Police Abuse

Two AZ Officers Resign Over Use of Chokehold on Handcuffed Prisoner

You just can't do that. Well, not if people who give a damn are watching.


Two Williams police officers have resigned their positions with the police department.

A third is scheduled to serve 80 hours of suspension in the wake of an Aug. 10, 2012, incident involving the arrest of an intoxicated man.

A group, calling itself a Concerned Group of Local Citizens, has sent a letter to members of local and state government, law enforcement and the news media calling for further investigation into the matter.

Williams Police Chief Herman Nixon said the matter came to light in October when videotapes of bookings at the Williams police facility were being reviewed.

The video, according to Nixon, shows officer Will Starcevich putting a person who is in handcuffs into a chokehold after the man had spit on the officer.