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Bob Costas Pitches Gun Control After NFL Murder-Suicide

All kinds of weapons can be used in murder-suicides


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As noted on Reason 24/7 this morning, during halftime at Sunday's Eagles-Cowboys game, NBC color commentator Bob Costas made a pitch for more gun control hooked to a murder-suicide allegedly committed by a linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs.

The day before the murder-suicide, a student at a community college in Wyoming allegedly wielded a bow and arrow in an on campus attack that took the life of his father and two others. No color commentary on whether more bow and arrow restrictions might be necessary yet.

Reason on gun control.

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  1. No color commentary on whether more bow and arrow restrictions might be necessary yet.

    That’s only because the folks who call for gun control would probably be surprised that bows and arrows are legal.

    1. That’s only because the folks who call for gun control would probably be surprised that bows and arrows are legal still exist.

        1. Certainly no one in MY America would be so gauche as to want to own such an archaic killing device.

          Only serial killers and Rambo type separatists would ever want to own one of these disgusting obscenities. They should be banned, and I’m surprised they’re not. Or at least the people that do own them should be tracked by the proper authorities for the rest of their lives!

          1. Fucking bitter clingers.

            1. If only there was some sort of camp we could concentrate them into.

          2. I was watching NatGeo and they had an ad for their show that began with a bunch of cammo’d guys with guns and bows and stuff with graphics saying “Prepared?!” and stuff like that and I was thinking, “oh great, here we go talking about the dangers of malitias,” but it happened to be for their show, Doomsday Preppers.

            1. for their show, Doomsday Preppers.

              I hate that show. Nobody ever says “Sometimes we lose power for a week after a bad hurricane. We keeps a couple cases of canned goods and a big bag of charcoal to cook stuff on the Weber.”
              Instead it’s “I’m preparing for the attack of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man by taping noodle soup packets inside all the hollow doors in my house!”

              1. hmmm, I do have a lot of hollow doors in my house, they might be on to something there…

      1. Bows build a different kind of precision and strength. Although compound bows are for pussies.

        1. Mark me up as a pussy, then. And also for my new reverse-limb compound crossbow.

          1. Okay pussy. I’ll bet you use one of those trigger things protect your dainty little fingers from calluses, too.

      2. “I believe that bows and arrows belong in the hands of elves and orcs, not on our streets”

      3. There’s archery at prep schools, don’t be silly.

        1. On a related note, why don’t the Doomsday Preppers wear Izod?

    2. Some of the news stories were careful to point out this wasn’t an ordinary wooden bow, but a compound bow, which is more deadly. So we may be getting calls for an assault bow ban.

      1. It works great, actually. Since compound bows look weird, it can be just like the assault weapons ban–all about appearances. And since most idiots won’t have any idea what “compound bow” actually means, they can just pretend the name sounds scary too. “It wasn’t like Robin Hood, it was a COMPOUND BOW! Have you seen what those things look like?”

        Amusingly, Michael Kohlhaas is awesome on the advent of real bows and arrows and how they let the commoners kill important people–which, my god, how could that ever be allowed?

      2. Some of the news stories were careful to point out this wasn’t an ordinary wooden bow, but a compound bow, which is more deadly.

        They’re easier… but more deadly? I’ve dropped many more deer with my recurve bow and longbow than with my compound bow. One of the reasons I stopped using the longbow was the arrow would sometimes pass completely through a whitetail. The draw weight of the compound and the recurve are very close, but the let-off on the compound is nice now that I’m older.

    3. It’s always funny until I take an arrow in the knee.

  2. Bob Costas during the Olympics:

    “Madagascar ? a location associated with a few huge animated movies.”

    “Winston Churchill once described the African nation of Uganda and its lush landscape as the pearl of Africa. Of course, Churchill never met Idi Amin.”

