Newspaper Publishes Map of Gun Owners


I think the individual dots are not being drawn to scale

Do you own a registered gun? Well, they know where you live. By "they" I mean the government (which you knew), and the Freedom of Information Act-using, technology wielding media, which can with some effort build maps like the one you see on the right, showing the Westchester County addresses of people who have registered their handguns.

Explains The Journal News Record  (Gannett-owned) of Lower Hudson County:

In the wake of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., and amid renewed nationwide calls for stronger gun control, some Lower Hudson Valley residents would like lawmakers to expand the amount of information the public can find out about gun owners. About 44,000 people in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam — one out of every 23 adults — are licensed to own a handgun.

Anyone can find out the names and addresses of handgun owners in any county with a simple Freedom of Information Law request, and the state's top public records expert told The Journal News last week that he thinks the law does not bar the release of other details. But officials in county clerk's offices in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam maintain the public does not have a right to see such things as the specific permits an individual has been issued, the types of handguns a person possesses or the number of guns he or she owns — whether one or a dozen.

The map, which "does not include owners of long guns — rifles or shotguns — which can be purchased without a permit," was brought to my attention by Twitterer "Russ" (@burnt_wick), who comments that this "is why you should acquire all of your firearms illegally." 

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  1. Really, nothing is beyond the pale for the left.

    1. Notice some of those dots are in California?

    2. Yep. Every time I think that the New Left can’t sink any lower, they manage to pull it off. They’re the absolute scum of the earth.

    3. Ha, nothing except being worried that this map poses a threat to their families’ safety. I mean, where on the map would you go to burglarize a home?

  2. Mixed in with all the calls for more gun control are numerous examples of lefties calling for blood, re-education camps, ovens etc.
    Make no mistake, this map is a deliberate attempt to intimidate.

    What the hell is wrong with these people?

    1. Doesn’t it seem counterproductive, if indeed they want to intimidate, to intimidate those with guns? 🙂

      Of course I suspect it’s to put a big fear over those who think guns are “bad” and to reinforce their resolve to get those “bad” things out of our neighborhoods…

      Since Andrew Cuomo isn’t beyond confiscation, I guess these maps will make it easier.

  3. Is the thrust of this article to intimidate handgun owners into giving them up, a king of “we know where you live” type thing?

    1. Yes.

      Christian Trejbol did the same thing in VA to concealed carry permit holders after the VT murders. The Roanoke Times was up to its chest in shit over that cutesy-poo little stunt.

      1. I didn’t know that. I looked it up, and the editorial I found was full of cute little slaps like “worried their house might be invaded by the king of England” and “so you’ll know which member of the Board of Supervisors not to tick off.”
        If he’s so damned worried about these people, do you think he’d make fun of them and publish their names? He’s just a jerk with a printing press.

        1. Trejbol is a real winner of a human being. He also wrote an op-ed in which he stated that he wouldn’t yield right-of-way to anyone driving an SUV/truck or had “right-wing” bumper stickers on their vehicle.

          In the shitstorm that was the concealed carry list publishing he claimed (with zero evidence mind you) to have received threatening phone calls and even got the bomb squad called out for a UPS package.

          1. Next time I have a call in SWVA I’ll have to look him up and ask him to lunch. I’ll tell him he should want to know I’m “packing.” “What? I’m quoting his own editorial!” /snark

    2. Now “we” also know where the people who do not have any registered guns live. I’m sure that criminals will be only too happy to take advantage of that information.

      1. I recall a couple of years ago a gun owner in a spat with his anti-gun neighbor over gun control. The gun owner put up a sign in his yard indicating which house had guns and which didnt. The sign implied that crooks should visit the gunless house but did not say it explicitly.

        The anti-gun neighbor was very butt-hurt over it and sued to have the sign removed.

        1. Hehehe. That wasn’t me, but that so sounds like the kind of thing I come up with when people won’t leave me alone.

  4. It’s nice to see that The Journal News (not Record) is following in the footsteps of The Roanoke Times in publishing the addresses of firearms owners.

