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Student's Plan to Dress Up as Santa for School Freaks Out Authorities

A Crawford County High School sophomore said he hoped to spread Christmas cheer at school by dressing as Santa Claus. But with parents and school administrators on guard after the shootings at Newtown, John George III of Roberta was suspended when his "preview" on Facebook was interpreted as a threat.

George posted on his Facebook post at around 7 p.m. Tuesday:  "Students of cchs ur in for a big surprise tomorrow <let the games begin>."

A parent found the post threatening and called police. 

According to a police incident report, an officer then interviewed the parent and reviewed George's Facebook page. The officer said it "appeared to have a very Gothic and dark theme," with references to gangs and fighting.

Source: 13 WMAZ. Read full article. (link)

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  • BlogimiDei||

    I love stupid cops.

    I mean I love cops.

  • TTT||

    It wasn't the cops this time. It was the principle. The cops went to the house and talked to the kid & his mother then left. The principle didn't like that so he had the police escort him from the bus to the office the next morning & suspended him while the school 'investigates'.

  • Rick Santorum||

    A parent found the post threatening and called police.

    Lol, who friends someone's mom?