Seattle PD Loosens Restrictions on Pot-Smoking Recruits

With the stuff legal, the pool of those who haven't smoked in three years is bound to shrink


A month after Washington became the first state in the nation to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use, the Seattle Police Department has relaxed its rules on previous pot use for job seekers.

Going forward, applicants must not have used marijuana for at least a year before joining the force, police officials said. Previously, the rule was no pot use for three years.

The change was spurred by Washington state's groundbreaking vote last month to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, Assistant Chief Jim Pugel said.


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  1. I work for the railroad in a safety-sensitive function, which means I’m subject to a DOT random drug screening at any time. Not ten minutes ago they posted a letter in the breakroom from the DOT specifying that eligible employees are still prohibited under DOT regulations from using marijuana for either medical or recreational use, even if they’re living and working in a state that allows it.

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