Congresswoman Says She Will Embarrass Obama on Gun Control

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.) says the gloves are off


In the wake of the deadly Connecticut school shooting, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy said she has warned the White House "the gloves are off" if President Obama fails to act on the issue.

McCarthy (D-N.Y.), the foremost gun control advocate in Congress, said she spoke with White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew before Election Day and told him she will exert pressure on the White House to push for gun control legislation.

"I said, 'Jack, I know the president is going through an election and I'm telling you after the election I'm coming out full force,'" McCarthy told POLITICO Friday. "I was just giving the White House a heads up that the gloves are off on my side and I was going to do everything I possibly could. … If that meant embarrassing everybody, that's what I would do."


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  1. The notion that restrictions like these can have a noticeable impact, let alone that they can “end” or “stop” occasional outbursts of senseless violence, is hard to credit unless you believe what Obama insists he does not: that evil can be legislated out of the world by acts of Congress.

  2. Only communists, one worlders and people committed to destroying America would call for gun control, The Bilderberg, and the other one-world government proponents propose more gun control, which is their word for total gun confiscation, it has nothing absolutely to do with protecting us, it has everything to do with enslaving us, I wonder how many of the people who are calling for this stupidity don’t have armed protection around them 24/7. If I lived in the White House and had 500 armed law enforcement protecting me, I guess I would not have a need to protect myself.

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