Californians Buying More Guns Than Ever

Nothing like an uncertain economic future to make one think of personal security


Californians are buying more guns than ever.

Those who keep the statistics don't speculate on why the numbers are spiking, but to enthusiasts on the ground, it's clear. Times are tough, and the future is uncertain, said gun sellers and experts in the field, leaving people looking for an extra layer of security. November's election brought heightened fears of impending regulation, spurring some buyers to bite the bullet and make purchases they might otherwise have put off.

As of November, the FBI's National Instant Criminal Background Check System had run 981,798 background checks related to guns in California, beating out totals for previous years before 2012 is even over. The numbers jumped about 8 percent from last year, part of a steady increase since 2008.

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  1. Was in a gun store the other day and overheard a cashier crack the “Obama is gun salesman of the year” joke to a customer. The customer was offended and stated they were a liberal. AWKWARD.

    It’s now so obvious what we’re in store for that even the people who spend every waking minute believing insanity are double-thinking their way into owning a gun. Hell, I’ll bet Bob Costas sleeps with a .357 under his pillow while dreaming of taking them away from everyone else.

    1. Naw, make it a “Dirty Harry” Model 29 in .44 Magnum. He saw that in a movie, once.

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