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In Arkansas, Medical Marijuana Received 100,000 More Votes Than President Obama


By now you've probably heard that more Coloradoans voted to legalize marijuana than to re-elect President Obama–53,281 more Coloradoans, to be exact.

But did you know Obama also lost to medical marijuana in Arkansas, a state Mitt Romney won by a landslide? Here's the breakdown: Romney received 644,784 votes, a medical marijuana ballot initiative received 505,613 yes votes, and Obama received 392,401 votes.

While medical weed and Obama both lost in Arkansas, weed only lost by 30,000 votes; Obama lost to Romney by more than 252,000 votes. 

The fact that more than 100,000 Romney voters in the Upper South voted to legalize and regulate pot should tell Obama something, especially as he considers cracking down on legal pot in Colorado and Washington. 

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  1. should tell Obama something


  2. Obviously those pot smokers are racist. There is no other explanation.

    1. I’m pretty sure this is solid scientific proof that smoking pot makes you racist. Better get a government for more research to make sure though.

      1. *government grant…

        fucking fuck I suck today.

  3. Why would Obama care that Arkansas Romney voters supported medical marijuana?

    1. A Dem might care that people who voted for his opponent also voted a particular way on a wedge issue that they can capitalize on.

      1. Drugs are a non-issue at the federal level.

        Federal drug policy will not change. Period. To even bring up the subject is taboo.

        1. Lots of wedge issues are actually non-issues at the federal level, starting with the World Champeen wedge issue: abortion.

          As we have seen, many people are too, well, stupid to realize that tying their vote for a federal candidate to a federal non-issue is, well, stupid. From a pure electoral politics play, it could be a winner for Dems.

          If nothing else, Arkansas shows that not every pro-legalization voter automatically votes Dem, so they aren’t a fully captured and coopted constituency yet. There could be marginal gains to be made there.

          1. So, I dunno, the GOP could make gains by going more libertarian?

            1. The GOP has two choices, I think:

              (1) Either become even more Dem-Lite by going after Dem-leaning voters with Demmish policies. This, naturally, is their instinct, since it doesn’t require any big change in direction for their statist/crony selves. However, it is doomed to fail, because why would someone inclined to vote Dem choose the Dem-Lite brand?

              (2) Go more anti-Dem by moving away from statism and cronyism. They could pick up new voters this way, and probably strip some Dem voters away if they market it right. Make every election a choice between responsibility and dependency, freedom and statism. Might not win in these debauched days, but I think its got a better shot than being the weak sister on TEAM BE RULED.

              1. I think there are only 2 major reasons people vote dem to start with:

                1: Freebies (these votes can’t be taken from the dems, it’s pretty much their base)

                2: Social liberties: People (wrongly) think that dems are better for social liberty, and don’t care as much about economic liberty.

                It’s hard for me to comprehend, because I think economic liberty is the most important issue, period. However, if the replublicans would just let TEH GAYZ and ABORSHUN go, they’d probably wind up a lot like the LP, which I think would also swing the dems into maybe leaning a little more towards liberty to steal GOP votes, instead of leaning harder statist to buy votes from degenerates.

                1. You forgot class envy. They view government as being on their team, while the rich and the corporations are the other team. It’s us vs them. Gotta stick it to the rich and the corporations, gotta get your share of the pie, gotta punish those who make profits.

      2. Are they repealing the 22nd Amendment? Is Arkansas poised to flip “Blue”?

        I’m still not getting it.

  4. That Arakansas loss was a bitter pill to swallow.

    Arakansans voted against cancer patients, MS patients, and veterans who sustained injury in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    1. No, they voted for the safety and well being of their children.

      1. So they’re idiots? Because the worst thing about drugs is being shot or beaten by a cop and then spending time in jail where who knows what would happen to you.

        1. Nah, I’d say the worst thing is that we -pay- them to shoot and/or beat “offenders” and then pay to lock them up for absolutely no fucking reason.

          1. You mean “we are robbed” to pay for…


        2. Yeah, I’ve never understood why someone worried about their children would expose them to the life-ruining risk of the WOD.

    2. The bill lost because some faggot pieces of shit who call themselves “The Family Council” was airing commercials non-stop that were literally 100% composed of lies about the bill.

      I live in Fayetteville, and it carried here, obviously…technically speaking, pot is SUPPOSED to be a lowest-priority crime here, though it’s usually just a reason for the cops to pull over the 10% that are black (read: mostly University athletes). It also carried in the central part of the state, but you have to realize – we still have a shitload of dry counties in this state. That it was as close it was was fantastic. I talked to old church ladies, cops and professionals about this measure in the run-up to the election…people are quickly coming around in this state.

      We’ll win in 2014, when the “n****r-haters” aren’t just at the polls to defeat Obama. Guarantee it.


  6. If my choice were between Obama and, say, a sprig of basil, I’m voting for the basil.

    1. It would veto just as many bills, while signing way fewer.

  7. Remember kidies. The well being of public unions (police and prison guards) are more important than civil liberties.

  8. I think every Arkansan I’ve ever met, and I’ve met quite a few, have been marijuana smokers, so if they voted against it to protect their children they’re pretty hypocritical.

    1. Women do that sort of thing.

    1. They all did.

      1. which makes it worse…You could serve both consituancies becuase the pragmatists know it will pass 97-1 and your principles can be saved being the 1…to join a 98-0…why, thats just not libertarian, hell even libertarians make sure to vote nota when a unanimous, very libertarian, vote is about to happen. Ever been to a LP national convention?

        1. Yeah, being the lone wolf and having it used against you is always a good idea.

          1. There is zero loss of political capital being the lone wolf…essentially because you don’t have any capital to lose.

        2. But wasn’t it amended to change one or more things he wanted? If so, and he doesn’t then vote “yes”, what reason do they have ever again to make any change he’d want?

    2. Over at Daily Paul heads exploding!

    3. Was this year’s NDAA just a run of the authorization act, or did it include yet more civil liberty crushing bullshit? They already formally legalized the indefinite detention of US citizens suspected of terrorism a couple of years ago, and IIRC Paul at least voted no on that one.

      1. *run of the mill


  9. Probably significantly more than that, when you consider that plenty of Obama voters voted against it.

  10. You wanna crown him? Crown is ass. Obama is the piece of shit we thought he was! We let him off the hook.

  11. with all this stuff Obama has going on i really Don’t think he would hear or notice this ;/

  12. The fact that more than 100,000 Romney voters in the Upper South voted to legalize and regulate pot

    Not necessarily. How many blank ballots in the presidential race? Those could have been pro-weed votes.

  13. I would vote for Charles Manson or Jeffrey Dahmer before I ever voted for that POS Kenyan

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