! They won’t get away with this!

  8. Varney must not know his Beatles song. You go for “Run For Your Life,” and he fails to ask you when you stopped beating your wife – amateur.

    1. You can only set the volleyball so perfectly.


    Town Holds Violent Videogame Buyback Program

    it can’t get any stupider . . it . . just can’t . .

    1. “There is ample evidence that violent video games, along with violent media of all kinds, including TV and movies portraying story after story showing a continuous stream of violence and killing, has contributed to increasing aggressiveness, fear, anxiety,” the group said in a statement, adding that the content “is desensitizing our children to acts of violence including bullying.”

      [citation needed]

      1. Anyone from that town? I have hundreds of old games on CD that I long transferred over to hard drives and thumb drives. We could split the money fifty fifty.

    2. I don’t know, man. Adam Hanft at The Atlantic is determined to give them a run for their money.

      Here’s how it ends: What is offensive, though, is that there are more than a million guns in sickening circulation in New York, patiently waiting for victims to find their hapless and tragic ways in front of them. Call it tacky (I prefer to think of it as innovative), but I’d rather see certificates from my Adopt-A-Gun program to death certificates, any time.

      Truly sickening.

      1. Guns are magic! Black magic! That is one dumb mancunt.

      2. Stupid spoof handle.

        I won’t be socktrolling with that one now. 🙁

    3. Sure it can get stupider. If you think not, the proglodytes will soon prove you wrong.

      Some people just insist on being stupid, and sadly, there is no hope for them.

      I just spent nearly a grand upgrading my puter so that I can better enjoy my violent video games. After I finish with one, they are perfectly welcome to buy it back to fund my next purchase of even more violent game. Need moar gore and flying body parts, please.

      Hell, if they buy enough of my used games, I could even buy a REAL AR with the money. Great deal, for me, retards.

      Once again, insurmountable evidence that the left do not think, they emote.

      1. Once again, insurmountable evidence that the left do not think, they emote.

        Ever see the movie Teachers? I’ve been reminded of that awful movie much of late. It is one appalling proglodyte trope after another. The basic plot lines.

        The Karate Kid looks after another kid who is wild eyed and innocent but a little touched in the head. But he would never ever hurt nobody ’cause he’s such a delicate soul. One day he finds a gun in a teacher’s pocket book and the evil gun makes him go CRAZY!!!! He waves it around as the gun takes over his mind and then the cops blow his brains out.

        Also, Nick Nolte being the principled teacher that he is takes a student to an abortion clinic after a dastardly overly macho coach knocks her up. He is about to loose his job, but Jo Beth Williams runs through the halls flashing her itty bitty tittties which somehow through magic thinking saves it.

        Yeah, it’s that stupid.

        1. What what the claim somebody made about Unbreakable earlier today? They may have been incorrect.

          1. I have the feeling I miss all the good discussions. I missed that one.

            1. It’s easy here. I feel that way a lot. The articles often come fast and hard here and when a thread dies, it dies. I know I have missed many good ones, work and all the mundane shit, ya know.

              1. Also, I found the titty scene so you can safely skip the rest.


                Warning: Those tits are really tiny.

                1. Wow, those are prepubescent things. Mosquito bites.

                2. Me: Hey, JoBeth Williams, I have a joke that will knock your tits off.
                  JoBeth: Oh?
                  Me: Oh, you’ve already heard it.

          2. While unbreakable is truly awful, it will not match The Core in its awfulness.

            1. You know, I heard some idiot once claim that they made a fourth Indiana Jones movie that had the dumbass from Transformers in it, and it was supposed to be bad. Of course, I dismissed him out of hand at an absurd notion like that.

        2. Holy Bejeebus… I haven’t seen it, and now I am sure that I never will. Thanks for the warning.

          1. I’d love to have the money to buy the rights to it and remake it. When the Jud Nelson goes nuts, have the cops form a defensive parameter around the school as he shoots up the place.