    1. Haha I heard the second one when I was watching the Olympics and almost died laughing.

      1. I actually only heard the first one and I literally smacked my forehead and said “what the fuck?”

        1. Some of the commentary was so crazy, but the Idi Amin remark was the most memorable for me. Look at the bf and was like…did you hear wtf he just said? Holy shit…

          1. It sounds like Costas might be losing his mind along with his hair.

            1. Costas has always been a tiny idiot.

            2. What mind? You can’t lose what you never had.

    2. Remember when the only thing he had to say about Australia was that it ‘was founded as a penal colony?’

      That would be like a foreign broadcaster discussion America and saying ‘America, which, as we know, used to own a bunch of slaves…’

      1. Why would a foreign broadcaster want to steal Michelle Obama’s convention speech?

      2. Maybe he was suggesting that some Aussies, unlike Costas, still have penises.

      3. Is it so hard to understand Strange Wilderness style literalistic humor?

    3. More:

      Matt, as a golfer you’d know that North Korea’s greatest athletic achievement belonged to the Dear Leader Kim Jong-il, who, according to his official biography, carded 11 holes in one. Not over a lifetime, but over the first he ever played. I’m guessing the ones off the windmill and the clown’s nose were especially impressive.”

      1. During the Opening Ceremonies, the countries enter in alphabetical order. He brought up the fact that Luxembourg is technically the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and said ‘Why aren’t they marching in the g-spot?’

    4. “There’s German biathlete Magdalena Neuner, two-time gold medal winner. Of course, a gun in the hands of a German isn’t always an event to cheer.”

    5. Costas has a dry sense of humor.

      1. So dry it’s turned to dust.

  3. 1) Criticize those talking about perspective;
    2) Use tragedy to promote statist agenda;
    3) Profit??

  4. Bob Costas monologues last on my TV exactly as long as it takes my finger makes it to the remote control.

    1. Sorry….still too long!

  5. Bob Costas Pitches Gun Control After exploits NFL Murder-Suicide to promote his personal political agenda.

    1. Fails to mention that the NFL happily rapes taxpayers for their stadiums, has universities (many tax-subsidized) run its minor league for free while strictly enforcing a “no burgers or crashing on the couch for free” policy to make SURE college players don’t get a dime for risking crippling injuries, and willingly hires violent felons for high-paying jobs, to be “role models” for kids.

      Yeah, it’s guns that are the problem! It has nothing to do with Costas’ own source of a lucrative career.

      Seriously, Michael Vick would have had a hard time getting a job as a janitor, after getting out of prison. But he got a job as an NFL quarterback, with no trouble.

      1. Fails to mention that the NFL happily rapes taxpayers for their stadiums

        Does the NFL have representatives in city and state governments?

        No, of course not.

        as universities (many tax-subsidized) run its minor league for free


        1. Does the NFL have representatives in city and state governments?

          Absolutely they do, it’s called the local newspaper.

          1. I’ve lived where it’s called the Mayor and several City Council(wo/)men, and the local newspaper was their 24/7 give-the-NFL-money-we-don’t-have commercial.

        2. “Does the NFL have representatives in city and state governments?”

          Do defense contractors and unions have representatives in Congress?

          What world are YOU living in, Randian?

  6. One more reason to not watch football.

    1. So that’s all of……one reason?

      1. I can think of a few others.

      2. This is a tough one. I admit that I am entertained by watching a football game, but I can’t really figure out why it’s entertaining. I do know that I don’t feel bad when I miss games because I’m doing something else. So all-in-all, I can’t think of one reason to actually watch football, never mind finding reasons to not watch.

        1. I can’t really figure out why it’s entertaining.

          Tuning in for Mark Sanchez’s latest epic failure is reason enough. I legitimately cackled on his first interception yesterday.

          1. Just so’s I’m clear… The minute Tebow’s out of the picture, NOW he wants to pull Sanchez? Tebow or Ryan is gone at the end of the year, and I’m betting on Rex unless the Jags trade for Tebow in the off-season.

            1. Why can’t it be both?

  7. The repeal of the Second Amendment will be known as Costa’s Law. Everyone knows the best decisions are those made by the heart.

        1. The perfect LC picture – showing lots of cleavage, but no teeth.

          1. FUCK YOU. She’s perfect. Or at least she was 10 years ago, when I forgot that she existed.

            1. I hadn’t thought of her much over the past decade either, but I did an image search of ‘laetitia casta teeth’ to refresh my memory, and I stand by what I wrote.

              By the way, thanks for introducing me to Dani Daniels a few weeks ago. She’s pretty OK, even if she has too much pubic hair.

              1. Enthusiasm is the great porn equalizer.

                1. Indeed.

                  I watched this one scene she did with Johnny “No, I Did Not Play the Engineer in Prometheus” Sins, and I never would have guessed she’s primarily a lesbian performer.

