Drug War

Gun Bought By ATF Special Agent Found at Mexican Crime Scene

High powered semi-automatic purchased by a federal agent found at the site of a shootout between a Mexican drug cartel and


drug war casualty

A gun bought by George Gillett, who was the deputy special agent in charge of the ATF's Phoenix field office while that office was involved in Operations Gunrunner and Fast  & Furious, was found at the scene of a shoot out between a Mexican drug cartel and military toops that left a Mexican beauty queen and four others dead. Maria Susana Flores Gamez may have been used as a human shield.

The firearm, an FN 57 Five-seven pistol, was bought by Gillett in 2010, and Senator Chuck Grassley notes in a letter to the Department of Justice that it appears Gillettl did not list the necessary address on the federally-mandated form for the purchase, which Grassley points out is actually a felony.

Fox News, meanwhile, reports that Gillett has admitted in news interviews to buying the gun and has said he later sold it [to a buyer he found] on the Internet [and says he went "above and beyond" federal requirements for the gun transaction]. The weapon is not the first connected to the ATF found in Mexico, where drug-related cartel violence has surged as the government attempts a crackdown. More than 50,000 have died since 2006.

Ed note: Details on sale of gun added

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  1. Sounds like we’ve got an ATF agent cold on multiple felonies. Indictment should be a walk in the park, no? I expect one to be handed down within a few weeks never.

    1. Rules for thee not for me.

    2. And they will be getting him to plead or dropping the charges in exchange for him testifying to the full truth about Fast and Furious.

      Real soon.

    3. You’re an attorney, aren’t you? You should know better than anyone that in our republican form of government, the rule of law applies to everyone the plebians.

      1. “I can’t nullify Congressional law.” Barack Obama.

        1. Why bother nullifying it when you can just ignore it?

  2. So disbanding the ATF will be in the gun control bill, right? Right?

    1. So disbanding the ATF will be in the gun control bill, right? Right?

      After they ban guns, it will be renamed the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Pointed Sticks.

  3. You can bet that Un-Attorney General Eric Holder will be on the case immediately!

    1. Only if dude is white.

      1. Nonsense! He’s a post-racial do nothing.

  4. The firearm, an FN 57 pistol, was bought by Gillett in 2010, and Senator Chuck Grassley notes in a letter to the Department of Justice that it appears Gillettl did not list the necessary address on the federally-mandated form for the purchase, which Grassley points out is actually a felony.

    Laws are for little people silly.

  5. he later sold it on the Internet

    So did he do a face-to-face private party transaction with a fellow Arizonan? If not the only legal transfer would be to or through a FFL dealer. I expect answers to be forthcoming NOT.

    1. The update indicates Gillet sold the pistol in a face-to-face transaction.
      He potentially incriminates himself by stating he went beyond federal requirements (protip:don’t play “gun dealer”). If the purchaser’s “US driver’s license” was not Arizona and he was not a legal state resident , the purchaser committed a federal crime. Gillet may have knowingly abetted it.You’re on solid legal ground when you don’t ask, or take the word of a gun buyer. Not so much if you establish evidence that you knew, or should have known, he wasn’t legal.

  6. It’s an FN FiveSeven (actually FiveseveN, not FN 57.

    1. So the head of an ATF field office sold a cop killer assault pistol, chambered for body-armor piercing rounds “on the internet”?

      1. And the guy in charge of running guns to cartels to Mexico just happened to have his personal gun show up in Mexico at a cartel crime scene, purely by coincidence?

        Pull the other one. Its got bells on.

        1. It is almost as if maybe someone in Mexico is a little bit pissed off about the operation and left that gun there.

          1. At this point, I trust no one.

            What am I saying? I’ve stopped trusting people years ago.

            1. At this point I have learned that with this administration, assume the worst and then understand that the truth is going to be something even worse than that.

              I am really starting to think that eventually, probably after the Big BO is safely out of office, some absolutely awful and shocking things are going to come out about this administration.

              1. … and no one will care.

                Much as I hate to admit it, Huxley seems to have been right.

                1. True. And that posting is brilliant and depressingly true.

                2. Much as I hate to admit it, Huxley seems to have been right.


              2. You hit the nail on the head there John.

                In my dream world the following administration would begin prosecuting the current scum for their many crimes.

                I know, dream on Suthenboy.

            2. I have little faith in your distrust. Somewhere down the line your actions will lead back to me.

  7. Speaking of FN . . .

    My new pistol! (I got it in black)

    I also got the Trijicon RMR RM05 Dual Illuminated red dot.

    15 rounds of 45 ACP goodness.

    1. Nice. I have a high-cap Para-Ordnance .45. I opted for the integral guide rod laser rather than a sight on the pistol, but I purely love red dot sights on my long guns. Trijicon is spendy, but first-rate.

    2. What’s that thing sticking out from the front of the slide? Some kind of lethality enhancer?

        1. Yes! Ban it!

          There is a specific reason why I bought this pistol now. I wasn’t in the market for a pistol. But I’m pretty sure that some absolutely stupid rules are going to make lots of guns illegal. I can only assume that the gun banners are going to try and throw in their whole Xmas list of shit they don’t like, even though it won’t make a single person safer for it.

          Threaded barrels are one of those things I expect to be tightly regulated.

          1. Its funny: I’ve bought 3 or 4 guns over the years specifically because of the threat of more gun control, and I’ll probably buy at least one or two more.

            If gun control wasn’t such a bug up the ass of every limpwristed jackboot licker with lace on their panties, I’d probably only own three or four guns, instead of the 7 or 8 I actually have.

            1. instead of the 7 or 8 I actually have.


          2. You had better go out and get magazines for it quick. They aren’t too easy to find on the internet and distributors tend to run out of them as soon as they get them in stock.

            I have the same pistol and last time I was back in the US I was scouring local gun stores for these magazines. One place had nothing on the “new” rack but they pulled out a box of assorted, used magazines and came up with three 14-rounders for $15 a pop. I ordered three 15-round magazine floorplates and swapped them out to turn them into 15-round magazines.

      1. Threaded barrel with thread protector.

        You know . . . for a SILENCER!!!

  8. Not to be paranoid?

    The gun of an agent in charge of operations that supplied guns to Mexican cartels found in the hands of the cartels? is there a possibility that the operations were actually designed just to supply weapons to the cartels by lower level agents and proposed to higher ups as a way to catch drug dealers as a cover?

  9. http://www.gunbroker.com/Semi-…..ageSize=75

    Looks like a fun gun, expensive though, ammo nearly a buck a round on gunbroker. That’s probably why he had to sell it to a drug dealer. An honest cop salary can’t feed a hobby like that.

    1. The Fiveseven is a great gun, but I have a hard time with finding an appropriate mission for it. It seems that you could use a SBR with MUCH greater effectiveness than the 5.7 round out of a pistol.

      But to each his own.

      1. One of the employees of a local gun store carries one while on the job just in case somebody wearing body armor wants to rob it.

  10. More murders committed by the NRA. If it weren’t for them, the cartels never would’ve had that gun!

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