            1. Libertarians do need to grab a share of the media, seriously. For some, it is the only way to reach them at all. Never mind if some are only useful idiots, some can never be more than that. At least you know you are using them for a good cause.

              I mean, really, a lot of Libertarians I know are witty as hell and way above average intelligence, ambitious, and clever. Why do we just sit here and let the progs puppet out one after another puppet drone? I think the thing that bothers me more than anything is that the left has some of the dumbest and most heckalable(is that a word) leaders that have ever graced the earth. Yet our prime time comedians will not touch them. Very frustrating.

            2. You know what needs to be remade? Animal Farm needs to be adapted. So does Soul Man.

        3. A long ago ex-gf’s classmates were extras in that Teachers movie. She used to make me watch the VHS so she could point out her friends.

          Here’s one who is uncredited and doesn’t list the movie in her vitae. I never met her but, weirdly, I later knew her sister.

    4. I’d be tempted to show up with 1,000 DVDs loaded with pirated copies of Postal 2.

  10. Apparently Al Gore pockets $100 million from oil company Qatar Inc. & rushed the deal through before Dec. 31 to get the Bush tax-rate.

    1. If it’s located in Quatar, then he is pulling some pretty high strings. My org has been trying to strike a deal with another org in Quatar, and this has been going on for months. What seemed like a sure deal now seems to be buried in ireconcilable issues.

      1. They’re probably offended by your spelling

        1. Meh. I don’t really give a big fucking rats arse, SIV.

          I always thought I was supposed to pronounce it ‘Kah-tar’, but then the politically correct fucks decided that it is supposed to be ‘cutter’. WTF? That doesn’t even sound Arab? It sounds like a bunch of academic pussies that can’t pronounce things right.

          1. I thought it was pronounced as “Face down in the ____”

            1. Or “get your mind out of the Qatar”.

              1. Iran so far away from this pun.

                1. Ukraine Run, but you can’t Haiti.

                  1. Don’t Europe me into your puns, Archduchy, they aren’t Germany to this discussion.

                    1. Nice morning. but now I’m off to bed 3 hours til the US-Canada semifinal

  11. Off topic for this post, but. I have been reading a lot and last night, all over the web, about the gun control issue. An issue that I consider so very near the top for freedom lovers.

    My conclusion. Not the first here to say it, folks, but it’s over. They have given up already with what would take a fight of almost unimaginable effort to succeed in.

    1. And my advice? Arm yourself, amigos. To the fucking teeth. Next time they try to climb upon a pile of dead children to take guns away from law abiding citizens, it will be way past too late for any such pretension.

      1. But, but, but…the military has better weapons than your stupid AR-15. There’s no hope for you! Game over, man! Game over!

        1. Yeah, and the military will mindlessly do the proglotards will, when it comes down to it, and mow down their own families, and run them over with tanks, cause gunz are bad, yep, that is exactly the way it will play out. Just like a script that they wrote, themselves.

          1. They’d damn well better if they want their Tricare! People will do anything for free healthcare. Kill their neighbors, friends, family. The state is all.

  12. I don’t think America avoided the Fiscal Cliff, I think they just started rappelling instead of careening over.

  13. Morning, Reasonoids. The USA really needs to look to the Swiss for handling gun crimes.

    Mass shootings are rare in Switzerland, although gun possession is widespread – some estimates run to at least one for every three of its 8m inhabitants.

    Many are stored in people’s attics, a legacy of Switzerland’s policy of arming its men to defend its neutrality.

  14. Only in UKR could someone be arrested for tree poaching. At least the animals are a moving target.

    1. Being a tree farmer I can tell you it happens here as well.

      A couple of decades ago it was a big problem with persimmon trees.The Japanese were paying insane prices for them to used in golf club heads. Before that it was Black Walnut for gunstocks.

      1. Same here in timber country. More common are legal cuts that just happen to take some over the sale boundaries.

  15. So, who comes up with all that crazy stuff?

  16. It’s the spending, stupid.

    Spending is taxation; whether funded by open taxation, borrowing, or printing money, the value comes from somewhere.

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