                  1. I looked at her Twitter just now and saw that she’s Czech. That explains it.

                    1. My plan to facilitate this particular discussion went much better than I had anticipated.

              2. She’s pretty OK, even if she has too much pubic hair.

                Thank you for telling us you’re kind of pedo.

                1. It’s not about liking children, but about not having pubes in your mouth when you go to chow box.

  8. I like watching Faith Hill sing the SNFootball song in her short dress, listening to Al Michaels call the game, and watching another football game on Sunday.

    But then I also have to put up with Costas, fucking Peter King, Hines Ward, Collinsworth, Rodney Harrison, and I haven’t decided yet, but I am pretty sure Dungy and Patrick are also irritating.

    But after last night, Costas really has me debating skipping the game from now on unless the Ravens are on. And again, fuck Peter King too.

    1. Good lord. You haven’t decided whether Dungy and Patrick are irritating? You are a patient man, CPA.

      Those two are half the reason I left the continent.

      1. They have too many other terrible people around them for me to direct too much hate to them.

        1. They have too many other terrible people around them for me to direct too much hate to them.

          You mean you don’t have an infinite supply of hate?

    2. The NBC Sunday Night Football program is unwatchable dreck.

      I fucking love football. I fucking hate that show.

    3. Doesn’t Tony Dungy support Focus on the Family?

      (OTOH, hypocrite that he is, he also supported Randy Moss’ simulated mooning at Lambeau Field.)

    4. I find watching Shannon Sharpe talk to be highly entertaining.

      I never have a fucking clue as to what he is actually saying, but it makes me fondly remember ‘Fat Albert’ and the character Mushmouth.…..60&bih=701

      1. I find watching Shannon Sharpe talk to be highly entertaining.

        That’s because calling what he does “talking” is a pretty liberal explanation. Extremely talented football player; shitty analyst. Even if what he says is spot on, understanding what he says is oftentimes an exercise in futility. He’s a GA country boy, for sure.

  9. Seems like we should ban the NFL instead as it’s got a much higher correlation to murder than gun ownership.

    Millions of American gun owners but only thousands of current and former NFL players and we’ve already got OJ Simpson, Rae Carruth, Anthony Wayne Smith, and Jovan Belcher… not to mention suicides like Junior Seau.

    Why are we afraid to have this national conversation about the elephant in the room, the NFL?

    1. You forgot Ray Lewis. He killed a guy, even if they ‘courts’ won’t recognize it.

      1. Rapelisberger!

        The Steelers kicker also had a violent incident with a local gas station’s paper towel dispenser after missing a game-tying FG.

    2. Maybe it goes beyond the NFL? Maybe it’s the media coverage of such sports that is the problem – it puts pressure on the players, resulting in violence and death. Maybe media coverage of sports should be eliminated.

      1. Or at least “sportscaster” should be a volunteer position, like “student athlete”. I’d like to see Costas thrown off the air because someone at the studio paid for his sandwich.

      2. Or maybe there’s a selection bias among NFL players in favor of violent people?

  10. Does anyone, anywhere, give two fucks what Costas thinks? Seriously. Doesn’t everyone just tune him out?

    1. Unfortunately, I had just walked back into the room when the sanctimoniousness turd started blathering and I couldn’t avoid it.

      Silly me, expecting the half time report to have the scores from earlier in the day.

      1. I like Gruden and Jaws. Or I did last year when I could watch them.

        Ok, I liked Gruden in the first quarter, and Jaws for the whole game.

        1. Then unfortunately you are immune to insufferable slobbing.

          Gruden is the worst, look for it tonight during the MNF game. He and Jaws are insufferable…they just don’t stop.

          1. Gruden’s problem is that he will likely be coaching an NFL team in the next 3-4 years and thus never says anything bad about a player.

        2. I like Gruden’s QB camp series. MNF Gruden, I can live without.

        3. Holy bejeebus, man!

          Do you have some as of yet untapped resource flowing in your veins?

    2. I’m suddenly concerned. Replace fuck with shit and that’s almost verbatim what my mom said when I talked to her. On a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being scariest thing ever, how scary is it that my mom is one expletive away from Epi?

      1. I’d rate that a 12.

      2. Meter broke, sorry – it pegged high and just…snapped.

    3. He is an annoying little pussy. Way too much cognitive dissonance. This Summer, I was continually struck by the notion that the smallest teenage girl gymnast on the floor could have kicked his ass into next tuesday, with her bare hands.

