Right to Work

Mich. Right-to-Work Protesters to Be Charged with Felonies

Eight accused by police of taking it too far and trying to push their way onto the Senate floor


 Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III said today that he will file felony charges against eight people who were arrested Thursday at the Capitol, accused of trying to push their way past police onto the Senate floor during consideration of right-to-work legislation.

"It was attested to me that these tactics went beyond passive resistance, and involved physical aggression toward the police who were charged with protecting the public safety during this tumultuous debate," Dunnings said in a news release.

Dunnings said the names of the accused people will be released when they are arraigned. They appeared in a Lansing courtroom Friday but weren't charged at that time. But they included Chreda Troutman, 58, who talked about her protest and arrest last week.