This Isn't the Way the World Ends, Obama Names Kerry to State, No Warrants for Emails: P.M. Links


  • In case you weren't sure, the world has not ended.

  • But unless we put armed guards in every single school in America, the NRA thinks the world just might end.
  • As had been widely speculated, President Barack Obama has named Sen. John Kerry to succeed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
  • The part that requires the government to get probable-cause warrants to access private emails has been stripped from federal privacy legislation.
  • Thanks to the fiscal cliff impasse shoving aside the farm bill, the feds may have to follow protectionist dairy regulations that could cause milk prices to more than double.
  • A student came up with an idea to surprise his schoolmates by coming to school dressed as Santa Claus. But because of the secretive way he wrote about it on Facebook, authorities panicked and thought he was threatening violence.
  • Port strikes could hit coastal cities along the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic as negotiations between longshoreman's unions and the U.S. Maritime Alliance break down.

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