  11. Back when I still watched professional football, I watched with the sound off and music playing. After Karras left, there was nobody worth listening to.


    1. Do you remember the one game that was broadcast without announcers, many years ago. It was the Dolphins and somebody. I cheered, but it was a single game experiment only.

        1. Why don’t they use them multiple audio streams for an announcer cast and a second one od just stadium noise?

          1. I’ve often wondered why they don’t offer a “radio broadcast” stream with the video. I’d much rather listen to the hometown announcers than the likes of Dan Fucking Dierdorf.

      1. I have been clamoring for this in baseball and football for a decade. No one seems to be with me until now.

        Everyone says, “just use the mute button” but then you lose the ambient noise too which I love and is essential. But listening to jokers blather on to avoid one second of “dead air” is extremely annoying.

      2. There were hockey games like that on the French language CBC a few years ago. I can’t remember whst happened, there was some labour dispute with the Quebec on-air staff but I have no idea what it was about or how long it lasted (I was visiting and the games were still silent when I left).

  12. Nothing on earth brings out the inner childish retard of the lefties faster than the subject of guns. Most of these people had never even heard of Javon Belcher until about two days ago, and yet they convinced themselves that they knew all the facts of exactly what happened before Kasandra Perkins’ body had time to stiffen.

  13. So he stopped biting whores long enough to blab about something stupid?

    1. You’re thinking of Marv Albert.

      1. Now I’m thinking of Fat Albert.

        1. Giving new meaning to the term “Hors d’oeuvres.”

          1. Giving new meaning to the term “Hors d’oeuvres.”

            *nervously adjusts tie*

            /Johnny Carson

  14. Bob is quite correct. Why if it weren’t for our insane gun culture Nicole Brown Simpson would still be alive because OJ wouldn’t have shot her and Goldman with that knife.

  15. What I believe is, if he didn’t possess/own a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.

    Yeah, because it’s not as if this 6’2″, 228 lbs. meathead wouldn’t have just beaten her to death, or stabbed her to death, or choked her to death.

    Nope, if no gun is around, they would have lived. Damn the Chinese. Damn them and their gunpowder.

    1. I have known a couple of relationship-murder victims.

      Neither murder was committed with a gun, and neither murderer was as a big NFL player, either.

      That said, why is it a tragedy that HE is dead? What’s so bad about this guy not wasting perfectly good air and emitting greenhouse gases with every breath?

      1. (And both murder victims would be alive today if they’d had handguns in reach.)

      2. As far as I’m concerned, he did us all a favor. Now we don’t have to pay for his trial and to keep his dumb ass in prison for the next fifty years.

      3. That said, why is it a tragedy that HE is dead? What’s so bad about this guy not wasting perfectly good air and emitting greenhouse gases with every breath?

        Because I have the Chiefs defense on my fantasy team.

        1. Not the defense I’d have picked but they were about to play the Panthers so it wasnt the worst choice, I suppose.

    2. What I believe is, if he didn’t possess/own a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.

      He didn’t need a gun to kill her. She, however, would have had a chance at living if she had been packing.

      Small women in the presence of roid-rage guys are one of the better arguments for the Second Amendment.

      1. Also one of the better arguments for listening to SOME of Mom’s advice, even if it sounds silly sometimes. Like, “Don’t have a baby out of wedlock with a guy who is likely to murder you.” That stuff is pretty solid.

  16. I have personally walked by Bob Costas, and can report that he is extremely short and a bit smug-looking, so his opinion is wrong on that basis alone.

    1. And he dyes his hair.

    2. Did we find the real joe?


  17. So that’s all of……one reason?

    There are many, many reasons, all of which fall in the subset, “THE NFL FUCKING SUUUUUUUCKS.”

    1. Mostly it’s just boring. Aside from the occasional glimpse of a DCC girl, the best part of the NFL is the way it lulls me to sleep while I’m on the couch. The sweet drone of the background noise is intoxicating.

  18. I think we need cloning so all games can be called by Gus Johnson. I watch a ton of football, more than most. I had forgotten they still did halftime shows these days. I hit record on any game I want to watch, go do something else for a half hour, then watch the game fastforwarding through anything where I can’t see the field. I’m told they still have commercials during the Super Bowl. How quaint?

