Welcome to Reason's Webathon 2012!

Please Help Support Our Efforts to Bring You The Best Libertarian News


I'm happy to announce that today is the starting point for Reason's annual webathon, where we ask readers of Reason.com to support our efforts to bring you the very best in libertarian news, commentary, and video.

Through next Tuesday, my colleague and co-author Matt Welch and I will be blogging about our efforts and highlights from the past year and telling you about our plans for 2013.

Last year, 500 readers ponied up to help and this year we're looking for 800 people who will make tax-deductible donations to Reason Foundation, the 501(c)3 nonprofit responsible for this site, Reason TV, and the print edition of the magazine that's been likened to the bastard child of Jane Fonda and Alan Greenspan by the New York Post, who called us "a kick-ass, no-holds-barred political magazine."

As Reason's publisher, Mike Alissi, has put it, there's a lot of reasons to support Reason, including:

  • Do you spend more time on Hit & Run than on Facebook? Donate!
  • Do you find yourself clicking on Reason 24/7 every 5 minutes in search of breaking news? Donate!
  • Do you have a burning question that only Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch can answer? Donate!

For $100, you get a Reason T-shirt and a one year's subscription that you can keep or gift to your closest friend or enemy who needs to read more about "Free Minds and Free Markets."

For $1,000, you can have lunch with Matt and me in D.C., plus ask us anything for a future edition of our popular "Ask a Libertarian" video series, plus a lot more.

For $5,000, you'll get your name on a tile in our new Los Angeles-based foundation headquarters, which houses a great new Reason TV video studio.

We've got swag for every level of giving, from modest to massive. Go here now to check out the different gifts for different levels and make a tax-deductible donation now!

Your donations allow to keep on doing what we do. We run a lean, mean, fighting-for-liberty machine that is out there every minute of every day, bringing you stories such as yesterday's expose that the most popular anti-drug program in the country, D.A.R.E., is basically dropping its anti-pot stance from its materials for kids (they must have gotten around to reading our persistent critiques of their program, and the drug war more generally). And ongoing analysis about how to avoid the fiscal cliff by reducing spending, not dithering over tax hikes. And our invaluable AM and PM links that gather news and views from all over the planet in a tight little digest for you twice daily (where else are you going to find the following stories in a single spot?: Politicians Play Chicken On the Fiscal Cliff, Economists Gloomy About Manufacturing, Riots Over Kim Kardashian).

Please give what you can.

It's been a tough few years, for sure, and 2013 isn't shaping up as any bed of roses. With a new look to Reason's website, a fistful of new people, a great 24/7 news feed, and so much more, Reason is primed to be your voice in the fight for individual liberty and smaller government in every aspect of life.

We're the only ones out there making the case for gay marriage and spending cuts, pot legalization and an end to overseas wars, to opening up our borders not just to foreign goods but foreign people too. We need your help to bring our message of "Free Minds and Free Markets" to more and more people in the next year. Fox News' John Stossel has called Reason "one sane voice fighting tons of nonsense" -and your gift will help make our voice reach more people.

Again, go here to see the specifics of our contribution levels. Even the smallest donation helps and you'll get to see your name up at the banner running at the top of the site (if you like—we respect your privacy, too!). 

And stay tuned to Reason.com for an announcement later today about a VERY SPECIAL LIVE WEB EVENT that will take place TOMORROW, DECEMBER 5!