Italian Debt Exceeds Two Trillion Euros

Works out to be $43,448 per person


ROME, Dec. 14 (UPI) — Italy's national debt exceeded 2 trillion euros in October, the Bank of Italy said Friday.

The country's debt reached a record high of 2.014 trillion ($2.64 trillion), which amounted to 33,081 euros ($43,448) for each person who lives in Italy, the central bank said.

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  1. I thought that things in Europe are getting better, but 2 trillion of debt is not really good. Europe is still in crisis, maybe it’s not deep as it was before, but there are still problems it’s necessary to solve. I think that Europe should try to reduce expenses and cut spending as much as possible to get of debt. But in any case, I think that Greece is in the worst situation and has the biggest debt, so there’s really a lot of work for this country because they need to pay off the debt and save the EU membership.

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