    1. I don’t know how Gus survived a full season without stroking out.

  19. Whenever a tragedy like this happens, all decent people say that this is not the time to debate politics, while all the gun control assholes whine, “BUT WHEN WILL IT BE TIME?!”

    Never, is the answer gun control people: You lost. The Second Ammendment means what it says it means. In other words:

    “It’s all there, black and white, clear as crystal! YOU GET NOTHING! YOU LOSE!”

    1. “Good day sir!”

    2. But that document is like, a hundred years old!

    3. Er, it lasts as long as the Supreme Court says it lasts. And with a 5-4 split, it’s not going to last much longer…heck, even with how Roberts has become squishy, it might not last longer.

  20. I flipped the channel as always do when that freak Costas is on so I didn’t hear this rant. However, switching channels, I made an amazing discovery.

    American Dad’s Snot is a fourteen year old version of Booger from Revenge of the Nerds and even voiced by Curtis Armstrong.


    1. Hey, that episode is sorta on topic! Hayley’s boyfriend Jeff, normally the archetypical hippie, pulls out a gun and blows away Roger the alien after repeated muggings outside his bedroom door. Biggest laugh of the night for me.

      1. Air guitar riffing to a full version of Satch’s Always With You, Always Without You. It was like they pulled it out of my soul.

  21. What’s this? A sportswriter is terrified that the Negroes have guns? Astounding. This has never happened before.

    1. The black writer he was quoting is also terrified that Negroes kill each other with guns, apparently insisting they’d all live in sweet harmony without them.

  22. As noted on Reason 24/7 this morning

    It was also noted on Reason HnR last night.

  23. I know reality is not a liberal’s strong suit, but how do they not realize that someone who wants a gun will get a gun, regardless of the law — especially a rich professional athlete.

    Do they also believe no one uses recreational drugs because they are illegal?

    1. The only reason we have domestic violence and murders is because of the prevalence of guns in our society. Haven’t you seen that report where no woman was given the backhand by a soccer hooligan in England for an entire day? Okay, that’s more unimaginable than a single day in NYC without a murder.

  24. Looks like he’s sipped from Olbermann’s chalice once or twice.

    1. Two sportscasters, one cup.

      1. Win.

  25. the best part of the NFL is the way it lulls me to sleep while I’m on the couch.


    That’s what NASCAR is for.

    1. Yes to both.

      I’m still a newly minted F1 fan, but so far, it hasn’t put me to sleep.

  26. No color commentary


  27. Bob Costas Pitches Gun Control After NFL Murder-Suicide

    Fuck Bob Costas, with Pelosi’s dick.

  28. If Costas is going to go, can he take Dick Vitale with him?

    1. I’m sure Costas is excellent at taking dick.

    2. Killing the unholy demon of college basketball, Dick Vitale, could make a very solid D20 Modern or Call of Cthullu module.

      1. Call of Cthulu, defintely.

        You turn ESPN on and its “BIG MONDAY” – make a sanity roll, Dick Vitale just saw someone dunk and is going off!

    3. Lock Dick Vitale in a room with John Sterling, please.

    1. But OJ never killed anybody.

      He was framed by racist white cops who were jealous of a rich black man.

      1. Oh yeah, sorry.

        However, he was convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping, with no evidence of racist white cop framing, a few years later.

  29. It’s not the guns; it’s the misogyny.

    1. Well, clearly, we need to ban misogyny, then.

  30. I’m not sure which one made me more naseous: Costas’ retarded anti-gun screed, or the Cowboys’ run defense (and their pass defense, and their special teams, and their running game, and…)

    The only reason they won was that they were playing the Eagles, and they tried their damndest to lose at the end anyway. Seriously, I half expected the Eagles to recover that onside kick and then complete a hail mary at the end.

    1. NAUSEATED. Bob Costas is nauseous, you are nauseated.

    2. Honestly, I flipped a coin on that one. Not even the Cowboys can lose to a team in full meltdown like the Eagles. I expect the rest of the Philly home games to be “bring a D battery to throw at the home team” night.

      1. Whoops. Dropped a clause and a sentence after “flipped a coin on that one”. Should have been “Honestly, I flipped a coin on that one, and got lucky. But the Eagles are screwed.”

