Celebrites Crusade Against Guns Drones. Not.


Excellent example of textual poaching from the YouTube channel LifeLibertyNow/Red Pill Philosopy.

Watch it and then call your favorite celebrity and ask them to stand up for something that our government can actually stop right now.

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  1. These celebrities have been spokes-raped! Our Lord and Savior in D.C. is going to see this and think they’ve blasphemed.

    1. Yeah, and he’ll probably blame the next ambassador/CIA gun-runner’s death on it.

  2. WTF was this originally a video for? I can’t read lips well enough to tell what the overdubbed people are really saying.

    1. You know damned well what it was against: abortions.

  3. I like the idea behind this video, but I know what those asshats are really saying so, yeah, it made me puke.

    1. Hey, man. Did you get the email I sent you?

      1. Yes, I did and I have acquired the scotch…the best stuff i could get here in Roosterpoot. I will be going to town tomorrow and have it shipped.

      2. And again, congratulations to you and Banjos on baby Reason. I enjoyed seeing the picture and wish y’all only the best.

        1. Don’t know if you were on last night when I let everybody know, but we got her home yesterday. That was one sweet Christmas present.

          1. I did see that, yes. It does bring a smile…..

          2. btw, was too drunk to actually congratulate you last night. Congratulations on your new baby; god help her.

          3. Just saw this myself, sloopy–congratulations to all three of you!

        2. With a name like Reason you would not to expect her to cry and poop in her pants so much.


  4. I’m so disappointed in Jason Bateman and Nick Offerman. Nick was obviously forced to participate by his wife, Megan Mullaly.

    1. Don’t let it get to you. I try to console myself with the fact that a lot of these entertainers are well-intentioned but naive. They’ve never seen war zones or even bad neighborhoods.

      On the other hand there are some like Rosie O’Donnell who really do know better and are just elitist pieces of shit.

      1. I tire of their self-aggrandizement. They’re obviously insecure over their midlife realization that their craft, while admirable, doesn’t offer all that much to the world. So, they all congregate together, have somebody record their silly little please, and then have somebody upload it to YouTube. This allows them just enough security to sleep well until the next major tragedy occurs.

        1. *pleas

        2. “They’re obviously insecure….”

          You can stop right there. I have had more than one ‘celebrity’ tell me in confidence that since childhood they would dream at night of standing on a stage being applauded by crowds, just for standing there.

          That the only time they are not in misery is when they are being validated by adoring crowds….it is pitiful really.

    2. They are celebrities. Every person they associate with is someone who can further their career. Everything they say and do is calculated to further their careers.This video is no different.

      Asshats all.

      1. Good point. If you got a phone call requesting your appearance on this ad and turned them down, you probably wouldn’t get much work in the next few years, assuming you would have any career left at all.

      2. Everything they say and do is calculated to further their careers.This video is no different.

        I’d argue that everything we all do is calculated to further our lives and careers; just some of us have different views on the means to such ends.

        1. If you argued that you would be correct. The key is in your last sentence; differing views on the means to such ends. For some, preserving the integrity of ones character is a prerequisite to furthering one’s life.

          In my personal experience, that does not apply with the vast majority of celebrities. This is why I shake my head and laugh under my breath every time I hear some dude lusting after a hot celebrity, which happens often here. If they only knew what rattlesnakes were hiding behind those beautiful veneers….

          1. No naivety on my part. I’m attracted to evil, and venality even.

            1. I toast to you brother, but you can have ’em.

  5. When I think of how to deal with an issue like violence with guns that is related to constitutionally protect rights, I can’t think of anyone more credible to here a celebrity’s take on it.

    It’s doubly credible when that celebrity is directly or indirectly calling for rights to be restricted AND that celebrity has starred in multiple movies and/or TV shows where violence with guns is a central substantially contributing part to the movie. Would The Town, Pulp Fiction, etc. be the same without guns?

    Before taking guns away and/or banning individuals from possessing/purchasing them, how about showing us that you can make movies without them or their portrayal?

    I don’t mind movies with guns, but am curious to see how far they take this little stance of theirs. If I was a hardcore vegan, I don’t think I’d make a movie about life on farm and have glorified, up close action shots of cows, chickens, and/or pigs being slaughtered.

  6. Sounds like one heck of a plan to me dude.


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