    Turn about is fair play I do believe, so in the “public interest” here are the names, addresses, and phone numbers of those involved at this newspaper:

    Gannett Company CEO:
    Gracia C Martore 728 Springvale Rd Great Falls, VA 22066 (703) 759 5954

    Paper President:
    Janet Hasson, 3 Gate House Lane Mamaroneck, NY 10534 (914) 694.5204

    Cyndee Royle, 1133 Westchester Ave., Suite N110, White Plains, NY 10604, 914-694-9300
    Nancy Cutler 9 Woodwind Ln, Spring Valley, NY. (845) 354 3485

    Dwight R Worley 23006 139 Ave Springfield Gardens, NY 11413 (718) 527 0832

    1. Heh you will probably be getting a visit from some humorless govt suits.

      1. I was just going to say “you should make a map for people!” but probably better not to.

    2. Correction to issue:

      CynDee Royle:

      Cynthia R Lambert
      17 Mcbride Ave
      White Plains, NY 10603 (914) 948-9388

      The previous address and phone are for the paper.

      Tons more information here, to include photos, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, etc.

    3. Thanks for the correction, sorry for the error.

      1. It’s also of the Lower Hudson Valley; there is no Hudson County in New York.

  5. This map seems to me like the best possible tool you could have for planning robberies and home invasions.

    1. I’m just dying to find out how HazelMeade would fit a reporter publishing a map of handgun owners into her little insurance scam……

    2. Long guns can blow a hole in an intruder as nicely as hand guns. But I agree it would help if an invader wants to help his odds. I just hope they don’t publish a map of armed robot sentry owners.

      1. I have a feeling a lot of the people who want to ban handguns don’t exactly like long guns, either.

        1. I have a feeling your feeling is correct.

        2. Can’t ban all guns at once. First go after handguns and “assault” weapons. Then rifled barrels. Finally the shotguns and muskets.

          One step at a time.

  6. So – where was all this outrage when the gay rights groups published the list of people who contributed money in support of Proposition 8?

    1. I thought that was a bad idea too, especially when supporters of prop 8 started getting threatening letters. FOIA is great for transparency, but it should not be used as a club with which to intimidate your neighbors.

    2. If I remember correctly, that move was also criticized on here to some extent through the lens of the problems with some campaign finance laws.

    3. Here in my state, alegislator filed a FOI request for the email addresses of everyone signed up for a state agency’s press release listserv. The agency, which like every other entity does everything it can to block ordinary releases, let alone the embarrassing ones, readily handed over those private addresses. No surprise there.

  7. I hope nobody was affected too badly by the Christmas “Strom”

    1. It was bad here, but I got lucky. The nearest neighbors lost power but I did not and no trees down.

      Rapides parish had some tornados touch down and they had some injuries but no deaths. All day I kept getting photos of damage on my cell from friends.

      1. I had a dusting of snow, but we’re supposed to get something worse overnight. The forecasters aren’t certain where the snow/mix line is going to be. 🙁

  8. The Bad Idea Tshirts girl has won my heart……maybe not my heart but definitely won something over.

      1. It’s Urectum now.

  9. Very important to have a gun in every home.

    1. Very important to have a car in every home.

      1. wouldn’t want to take away your precious cars now would we

    2. Yawn. More children drown in swimming pools every year. And swimming pools are far less prevalent than guns.

      1. I spent about 12 hours in the car the past few days, where I couldn’t get my usual sports talk on the radio. One of the many stupid things I heard was “8 kids die a day in the US because of guns. We should be ashamed that allow this to happen.”

        Because apparently 8 kids dieing due to guns is worse than about 3x that many dieing due to cars. And also having laws against killing kids is “allowing” it to happen.

        1. Not that missing the Sports Hub on holiday break is all that and a bag of chips.

          1. I’m finding WFAN rather more tolerable without Mike Francesa.

          2. Not a huge loss, but that still meant about 9 hours of “GUNZ ARE SCARY!”

            I’m really excited to see how Adam Jones does when he takes over for DA. I went to jr high/high school with him and he was the best man at my cousin’s wedding this summer.

            1. Why would anybody want Pacman Jones as a best man?

              1. It was the best wedding speech I’ve seen.

            2. Oh, cool – I didn’t know he got the gig. That should be pretty good.

  10. So, let me get this straight… You can’t ban abortion, because it violates the right to privacy to stop an individual from doing something, but you can use government records to publish private facts about individuals?

    1. Yup, and a lot of people on the left will say with a straight face that they don’t see the inconsistency in that position.