        1. See Brett, I’m using a bit more football knowledge than you in my Dallas picks. I realize that I should expect them to get just close enough to the playoffs to give their fans hope, and then fail.

      2. I will say this about the Eagles: if Nick Foles continues to play as well as he did last night (granted it was against the Cowgirls’ shitty secondary), Mike Vick’s time in Philly might be over. I just hope his time in the NFL at large is over, but I suspect someone will pick him up.

        1. I have been religiously watching Eagles games, because I want to see Vick catch a career-ending injury.

          The fact that my ‘Boys dished the concussion that sidelined him is just icing on the cake.

          And yes, the Cowboys look terrible. Yeah, they’ve got injuries, but at this stage nearly everyone has a couple of marquee players on the sidelines.

          I’m just about to the “Anybody But Patriots” mode.

          1. On the plus side, at least you’re not a Lions fan.

        2. Mike Vick’s time in Philly might be over.

          It’s definitely over, they’re done with his dumb ass.

          And yeah, he’ll get picked up by a desperate team like Buffalo or Kansas City or Arizona, and he won’t do any better at those places either. The only way he’s ever getting a ring is as a backup.

          1. I don’t know; a $100M is a lot to pay a guy who isn’t there.

        3. Seems like it’s time to put jumper cables on him and drown the piece of shit in the pool. You could raffle off tickets for the opportunity to do the deed, to benefit dog rescue organizations all over the country, and raise a lot of money. A lot of money.

    3. Am I the only one who finds it mind-blowing that Tony Romo is now the Cowboys all-time leader in touchdown passes?

      To me, it’s the surest sign there could possibly be of how much the NFL rules have been absurdly tilted in favor of the offense in recent years. I say Romo isn’t fit to shine either Staubach’s or Aikman’s shoes, no matter what his stats look like.

      1. Fuck, he’s barely fit to shine Danny White’s shoes, nevermind Aikman or St. Staubach’s. At least White got them close to a superbowl, and probably would have if it hadn’t been for Joe Montana and Dwight Clark.

  31. If only Dennis Miller had been more successful in his NFL gig…..

    1. The more I listen to his radio show, the more I wonder why he wasn’t able to keep the gig. I mean, honestly, are we too stupid to get some of his references? No. And he could not have been any worse than what they’ve had since him.

      1. How DARE you mock the likes of Kornheiser?

        1. I’m a huge fan of his show Pardon The Interuption. At least he kept to the topic of “Should the Chiefs have played on Sunday?” Wilbon was unable to keep his ill formed and informed views to himself and applauded Costas.
          I am disappoint.

  32. a newly minted F1 fan

    You missed the best part. Before the wind tunnel consumed three quarters of the teams’ resources. Late seventies, early eighties; when you could watch the drivers slide the cars. And they had to reach down and move a little lever to select the next gear.

    1. “And they had to reach down and move a little lever to select the next gear.”

      And back in the day, cars had candles for headlamps. Strange how only some antiquated tech gets revered.

  33. I didn’t hear the part where Costas mentioned gun-control laws. Did that get cut out?

    1. Who said he mentioned gun control laws?

      1. Ed Krayewski did.

        1. Given that half of Costas’s speech was quoting the Whitlock piece, what position do you think he was endorsing, exactly?

          1. I read the Whitlock piece. I watched the Costas piece. I still don’t see any advocating for legislation. Part of the Whitlock piece that Costas did not quote dances awfully close to it but doesn’t get very specific.

            1. “If Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.”

              1. Which part of that quote mentions gun control? I can believe that Jack Kerouac would have lived longer if he hadn’t drank so much without meaning that the prohibition of alcohol would have saved his life. Regardless, even if Costas and Whitlock both believe that the 2nd Amendment should be completely repealed, neither of them went so far as to even mention changing laws. I think both of them were far more interested in starting a conversation about a culture that sees guns as an effective solution to problems, which is why they used the words “gun culture” when referring to the issue.

                1. Which part of that quote mentions gun control?

                  I’d have to say that pretty much all of “If Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gun…” mentions gun control.

                  If you do not infer from “If Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gun…” the idea that “if only the government had not had laws to keep that scary negro from owning a gun” you fail at interpreting modern American political speech.

  34. I’ve never seen Costas and Maddow together. Coincidence?

    1. Costas seems way too feminine to really be Maddow, though.

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