Police Abuse

Financial Executive Beaten by LAPD Plans to Sue

Likely a repeat user of bath salts


On a Sunday morning in May, a paranoid man walked up to the Glendale police headquarters and began asking a slew of questions. "I know this is gonna sound crazy, but I feel like there are people following me. I feel like there was a chopper—do you hear a chopper?" the man asked, suspicion seeping through his voice. Informed by an officer that police in the L.A. suburb were not flying any helicopters, he began to waver. "So it's not yours. Do you hear one? I could be nuts."

So began an odd yet polite 11-minute conversation in which then-Deutsche Bank managing director Brian Mulligan, 53, discussed his snorting of bath salts, the addictive and illegal drug that causes feelings of euphoria but also violent delusions. He said that he'd taken the drug about 20 times and asked, "How long does this stuff stay in your f–ing system?" The officer who spoke with Mulligan had a stern warning: "You need to get on top of this before it gets on top of you."