    2. I wonder what the Left would say about a published map of all abortion participants and doctors?

  11. Apparently many people aren’t as dumb as the media heads like to believe.

    “Do you fools realize that you also made a map for criminals to use to find homes to rob that have no guns in them to protect themselves?” one reader wrote on Facebook.

    1. I especially like this article in the huffpuff. It is stunning really.…..22773.html

    2. They don’t care because it won’t affect them, and if a few gunless homes are burgled in the name of making everyone gunless, so much the better.

  12. DC police investigating David Gregory for illegal possession of high capacity magazine. This one is just too ironic.….._blog.html

    1. See, it’s the magazine that is dangerous. Just think of what David Gregory could do with that magazine.

    2. Laws are for little people. David Gregory is a big man with important ideas.

      The rest of us however, should go to prison and be ass-raped for wielding such a dangerous weapon as a high capacity magazine.

    3. I’m sure NBC will claim freedom of the press, making it a first amendment issue, one of the amendments they like because it protects THEM.

      1. Well, except that high cap magazines weren’t around at the time of the 1st Amendment ratification so no protection for you, NBC News.

  13. Wow!!!! This is great! Since guns save lives and all, it is good to know where the nearest one is in case I need to resuscitate a little old lady that has fallen and can’t get up. Hooray for science!

    1. If she’s just fallen, why would resuscitation be necessary?

  14. Wow man, I never thought about it like that. Wow.

  15. Wonder what the violent crime rate is in Westchester County compared with other counties that have fewer registered gun owners?
    Bronx, Queens, and Kings, all in NYC
    Place Violent Crimes VC Rate
    Bronx 24,226 583
    Queens 39,969 583
    Kings 44,504 583
    Westchester 7,339 257

  16. Sorry. The format of my last post makes it a bit hard to understand. How’s this?

    Wonder what the violent crime rate is in Westchester County compared with other counties that have fewer registered gun owners?

    Bronx, Queens, and Kings, all in NYC
    Place….. Violent Crimes….VC Rate
    Bronx………24,226…….. 583

  17. But officials in county clerk’s offices in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam maintain the public does not have a right to see such things as the specific permits an individual has been issued, the types of handguns a person possesses or the number of guns he or she owns ? whether one or a dozen.

    I disagree with this completely. If the government (i.e. the public) has a compelling reason to track something then they can’t possibly make the case that certain things are for government employees to know and certain things are for the public to be kept in the dark about. Gun registration was always about using the registry in some nefarious way in the future. If “the public does not have a right to see such things” then neither does the government, which is the public.

  18. I don’t live in New York; I live in Texas. What public policies New Yorkers choose within their state is their business, not mine. If I presumed to tell them how I would prefer that they run their state, then they would be justified in offering me advice on how we should run things here in the Lone Star state. Such advice from them certainly would be most unwelcome.

    1. Public policy has a tendency to metastasize. You may not be interested, but you should pay attention.

  19. I just want to know why there is such a sharp line starting in Yonkers. Weird. Also when you look at it zoomed out it looks like tons of permits but when you zoom in it’s only 2 or 3 per block.

    1. A day late and a dollar short, but I’ll take a stab at this:

      Permits in New York are may-issue, meaning the permitting authority can deny an application for pretty much any reason. Most likely the permitting authority for Yonkers is extremely anti-gun and hence does not hand out permits very often, probably only to those who are politically connected.

  20. It would be interesting to see a red/blue political mapping laid over the gun permit map.

  21. Ok. Lemme get this straight.

    People think that it’s constitutional and legal for the government to register and license guns, which means that the government has a list of gunowners, including where they live and who owns what. People call that ‘law-abiding.’

    People also think that they’re being ‘patriotic’ and ‘law-abiding’ citizens when they register their guns and get permission from the government in order to possess their own property. They call that ‘freedom.’

    Now, they complain because of the FOIA, and the government ‘transparency’ they also wanted, makes that list of gunowners available to the public.

    Does anyone understand the meaning of the phrase, “Shall not be infringed”? It was put in there to prevent these sorts of thing. That constitutionally guranteed freedom was never amended, constitutionally. It was judicial activism and ‘case law’ that altered reality, not a constitutional amendment process.

    In short, people think that it’s patriotic and law-abiding to give up their constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and rights…because the government said so.

    Sorry, folks. That’s called ‘tyranny.’…and you’re mad because a government tyranny is acting like a government tyranny.

    Yeah, the world has gone insane.

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